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Protecting your tools and other valuables while you are driving your truck for business or personal use is easy when you have a best truck tool box. The following reviews should give you an indication of the different features you should consider when looking at which toolbox to buy. Factors such as where you want to mount the box and the different materials you prefer in the construction are worth giving some thought to before making your purchase.

The following should help you get an idea of the type of box that is right for your needs and some differe

It may be easier and less expensive up front to just let tools roll around the bed of your truck instead of securing them. It may become a little less cost-efficient when you find you need to replace dinged up tools or materials that have gone missing or stolen.

The investment you decide to make in the proper storage box for your truck is one you will definitely not regret. There are several factors to consider when you are trying to decide on the best truck tool box for you and your specific needs.

The following list consists of the best truck toolboxes on the market today along with features and benefits.

Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box

best truck tool box

This 60-inch crossover tool box will hold all of your tools and them safe from the elements and be getting stolen. Several features might make this the right toolbox for you.


Easy to install

One very nice feature on this toolbox is how easy it is to install. It takes about 15minutes to mount it in your truck bed and it is easy enough to do with just one person.


This toolbox will keep your materials safe from rain or humidity as long as the weather doesn't get too extreme.

Space saving

This toolbox fits up flush against the window of the truck cab and is barely noticeable as storage. The inside of the box may a from both passenger side and driver's side.


  • Easy to install
  • Good storage space inside and a small footprint on the outside
  • ‚ÄčNice black finish goes well with the back of any truck
  • ‚ÄčGreat price for some features you get
  • It has a locking mechanism to keep your tools safe from kids.


  • Material is soft and damages easily
  • Lock on the box is not very secure
  • ‚ÄčWill not work well as a heavy duty toolbox, high-end is good for light use
  • ‚ÄčThe passenger side of the box will open even if the driver's side is locked which makes it easy for valuables to get stolen

Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box

best truck tool box

This crossover unit is available in an attractive black finish as well as bright aluminum so it can complete the look of any truck bed. True to its name, the Weather Guard saddle box is one of the most durable boxes you can find for extreme weather conditions. Some features of the Weather Guard are listed here to help you decide if this is the right toolbox for you.



The weatherproofing on this toolbox will protect any valuables you have from getting exposed to the elements and rusting or corroding. The box itself will also last longer because it won't be exposed as badly to extreme weather.


The Weather Guard comes in several different types of finishes like black aluminum and shiny bright aluminum.

Easy to install

This toolbox comes with heavy duty mounting materials that don't require any drilling to get them secured to the truck rails. It is especially handy because you won't need to purchase extra tools or rent them to get this storage system up and running.


  • Weatherproofing prevents destruction of materials and corroding
  • You can easily install it and requires no additional tools like drills
  • Nice finish that is rust resistant
  • Mounting brackets are versatile and fit most trucks
  • Large storage space for all of your valuables and odd shaped tools


  • Quality control is poor when packaging product so it comes dented too often

DeeZee DZ6160NB 12" Crossover Tool Box

best truck tool box

DeeZee is known for its quality when it comes to making truck toolboxes. The design on this box allows for great storage capacity while at the same time having a narrower footprint, so it doesn't take up much space.

Some features of the DeeZee are listed here so you can see if this is the right box for you.


The design of this toolbox makes it much narrower than other units in this category. This means that you will have more room for other thins in the back of your truck but still have space inside the DeeZee for storage.


This toolbox is very lightweight which makes it easy to move around when you are working with the materials stored inside. It is also easy for one person to maneuver it on their own.


The DeeZee comes with a heavy duty lock that only opens with the key. It will ensure your valuables are safe when you are not around to watch them.


  • Very easy to install out of the box
  • Safe to store valuable because it locks
  • Finish is durable and attractive
  • Small footprint, so you have the benefit of storage without losing a lot of space in the back
  • Great price for the features that come with it


  • The material is not very strong and can easily climb
  • ‚ÄčThe powder coat on the outside of the box made for protection is easily cracked
  • ‚ÄčThe design is too lightweight for rugged use so it can only be used for light use in moderate temperatures

Bestop Underseat Lock Box

best truck tool box

The Bestop's unique design allows you to save all of your space in the back of your truck and store all of your valuables under your seat. It also gives you the double security of having a locked box behind a locked door when you are not around. The features of the Bestop are listed here to help you decide if this is the best truck toolbox for your needs.



