Best Angle Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide

Angle grinders are such versatile tools, they can be used in ways in which you may not even be aware. If you are struggling to find information on how to shop for angle grinders, we are here to help you make an informed purchase.

Knowing what you need and what to look for ahead of time will ensure you get the right tool for your tasks, and it will ensure you get your money’s worth. Having the best angle grinder will allow you to create products and results you love, not just those you accept.

Here we have covered some of the best-selling models and provided accurate angle grinder reviews so you can gain a better understanding of the choices you have available.

What is an Angle Grinder and Why May You Need It?

What is an Angle Grinder and Why May You Need It?Angle grinders are helpful when you find yourself needing to polish, cut or grind surfaces on a regular basis. Also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, this handheld tool can be powered through various mechanisms including electric motors, compressed air, batteries or fuel.

The angle grinder consists of a head, abrasive disc, guard and side handle, and the geared head is usually set at a right angle. This part of the machine is where the disc is placed when the tool is used to sand, polish, cut or grind. Angle grinders can be used on a vast selection of materials.

Angle grinders are often used on construction sites, in auto shops and in metalworking shops. They are primarily used in these circumstances to make cuts and notches, remove debris or smooth surface materials. Different types of grinder discs are made to smooth different kinds of materials.

These include sanding discs, abrasive grinding discs, polishing pads, wire brush wheels, cut discs and grinding stones. There are many types of discs and many kinds of angle grinders to choose from for various needs, so look to this guide to learn what you may need for your own applications.

Angle Grinder Uses

Those unfamiliar with the tools often assume that angle grinders serve only one main purpose. This is untrue, however, as the devices can be used for a number of different tasks.

Main Purpose: The main use for angle grinders is sanding and grinding away at extra surface material such as stone, metal or mortar. Angle grinders are often used in construction to make cuts, create notches, shape stone or make metal smoother. They can perform many other tasks beyond the standard as well.

Removing Mortar: Angle grinders can be used for tuck pointing when using a diamond wheel. Old or worn down mortar can be cleared with a grinder without damaging underlying bricks. This also helps avoid the excessively strenuous effort that would be required with a chisel and hammer.

Sharpening Blades: In addition to cutting and polishing, angle grinders can be used to sharpen tools for the home and garden as well. Hatchets, shovels, axes and even blades from the lawn mower can be restored to their best efficiency. This should be done safely, so be sure to secure any blades to your work surface beforehand. Sharpening any tool carelessly can cause significant injury or damage to your property.

Our Recommended Top 10 Angle Grinders

ImageDescriptionTypePower SourceReviewPrice
DeWalt DWE402K Angle GrinderDeWalt DWE402K Angle Grinder
** Editor's Choice - Best Angle Grinder **
4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Porter-Cable PC60TAG Angle GrinderPorter-Cable PC60TAG Angle Grinder
** Best Budget Angle Grinder **
4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Makita 9557PBX1 Angle GrinderMakita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Hitachi G12SA3 Angle GrinderHitachi G12SA3 Angle Grinder4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Makita 9565CV Angle GrinderMakita 9565CV Angle Grinder5-InchElectricOur Review

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Makita XAG03M Angle GrinderMakita XAG03M Angle Grinder4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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DeWalt DW840K Angle GrinderDeWalt DW840K Angle Grinder4.5-InchBatteryOur Review

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Kawasaki 841428 Angle GrinderKawasaki 841428 Angle Grinder7-InchElectricOur Review

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DeWalt DWE402W5 Angle GrinderDeWalt DWE402W5 Angle Grinder4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Bosch 1380 Angle GrinderBosch 1380 Angle Grinder4.5-Inch4.5-InchElectricOur Review

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Best Angle Grinders by Type

Best 4-Inch Angle Grinder – Chicago Pneumatic CP854 Review

Chicago Pneumatic CP854The Chicago Pneumatic CP854 model is one of the most popular 4-inch angle grinders available, and it is one of the best angle grinders for metal. The heavy duty .6-horsepower motor is built for high performance and fast and efficient work in tight quarters or multiple positions.

It features an aluminum alloy housing that allows it to be rugged and tough but lightweight at the same time. Its spiral bevel gearing in its angle head protects its components to prolong the unit’s life, and its removable dead handle allows access in a variety of working conditions and situations.

The unit can produce 12,000 RPM and it is powerful enough to be used for rust removal, weld preparing and smoothing and deburring and blending of cast iron, steel and aluminum. The Chicago Pneumatic CP854 is the best metal grinder for high-performance finishing of all kinds.

