Best Garage Cabinet review in 2017

best garage cabinet

If you have a garage that you use for storage of a variety of things, then you have probably amazed to yourself "how can I maximize the space in my garage and still have enough room for my vehicle?" You are not merely as it is estimated that over 17.3 billion will be spent on home organization systems by the year 2019. Most family garages become a dumping ground for bikes, tools, sports equipment, camping equipment and pretty much anything else you don't want cluttering the house. You need best garage Cabinet to store tools.

A good storage system in your garage can save you time and frustration, but which cabinet do you get? Some questions to ask are what will you be using the cabinet to store? How accessible should it be to others and how strongly does it need it to be? How many places do you have for the original cabinet and do you want it to be wall mounted? We will explore the different features of the cabinets later.

The following lists some of the best garage cabinets on the market today and the different features each one possesses. Hopefully, this will provide you a clear idea of what kind of cabinet you need for your garage. We will also go through some of the pros and cons of each one. At the end of this review, a clear winner will emerge.

Recommended The Top Garage Cabinet

Gladiator Ready-To-Assemble Large Gearbox, Tall Cabinet

Best Garage Cabinet

The Gladiator comes with a durable double cabinet that allows for the shelves to be placed in nine different configurations. I like this feature because storage needs can change over time. I recently purged my house of baby clothes to make way for my daughter's sports' equipment which takes up a lot more space. An easily adjustable cabinet would have made storing that equipment is much easier. Another great feature of the Gladiator is the construction of the metal which prevents corrosion from setting in so your investment lasts a long time.


  • Bullet Point 1• Size of the unit (66"Hx30" Wx18" D) gives you enough storage space without taking up a lot of space in the garage
  • Multiple adjustable shelves will allow you to configure the cabinet any way you want to when you want to
  • ​The double cabinet is easily kept closed with a magnetic catch so they won't swing open after use
  • Comes with castors for easy movement in your garage
  • The door handles are flush so you don't get clothing or cords caught on them


  • • More expensive than other cabinets with similar features
  • • The cabinet does require more than one person to put together and requires extra tools

Ulti-MATE Garage 12-Piece Kit

best garage cabinet

This kit is definitely the ultimate as it comes with 12 cabinet drawers that can be placed in a variety of different ways. One of the features on this cabinet kit that I like is the look of it. It is very modern and sleek looking without that the usual bland metallic finish you find on a lot of cabinet sets. The look is due to the construction of the unit which is not steel but fibreboard. I would recommend this cabinet if you have the space for it and you are using it for light use rather than heavy equipment.


  • • The kit is very easy to put together for someone with or without experience
  • ​• The finish is high quality and looks very attractive
  • • There is a ton of space in this kit because of the 12 separate cabinets


  • • Takes up a lot of space that not everyone will have available in their garage
  • • Very expensive because it is a full kit

Stack-On CADET-SET 6-Piece Garage Storage System

best garage cabinet

I like the feature on the Stack-On of having 6 individual cabinets with locking doors on all of them. Speaking as a parent of a young child, this feature is invaluable when you want to keep small hands from getting into sharp tools or chemicals.

Another great feature on this unit is the strong steel material which prevents corrosion and will also give you a little more to work with when you have heavy items to store.

I would recommend this unit if you have a larger than average garage that will fit a six-piece unit because you will find yourself saving space when you are able to store everything.


  • 6 separate cabinets for a large amount of storage
  • ​Strong steel construction so your cabinets will last longer and will be less likely to break from wear and tear
  • The paint finish is baked epoxy powder which is attractive
  • All of the cabinets have locks for added safety


  • Takes up more room than some garages will have to spare
  • Expensive unit because of the additional cabinets

Gladiator Garage Works Premier 30-Inch Wall Gear Box

best garage cabinet

One of the features I like on the GearBox is that it is small enough to mount on your wall. This allows you to build the most of your floor space in your garage and also makes it easier to access your storage without having to bend down.

Another great feature of this unit is the round key feature so if you want to lock up valuables, then you have that added security.

If you find that you are running out of space, then you can always add on to the unit with another one or the stand-up cabinet made by the same company.