‚ÄčThe design of the Bestop is different from the other boxes listed here because it doesn't sit on the back of your truck. The space saving unit will snugly fit under the driver's seat so your valuables are always close by.


‚ÄčThe Bestop has a lock that is "pick resistant" so thieves won't be able to pick their way through to stealing your valuables.


‚ÄčThis solid toolbox is made with heavy duty steel covered in an attractive black coating to give it a nice finish. This box is super durable and won't get dented if your tools start rolling around or you accidentally kick it.


  • Easy to install under the driver's seat
  • Nice durable finish resists dents or scratches
  • Heavy duty steel construction means less chance of dents
  • Has double security in that you can lock the box and the car door leading to it


  • Driver seat can be difficult to adjust once box is installed
  • ‚ÄčLock can be pried off with a screwdriver so not very secure

Undercover SCD 100D Black Swing Case Storage Box

best truck tool box


This side mounted toolbox fits nicely over the wheel well on the back of your truck. It has enough storage to hold all of your valuables and still leave you enough space to pack up the back. Some features of the Undercover are as follows.



‚ÄčThis toolbox is well sealed to prevent any moisture from getting in and corroding your good tools. It is also perfect for bad weather conditions.


‚ÄčThe Undercover has a unique design feature called the "SwingCase" which allows you to access your toolbox without having to climb up into the truck or pulling it out. It is a very easy feature to use and is patented by the manufacturer.

‚ÄčEasy to install

‚ÄčEven with the design features on this toolbox, installation is very quick and easy for one person to do themselves.


  • SwingCase feature makes the toolbox incredibly easy to access from the outside of the truck bed
  • Weatherproofing prevents moisture from getting in and keeps tools dry
  • The lid has a lock on it which prevents anyone from stealing your valuables
  • The box is removable which makes it easy to transport if needed


  • Toolbox exterior can appear flimsy and not very durable
  • Latches on the mechanism that lets the box swing out can get stuck easily which makes it a struggle to use
  • ‚ÄčIs not meant for rugged use because it can crack easily

The following list consists of some truck toolboxes that are highly rated on the market and their specific features and benefits. Hopefully this list will help you get more of an idea of what is involved in choosing one.


Truck tool boxes are primarily made of three types of materials.


Aluminum is the most popular material to use because it is lightweight, durable and will rust or corrode.


This material is not as popular as aluminum or stainless steel, although some people swear by the durability of steel. This material is heavy but tough, so it won't get dinged easily if tools bang around inside of it. It is not as rust resistant as the other two materials, however, so it may not last as long without corroding.

Stainless Steel

This is the most expensive material to make toolboxes out of. Stainless steel can be buffed to brilliant shine, is lightweight and rust resistant. This is what most high end truck toolboxes are made of.


There are several different styles of toolboxes that you can choose from.

Crossover toolboxes

These toolboxes extend from one side of your truck bed to the other. These are the most common of the storage boxes.

Side mounts

These mount to the side rails of your truck and are designed to hold longer items that won't necessarily fit in a crossover box.

Tool chests

These are attached directly to the floor of the truck bed and have a higher capacity.

Specialty Toolboxes

These toolboxes are a good option if you are unable to mount a toolbox on the truck bed or require additional storage elsewhere on your truck. Locations for specialty toolboxes include the wheel well and undercarriage.


The security of your tools is important because a good set of tools is not cheap or easy to replace. Different types of locks found on toolboxes include rotary latches and keypads.


The look of your toolbox is important when trying to match It up to your truck. It has three types of finishes available for toolboxes and those are black, white and bright.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a truck toolbox are as follows.

Installation ‚Äď no one wants to struggle with installation on the back of a truck

Size ‚Äď the capacity a toolbox can hold is important if you are planning on storing a lot of bulky items

Cost ‚Äď there is no need to spend a lot of money on more toolbox than you need, so make sure to get the best value and most useful features for your buck

Final Verdict

The winner when it comes to the best truck toolbox is the Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box because of its durability in extreme weather and its space-saving design. The Weather Guard will give you enough storage to hold all of your belongings and still leave you with enough space for heavy equipment or anything else you decide to pack into your truck. The price is also very reasonable for all of the features you get with this toolbox. Whichever box you decide to choose, just make sure it fits all of your storage needs and is easy to access.

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