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Best 4.5-Inch Angle Grinder – DeWalt D28402K Review

DeWalt D28402K

The DeWalt D28402K is the top-rated 4.5-inch angle grinder, and it can be used for grinding, sanding and a variety of other applications. The 10-amp unit features an 11,000 RPM motor that is made to remove material faster and protect against overloads.

It features a dust ejection system that helps remove dust and debris that enter the tool’s vents and cause damage, and this helps improve its longevity. Its one-piece brush arm prevents hang up of the brush due to dust intake, and its low-profile jam-pot case offers correct gear alignment that results in smoother and quieter operation.

The unit also features a quick-change wheel release that allows you to remove the wheel without needing tools. It comes with a two-position side handle, keyless guard, wrench and box. The unit is made with a compact body that is easy to control and fit into tight spaces.

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Best 5-Inch Angle Grinder – Makita 9565CV Review

Makita 9565CV

The Makita 9565CV is one of the best-selling 5-inch angle grinders on the market. The unit has a 12-amp motor with soft start for smoother operation, and it is a variable speed angle grinder that ranges from 2,800 to 10,500 RPM. It has an electronic limiter that stops the motor to reduce accidental overload and burnout.

The Super Joint System helps prevent gear damage, and its motor protection allows for long-lasting stone grinding and polishing. The 9565CV features a unique construction that protects the motor with a complex set of pathways to prevent dust and other forms of contamination from entering or affecting the motor compartment.

It features a zig-zag varnish to seal the motor and bearings by creating a barrier under rotation. The unit weighs just 4 pounds and has a lock-on switch for simple operation. It side handle can be installed on either side of the unit, and it has tool-free wheel guard adjustment. The 9565CV comes with a grinding wheel, wheel guard, side handle and more.

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Best 7-Inch Angle Grinder – DeWalt DW840K Review

DeWalt DW840K

The DeWalt DW840K is the top-rated 7-inch angle grinder available. It is a 13-amp unit with an 8,000 RPM motor that provides high power for many types of grinding, cutting and sanding applications. It has a high power-to-weight ratio to allow better efficiency while reducing user fatigue, and its sealed ball and roller bearings allow for extended life of its motor by protecting it from dust and debris.

Its rear handle design provides greater control and comfort while its external brush caps allow for easy maintenance. It has a spindle lock button for single wrench bit changes and a keyless adjustable guard.

The guard can be set to redirect sparks away from the user and help improve productivity as a result. The unit comes included with a wrench, grinding wheel, clamp nut and two-position handle.

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Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder – DeWalt D28499X Review

DeWalt D28499X

The DeWalt D28499X is the best-seller when it comes to 9-inch models. It is a heavy-duty unit that is powerful, dependable and easy-to-operate, and it is efficient enough to perform to the level of any task. It has a high-power 5.3-HP motor that produces 6,000 RPM, and it has overload protection to allow higher speeds under load.

This provides smoother and more precise results. The unit’s epoxy coated field and armature help extend the service life by protecting the unit against airborne debris. The D28499X’s automatic turn-off brushes shut the unit down when they need to be changed, and this helps avoid damage to the unit.

Its tool-free adjustable guard prevents you from having to stop your work to make adjustments, and its rotating rear handle offers improved ergonomics when cutting and grinding. The unit has a lightweight body and a five-position side handle to give you greater control.

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Best Electric Angle Grinder – Porter-Cable PC60TAG Review

Porter-Cable PC60TAG

In addition to being the top electric angle grinder, the PC60TAG model from Porter-Cable is the #1 Best-Selling unit. It features a durable 6-amp motor that can work through the toughest tasks easily, and it operates at 11,000 RPM to remove material quickly and efficiently.

It is built with a cast metal gear case that increases durability and allows it to be used well down the line, and its spindle lock feature allows for bit changes with a single wrench. Its guard can be changed without tools to make the process fast and easy, and it can be used as a cut off tool by changing the guard.

Its three-position handle offer control in various positions. The Porter-Cable’s PC60TAG features an easy and ergonomic design, and it makes a great tool for contractors, electricians, plumbers and anyone needing to grind and cut metal or clean and finish other surfaces.

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Best Cordless Angle Grinder –¬†Makita XAG03M Review

Makita XAG03M

The Makita XAG03M is the best rated angle grinder for cordless models. The 18-volt unit is brushless and utilizes lithium-ion batteries, but the XAG03M manages to provide a performance similar to a corded electric grinder without a cord of its own.