  • Each shelf will hold up to 50 lbs. so it will store heavy duty equipment
  • ​Wall mounted so you can store it in places where it won't take up too much space
  • A round key built into the unit protects valuables and keeps the contents safe from little hands
  • Magnetic latch is of particular importance in a wall unit so it doesn't swing open at head level
  • Made out of steel construction to reduce corrosion and last longer


  • It is small

Sterilite 4 Shelf Cabinet, Flat Gray Cabinet

best garage cabinet

The beautiful thing about the Sterilite is that it is simple to set up even with just one person. You will appreciate this characteristic if you are a single person or if you don't have another person readily available to help you assemble it.

The cabinet literally snaps into place without needing any other tools. Another great feature of the Sterilite is the width. I really appreciate this feature because I have a lot of long pieces of equipment like baseball bats and small hockey sticks to store.

If I can store these items horizontally and flat on a shelf that saves a lot of space having them lean up against the wall. This feature also gives more storage area in this single stand-up unit.


  • Very easy to assemble as pieces just snap into place with no extra tools required
  • ​Wide design gives you the ability to store long items that normally get leaned up against the wall and get in the way
  • Well spaced shelves allow you to store taller items


  • Extra shelving not included and the wide set shelves are not always necessary for tools so some space is wastedt is small

Now that we have taken a look at the cabinets and their specific features, let's take a look at all of the factors you should consider when looking at the best garage cabinet that will suit your needs.

Things to consider before buying the right Garage Cabinet


The construction of the cabinet is a big consideration because some heavy-duty metal will add weight to the unit and also makes it more expensive. You need to ask yourself what you are storing in the cabinet and how strong do you it need it to be. If you have some very heavy equipment for storage, then you might want to check out a more durable material, but if you are just storing things like small equipment, hand tools, or supplies you can probably get away with a lighter weight construction. The best type of construction for heavy duty use is steel but you can get some nice kits for light use that are built with fibre board.


Depending on your family dynamic, you should consider different types of locks on the garage cabinet. If you are storing valuables in there, then you might want to invest in something with a much stronger lock. If your aim is just to keep the kids away from the paint and power tools, then you might not need an industrial lock but another type of less expensive lock will do. Most of the cabinets on the market will come with a locking mechanism that will be sufficient to keep anything dangerous safe and secure.

Ease of Assembly

If you plan on assembling the unit yourself, then how easy the assembly is should be a big factor in your decision. If you are quite handy and experienced at putting different types of cabinets together, then you may not be too concerned with a little bit of complexity. If you are a novice, though, you will probably want the cabinet to be straightforward and easy to do, although you may want to have someone there to help out. Cabinets estimate it, an online report that deals with research in cabinetry, that the demand for organizational systems will grow 6.7% each year for the next two years resulting in billions of dollars being spent. These are mostly do-it-yourself organizational systems going into homes in rooms like the garage so making sure that it is as easy to put together as possible is important.

Weight capacity

Some units can hold up to 260 lbs. so this option is really dependent on what you are going to be storing in your garage cabinet. You also want to know the maximum weight your storage unit is capable of as you are using it, so you know when it is time to stop jamming the shelves.

Other factors to consider when deciding on the best garage cabinet to get:
  • Easily adjustable shelving for when your storage needs change and items needs to be shifted around
  • Wall mountable to have the choice between the cabinet sitting on the floor or on the wall
  • ​Reasonably priced for the features that fit your particle needs
  • ​Castors for moving small units around easily
  • Space you have gainable for the unit and total size it will take up

The search for the best garage cabinet involves comparing features that make the cabinet useful measured against the cost of the unit and how easy it is to put together. There are several different brands of garage cabinets on the market that will offer high-quality construction and enhanced security, but are these features necessary to the average consumer?

Final Verdict

It is my opinion that the best garage cabinet is the Gladiator GALG36KDYG Ready-To-Assemble Large Gearbox, Tall Cabinet because of the durable construction and easy design. The Gladiator is smaller than the 12 and 6 piece kits but you can easily add on with additional wall mounted cabinets that are made by the same company. The cabinet can be configured in 9 different ways so you can adjust the unit in a variety of ways and make everything fit. Whether you are storing tools or inner tubes, the cabinet can make room for it. The steel construction ensures that it will last a long time and the quality of the unit is worth the extra money you pay for it. It is a larger single unit than some of the others so if you have limited space than you won't lose out on maximizing your storage.

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