It uses Automatic Speed Change technology to adjust the speed and torque to fit the demand of the task when being used, and it can provide optimum performance even in the most demanding applications. The unit features a brushless motor without the need for carbon brushes, so the motor can run faster, cooler and more efficiently.

This gives longer life to the tool. The motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery life to give up to 50% more time with each charge, but it charges in only 40 minutes. The XAG03M from Makita is ideal for cutting, sanding a grinding a variety of materials including tile and concrete.

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Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder – Makita 9566CV Review

Makita 9566CV

The Makita 9566CV is one of the best-selling variable speed angle grinders. It has a powerful 12-amp motor that is designed to provide increased power output in a compact body.

Its most important feature is its variable speed dial that allows the user to match the speed to the task at hand for an efficient and precise result, and its electronic speed control maintains a constant speed under load. Speeds on the Makita 9566CV range from 4,000 to 9,000 RPM.

The unit has a soft starting feature for smooth start ups and a tool-less wheel guard adjustment. Its solid construction seals the motor and protects it from debris to extend the unit’s life while the Super Joint System technology prevents gear damage caused by wheel binding. Accidental overload and burnouts are prevented by the electronic limiter that stops the motor by default.

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Best Small Angle Grinder – DeWalt DWE402W5 Review

DeWalt DWE402W5

The DeWalt DWE402W5 is the top-rated small angle grinder online, and the 11-amp tool uses an 11,000 RPM motor that provides the best power-to-weight ratio available. Its automatic shut-off brushes shut the unit down once brushes need replacing, and this helps avoid damage to the tool. Its brushes are also oversized to provide 65% longer life compared to previous models.

The unit’s quick-change wheel release allows for tool-free removal without a wrench, and its top-mounted and protected spindle lock button maximizes cut depth potential without affecting durability. The DeWalt DWE402W5 has a dust ejection system that helps keep damaging particles from entering the tool, and it features a paddle switch with a safety lock-off feature to prevent accidental start up.

The unit’s small gripping surface allows for enhanced comfort, and it has a large spiral bevel gear for a longer transmission life along with a One-Touch Guard that allows the guard to be rotated 360 degrees.

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Top Angle Grinder Brands

DeWalt Angle Grinders

DeWalt is a top name in power tools, and they make some of the most sought-after angle grinders as well. The DWE4517 features a 4-horsepower motor and operates at 8,500 RPM. Its motor casing and field windings are protected with an epoxy coating to resist dust and scratches.

It also has an automatic shutdown feature when its brushes wear down, and this helps to protect against damage to the motor. It features a brush window to allow for quick and convenient brush changes, and it has an adjustable guard. Its side handle can be set in two positions as well.

This model is a durable tool for heavy duty work, and it will last beyond the point where other models may burn out. The D28115 is one of the most efficient grinder models, and it features dust protection, a fast motor and a trigger grip. The D28402K model is designed for efficient performance with a 10-amp motor and dust ejection system.


Makita Angle Grinders

When asked about who makes the best angle grinder, you will often hear the Makita name being mentioned. The Makita GA9040S features a powerful 15-amp motor that also has a soft start to allow smooth operation. This prevents you from feeling overpowered by the tool or having to exert too much energy to keep it under control.

It has a rear rotating handle for comfort and convenienceMakita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case in addition to soft over-molded handles. Its motor compartment is dust protected in order to provide the unit with a longer life, and its guard can be adjusted easily without any additional tools. The Makita 9557PBX1 is an efficient high-performance model.

It is built in an aluminum case to allow for heavy duty work, and it features a solid construction that prevents any compromise of the motor and its functioning with a dependable seal. The 9557PBX1 offers helpful features such as spindle lock, lock-on accessories and resistance from common wear and tear.


Bosch Angle Grinders

The Bosch 1380 is one of the most powerful angle grinders on the market today. It allows for cutting and grinding an array of materials quickly and easily. It features a 7.5-amp motor that can handle metalworking, plumbing, vehicle modifications and other common tasks that require a grinder.

The 1380 has a slender design that offers a much more convenient use and efficient performance, and its heavy duty construction provides for constant operation even for hours on end. The Bosch 1974-8 is also an efficient model that offers a lot in terms of performance.

It features a 4-horsepower motor that runs at 8,500 RPM, so it is more than capable of removing material quickly and easily compared to many other models. It features a guard system that allows for adjustments without keys, and its motor windings are epoxy-coated to resist dust and protect the motor.

It features service minder brushes that will cease operation of the unit once they become worn. This also helps protect against damage to the motor. The Bosch 1974-8 also offers a safety feature that prevents the trigger from being engaged and accidentally starting the unit.


Milwaukee Angle Grinders

Many of Milwaukee’s angle grinders are some of the most powerful you can find. With its 0725-21 model, Milwaukee became the only brand to pass the 20 volt limit on angle grinders. The Milwaukee 6088-30 features a 4.2-horsepower motor operating at 6,000 RPM.

It features overload protection, so it can be used at full power to tackle heavy tasks without concern for damaging the unit. It features an air intake to cool the motor that is built to prevent dust from entering the motor compartment.

It comes with external brush doors that make maintenance easy in addition to tool-free guard adjustment. The unit has rubber over molded handles to offer a soft and comfortable grip.


Ryobi Angle Grinders

The Ryobi ZRP421 features an 18-volt motor, and it is powerful enough to handle the toughest of jobs. Its tool-free guard makes positioning simple, and it features an on-board spanner wrench in its side handle for easy access. Its GripZone over mold handle provides enhanced comfort for long working durations. The only downside to this model is the fact that it runs through its battery quickly, so you should probably have spares handy for larger jobs.

The AG4031G model is a 4.5-inch grinder operating at 5.5 amps with a motor that works at 11,000 RPM to tackle the majority of grinding concerns. It features a handle that adjusts to its right or left, moves to three positions and has a lightweight design to allow for comfort and dexterity. It features an easily adjustable wheel guard, and its spindle-locking button allows for easy wheel changes. The unit allows wrench storage in its side handle, is housed in die-cast aluminum and comes with a metal grinding wheel included.

The AG4531G model is a 4.5-inch 6.5-amp unit that operates at 11,000 RPM to offer powerful performance in various applications. It has a side handle that can be moved to the left or right to offer three different working positions that offer more versatility. Its spindle lock prevents the spindle from turning while installing and removing wheels and discs, and it has an ergonomic GripZone handle for steady handling and comfort.


Hitachi Angle Grinders

The Hitachi G12SRA3 angle grinder comes in various forms including 5, 6, 7.4, 8 and 13 amps to handle diverse grinding tasks for various users. The 6-amp model is compact and only weighs 3.1 pounds to offer greater control and maneuverability in difficult positions.

It also uses long-use auto shop carbon brushes for enhanced durability of its motor. The G12SA3 is a powerful grinder that features an improved cooling mechanism along with a high output motor to offer the best in efficiency while resisting damage. It also features a one-touch mechanism to shut off the unit quickly in emergency situations.


Craftsman Angle Grinders

The Craftsman 9-19951 0.25-inch grinder is one of several powerful tools from Craftsman. It is a lightweight model that offers a 5 to 4 gear head reduction to off extra power for especially tough tasks. It operates at 20,000 RPM and features a 360-degree exhaust system with a built-in silencer to direct air away from the user while reducing noise.

It has an angled design that allows for working in small spaces along with an ergonomic handle grip for comfort. The brand’s 6-amp model operates at 11,000 RPM and offers features such as a quick-release guard, locking thumb switch and ergonomic design.


Black and Decker Angle Grinders

The Black & Decker G950 is one of the top rated angle grinders for 2015, and it can be used for a number of applications. It features a solid metal case that makes it suitable for heavy-duty jobs and will keep it in good condition long down the line.

It features a three-position side handle, spindle lock and a trigger switch. Its extended handle and rubber grips are made to provide better comfort when handling the unit to facilitate greater control. The BDEG900 model is a 9-inch 15-amp grinder that offers many features for enhanced power, control, comfort and safety.


Metabo Angle Grinders

Metabo is well-known for producing top-of-the-line angle grinders. The Metabo WE14-150 is one of the best angle grinders in terms of user ratings, and it offers a speed of up to 9,000 RPM. Other features include a soft start and electronic winding temperature monitor with an LED display.

The 12-amp angle grinder also features Metabo VibraTech (MVT) technology that lower vibrations that can affect the user. The W8-115 model is a 4.5-inch grinder with convenient ergonomics, air-cooling and a quick wheel change system. This 8-amp, 800 watt unit operates at 10,000 RPM, and it offers auto-stop carbon brushes and protection against kick-backs.


Skil Angle Grinders

The Skil 9296-01 is a 7.5-amp grinder operating at 11,000 RPM. It has a paddle switch with no lock-on along with a vibration-reducing handle. Its heavy-duty metal housing offers durability, and its guard can be adjusted easily without tools. It also offers wrench storage in its handle.

The unit comes with an 8-foot rubber cord for better maneuverability and longevity. The 9295-01 model from Skil is a 6-amp 4.5-inch unit that offers a compact grip design for better comfort and control. It also offers tool-free guard adjustment, and it can be used in a variety of applications.


Porter Cable Angle Grinders

Porter-Cable is a respected name in power tools of many types, and they are also a leading brand in angle grinders. Their PCC61B cordless grinder model is known for expanding into the impressive realm of 20 volts of power. The PC18AG features a high-torque 18-volt motor that produces 8,500 RPM to handle a variety of tough cutting jobs.

The Porter-Cable PC60TAG is the #1 Best Seller in angle grinder power tools. It features a 6-amp motor that works at 11,000 RPM to provide high speed and efficient removal of materials. It offers features such as a sturdy gear case, tool-free guard changing, spindle lock and a three-position side handle.


Ridgid Angle Grinders

The Ridgid R1007 is a 4.5-inch angle grinder with a powerful 8-amp motor that produces 11,000 RPM. It includes features such as an automatic safety clutch to prevent sudden kickback and tool-less safety guard adjustment to conveniently move the guard in a variety of positions.

It has a ramped slide switch on its side for easy control, and it is made with a slim body design for comfortable use. The Ridgid ZRR1020 is a 13-amp 7-inch unit with a compact case that creates less weight. It has a spindle lock for quickly and easily changing accessories along with a convenient three-position side handle.


Kobalt Angle Grinders

The Kobalt 9815 is a 4.5-inch 7.5-amp corded angle grinder. Its powerful motor allows it to be used in a variety of applications for cutting and grinding even the most difficult materials with speed and precision. It features a paddle switch with lock-on for better control and user comfort.

The unit also features a three-position handle to allow the hand to be placed closest to the work material near the top, left or right of the unit. The guard can be adjusted without tools for quick guard adjustments or installation. The Kobalt 9815 features an ergonomic slim-grip to provide comfort during prolonged use.


Drillmaster Angle Grinders

The Drillmaster 120-volt angle grinder features a 4.2-amp motor with a ball bearing mount. It operates at 11,000 RPM to quickly and easily remove materials as needed. It has a removable side handle and a carbon brush that is easy to replace. The grinder also has a spindle lock feature for fast and easy wheel changes.

The Drillmaster 60625 model is built with a 4.3-amp motor and a rugged aluminum case that can handle rough environments and accidents. It has a two-position auxiliary handle along with wrenches and carbon brushes that are easy to replace.


Fein Angle Grinders

The Fein WSG 20180 comes in a variety of sizes. It features a high-power 2,000 watt motor and an adjustable rear handle that allows the unit to be used in any position. It has a slow start to prevent recoil and a safety self-start to prevent uncontrolled starting after power interruptions.

Its safety switch prevents accidental activation as well. The WSG 14-150 tip start switchless model features a long-lasting high-power motor along with an ergonomic slim shape design that is 15% smaller than typical units and helps reduce fatigue. The WSG 15-150 P is a 1,500 watt compact unit which utilizes more copper windings in its motor to offer more power and faster function at 11,000 RPM.

How to Use an Angle Grinder

Types of Angle Grinders

  • Battery-Powered:¬†Cordless angle grinders allow for more flexibility when working, but they are reserved to batteries that have limited output and time before needing recharging.
  • Electronic:¬†These are the most powerful form of grinders, and they connect to a main power supply. They are unlimited in terms of immediate power, but they present limitations in mobility when working.
  • Fuel-Powered:¬†These grinders are usually reserved for large-scale tasks such as construction work. They must be handled with the utmost care to prevent hazards.
  • Pneumatic:¬†These are ideal for areas that are difficult to reach but require lots of power. They tend to be smaller than other varieties, so they work well for precision tasks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Angle Grinders


  • Precision:¬†Angle grinders have the size and flexibility to offer better precision and fine control compared to larger bench grinders.
  • Ease:¬†Angle grinders are handheld tools that require simple knowledge and skills to operate.
  • Versatility:¬†As common power tools, angle grinders can be used in a variety of applications. Typical uses for these tools include construction, metalworking and auto service.


  • Safety:¬†Though they are small, angle grinders are powerful tools like any other. They present hazards such as excessive dust, metal debris and sparks, but many models come with safety features to minimize risks.
  • Power Limitations:¬†Because these tools are meant for smaller tasks, there are limits to their power output and the loads that can be places upon them.

Factors & Features to Consider When Buying an Angle Grinder

What is the best angle grinder to buy for your needs? Answering this question requires consideration of various factors related to these tools.

Motor PowerMotor Power

Each grinder model may display a variety of voltage, wattage and amp ratings. Wattage will usually range from 500 to 2,500 watts while amp ratings usually go from 4 to 15. Higher numbers correspond to the power of the unit’s motor. Most simple household tasks can be handled with lower ratings, but more powerful units are needed for professional or other serious use.

Power SourcePower Source

Angle grinders can be powered in various ways.

Electric angle grinder

Electric angle grinder

Electric angle grinders are some of the main types, and there are many kinds of grinders available from a wide selection of manufacturers. They feature a power cord that is plugged into an outlet to use the device.

The drawback to this type is the fact that is can only be moved a limited distance from the outlet, but this distance can be increased with an extension cord. Electric angle grinders come in many different voltages, so they are often used at building sites that require very powerful tools and heavy duty tasks.

Larger angle grinders are usually made to use this type of power source. They may require a second handle to be added to help support the unit while it is being used.

Cordless angle grinders

Cordless angle grinder

Cordless angle grinders are often much more convenient than the corded varieties. Battery powered angle grinders are easier to move around while being used and they can easily be transported from place to place.

There is no concern for remaining close to a power socket or using the device in a high position. Cordless models are also popular due to the fact that their batteries can easily be recharged or replaced.

These models use lithium ion batteries because they are low in weight and are rechargeable. Many manufacturers also provide a battery charger with their units for convenient and safe charging. You can also keep two batteries to have one powering the unit and another as a backup if the first one is drained.

Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Pneumatic angle grinders use compressed air as a source of power. These types of angle grinders are sometimes made in a compact frame, but they still offer lots of power for their size.

These tools use smaller discs that can spin with more revolutions per minute compared to larger discs, and this can cause them to wear out faster. These angle grinders can also be fit with adjustable handles and safety guards.

Fuel powered angle grinders

Fuel powered angle grinder

Fuel powered angle grinders offer another option when corded versions are not suitable. These kinds of angle grinders are usually large in size in order to handle industrial tasks.

In order to use these tools properly, you must be sure you have to correct type of fuel and that it is in sufficient supply in order to finish to task at hand.

These grinders must be used with extra caution in order to prevent fuel leakage or other dangerous accidents.

Unit SizeUnit Size

Like any tool, the size of your angle grinder will affect how well you can use it or even how much you enjoy it. The unit should be able to fit well in the hand, and it should be shaped efficiently enough to allow you to work throughout each task without seeming cumbersome or bulky.

Disc SizeDisc Size

The greater the unit’s disc the more power will come from its motor. There are many different disc sizes from which you may choose, but the most popular are 115 mm (or 4.5 inches) and 230 mm (or 9 inches). For pneumatic angle grinders, the unit may be better suited with a smaller sized disc. Such grinders work well to offer better precision for smaller tasks.


Angle grinders are very powerful tools, and most grinder discs can make anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 revolutions each minute. Though faster speeds are sometimes preferred for tougher jobs, they also require much more care and proper handling to reduce the risk of injury.


When using a powerful tool such as this, safety is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. Common safety features for grinders include spindle locks, dust ejection systems, overload protection, paddle switches and more. Your unit should have special features in its controls that help protect you from potential hazards such as adjustable guards or ways to remove hazardous byproducts.

These mechanisms work to protect you from serious harm while also protecting your unit from unnecessary damage or wear and tear. The best angle grinder should also have a safety switch or emergency control in case the tool suddenly becomes dangerous while in use. This control should also prevent you from accidentally starting the grinder and putting yourself or others at risk by unintentionally engaging the unit.

In addition to the controls and safeguards built in to the machine, you must also ensure you know how to properly handle these controls to get the most out of them. There is no use in having extra safety features if you don’t put them to use as the safety of the unit can only handle so much before user behavior comes in to play. Make sure to wear goggles, gloves and even a helmet when necessary.

Wheels and AccessoriesWheels and Accessories

The discs that come with these tools can be changed as you can install different wheels or other accessories to enhance their versatility. Before installing or using any accessory, be sure that it is the right part for your unit. There are many types of wheel and brush attachments from which you may choose.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Knowing how to use your angle grinder and being able to do so easily means you can complete the tasks you need to, and you get to utilize your investment. There is no reason to try to purchase the most high-tech model with numerous features if you don’t feel you can master it completely.


The best grinder tool should be comfortable to use even for extended periods of time. If you purchase a model that does not fit comfortably or is difficult to grip, you will only end up with pain and compromised work in the end. If possible, hold the model you plan to buy in your hand and experiment with various motions to make sure it is a good fit for you.


For some users, price may not be much of a priority. For others, it can be a significant factor in determining the model they choose in the end. Don’t aim for extremes when it comes to price. Find a model that sufficiently meets your needs, but stay close to your budget to find the best angle grinder for the money when possible.

Variable Speed Angle Grinders

Variable Speed Angle GrindersVariable speed angle grinders are made to operate under a range of speeds unlike standard grinders that usually work at a set speed. The benefit of these types of tools is the fact that they present many more applications based on different speed settings.

The Kawasaki 841428 is one of the best-selling tools of this kind. It is a 4.5-inch 7.5-amp grinder that features a lock-on switch and three side handle positions. It has a speed range from 3,000 to 11,000 RPM.

The 9566CV model from Makita is also one of the best-selling variable speed grinders available. It is a 6-inch unit with a 12-amp motor that operates from 4,000 to 9,000 RPM. It features a durable construction and thick coil wires that help the tool last longer.

It also has safety features that prevent burnouts, overloads and recoil. The Bosch AG50-11 is a 5-inch variable speed grinder that offers 11 amps of power. The unit is built with a standard speed of 11,500 RPM, but it can be adjusted to match the speed to a variety of applications. It is built with additional air vents to keep the motor cooler and safer by reducing the chances of hand blockage.

Bosch AG50-11

Cordless Angle Grinders

Cordless Angle GrindersIf you do metal work such as vehicle modifications or welding, there will be a number of opportunities where you will find you may need an angle grinder. Angle grinders work as a more portable version of bench grinders, and they are used for shaping, cleaning, smoothing and modifying metal materials.

In welding, angle grinders are used for cleaning up splatter and debris. Like many other handheld power tools, angle grinders also come in a cordless style for better convenience and portability. Even if you work outside your shop, you can use a cordless grinder to perform many of the same tasks you do inside. Cordless angle grinders expand upon these already versatile tools.

They offer benefits over standard grinders as they allow you to skip the cumbersome tasks of finding outlets and plugging them in or even setting up extension cords. They give you the freedom of working more quickly and freely by comparison. The drawback of cordless models is the fact that they must be kept powered by batteries, but lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and can keep your unit powered easily.

Cordless Angle GrindersThese batteries work very well with such tools as they allow you to keep them running at normal speed up until the battery is drained. Lithium ion batteries are far superior to nickel cadmium varieties for these applications due to the fact that full power is needed to keep up the unit’s speed and to cut materials quickly.

To find the best angle grinder for welding, you should expect a number of features to be present like you would with any precise tool. For these units specifically, you should look for a combination of power and speed.

These two factors will have the greatest impact on your results as they will affect the speed with which the grinder will be able to cut. Cordless grinders with higher voltages will have more power, so they can handle even the toughest tasks. Good cordless angle grinders will also offer great comfort, durability and battery life.

Grinders can be fit with standard discs that can be left on for each use, or you can fit your unit with a variety of discs, wire brushes or cutoff wheels. This allows you to use your grinder for many more applications. You can experiment with your unit’s versatility by taking advantage of a multitude of discs and accessories.

Milwaukee 0725-21

Milwaukee 0725-21

Milwaukee 0725-21

Milwaukee is the first brand to surpass the 20 volt limit on angle grinders with its¬†0725-21 unit. This model utilizes a 28-volt lithium-ion battery to provide power whenever it’s needed. It works at 8,000 RPM and is fast enough to handle a number of jobs.

The electric angle grinder offers the benefits of soft starting and speed maintenance, and it comes with a power gauge to indicate the remaining battery level. It features an oversized spindle lock button to make changing the wheel quick and easy. The Milwaukee 0725-21 comes with one battery, so you should plan to buy a spare to keep the unit in operation as necessary.

Makita BGA452

Makita BGA452

Makita BGA452

Makita tools are known for their high quality, and many of their tools are best-sellers because of this. The

Makita BGA452 model cordless angle grinder is one of the fastest grinders available operating at 10,000 RPM. The extra motor speed will help you to cut and grind materials much faster.

It stands in the middle as far as weight is concerned coming in at 5.3 pounds. All of the models in Makita’s LTX line feature a high-capacity battery that can recharge in just 30 minutes, and this is nearly twice as fast as the majority of other angle grinder models.

The included charger is controlled by chip and features a cooling fan to extend battery life. This model features a built-in circuit that detects over-exertion and over-torque and will automatically shut down the unit to protect it. It features a narrow handle to accommodate those with smaller hands or gloves and allow them to operate and grasp it comfortably.

Porter-Cable PCC60B

Porter-Cable PCC61B

Porter-Cable PCC61B

With the PCC60B model, Porter-Cable has expanded their range of power from 18 volts to 20 volts for their cordless grinders. This model features an 8,500 RPM motor that offers enough power for serious cutting tasks of many different types of surfaces. The drawback for this model is the fact that is only comes as a grinder by itself.

There is no kit, battery or charger included, but this can save you money if you already own Porter-Cable models and accessories prior to purchase. The PCC61B features a spindle lock that allows you to easily change its wheels, and there is a three-position side handle that allows you to position the unit to make it comfortable for your own operating style.

It features a two-finger switch that is kept inside a protected area of the handle for better control, and it includes a knuckle protector and padded handle for comfort and easy control.

Angle Grinder Blades

Dewalt DW4725

DeWalt DW4725

Angle grinder blades are used when the tool is meant to cut materials. Blades can be used to cut other metals, stone, tile, concrete and more. Diamond blades can cut through the toughest materials with ease.

The DeWalt DW4518 is a general purpose cutting blade with a high-performance aluminum oxide grain. The grains are highly concentrated to provide aggressive action, and it features three sheets of fiberglass for durability and safety.

The DeWalt DW4725 is the #1 Best Seller in diamond blades. It offers 200x times the lifespan of standard blades in addition to its exceptional cutting ability.

Selecting a grinder disk

Angle Grinder Attachments & Angle Grinder Accessories

Angle Grinder Attachments & Angle Grinder AccessoriesAnother reason angle grinders are so versatile is due to the fact that they can be equipped with a variety of wheels and accessories in order to accomplish different tasks. The angle grinder will feature a spindle washer and spindle nut that will be fit in different configurations in order to accommodate thicker or thinner wheels.

Wire brushes are used to clean materials, remove rust and strip metals of paint layers. Metal wheels can be used to cut other metals faster than a hacksaw. Standard grinding wheels are helpful for sharpening blades and reducing surface material.

Tips on Choosing the Best Angle Grinder

Tips on Choosing the Best Angle Grinder

  • Make Safety a Priority

These tools operate very quickly and very powerfully like many other handheld power tools. The difference between angle grinders and many other tools is the types of materials and surfaces on which they are used. Be sure to find a model that comes with various safety features included.

  • Consider the Accessories You Already Have

If you already have attachments, wheels or blades from similar models or grinders from the same brand, you may be able to use them on your new tool. Staying with a certain make or model may be best as the brand’s tools may suit your personal working circumstances.

  • Determine Why You Need a Grinder and How It Will be Used

It’s best to get a clear picture of the concerns you expect to solve with your new grinder. You can match those goals to the features and capabilities of available models to help you choose the best one. You should also analyze the plans you have with the unit and the goals you’d like to accomplish. Consider how you plan to use the grinder each day along with the different accessories you may need to go with it.

  • Consider Your Priorities

Which factors are most important to you? Do you care more about power type, speed, power output or size? Knowing what factors are most significant will help you choose between models, and it will result in better satisfaction in the end.

  • Look Around

Finding anything with quality takes time. You may not be able to find your perfect grinder immediately. Even if you narrow down on choices, keep an eye out for discounts to snag the best price angle grinder.

  • Test It Out

If you have the opportunity, test out your potential models to gain a feel for how you may like them in real applications. Pay attention not only to how well the unit performs but also how it feels in your hands.

Where to Buy an Angle Grinder?

You can likely find a reliable angle grinder for sale at your local hardware store. The drawback to shopping this way is the fact that you are limited in your selection of grinder models.

You are not guaranteed to find the specific one you want, and it may not always be in stock when you need it even if the store does carry it. Because of this, ordering online can often be a much better option.

If you have a certain brand in mind, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to determine the best grinder to buy. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s discounts to find the best cheap angle grinder among a wide selection of models.

Decision Time

Making the right decisionBuying an angle grinder is a wise investment that will offer you a multitude of uses you likely never even realized you needed. Even if you’ve owned grinders before, it helps to educate yourself upon purchasing newer models.

Hopefully you have now been equipped with enough information to determine the best angle grinder and how to purchase it. The right angle grinder reviews and information in this guide should be a starting point to help you pick the model that will offer you the greatest benefits in your tasks.

Get your angle grinder today and notice the boost in productivity in your garage or business.

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