Best Framing Nailer Reviews & Buying Guide

Those looking for framing nailer reviews need look no further. Here you will find a selection of reviews of the best performing framing guns on the market.

Framing nailers are a necessity for those driving framing nails into dense wooden surfaces. For professionals working with wood, these nailers drive in many nails in a short period of time. This efficiency is necessary for completing tasks successively.

Using a framing nailer instead of attempting to do work by hand helps to improve the quality of all work. Professional and amateur tasks alike benefit from these handy devices. Even for do-it-yourself builders and carpenters, the improvement of time and energy makes a world of difference in how each project is completed.



This framing nailer buying guide will explain the best features needed in a framing nailer, where to buy one and how to distinguish between each type.

It also includes recommendations for the best nailers along with framing nail gun reviews.

What is a Framing Nailer?

A framing nailer is a tool used with framing nails to join large pieces of material (usually wood) together. Framing nailers are ideal for larger projects requiring larger nails compared to small nail guns that are primarily designed for precision. They operate like other power tools to do simple tasks quickly and forcefully.


The body of a framing nailer consists of a pistol with a nail magazine and a trigger. Most nailers are pneumatic, and they use air pressure to drive the long framing nails into dense wood and keep it firmly in place.

When the trigger is pressed, the nails are released from the magazine. For pneumatic nailers, this action usually produces a recoil effect due to the force of the air pressure. Some framing nailers are non-pneumatic, but their nailing effect is the same.

Nailing guns are essential tools for those needing to nail dense or large wood pieces quickly and effortlessly. They eliminate the need for hammering and save users hours of time and the physical strain that would be needed to do it by hand.

Our Top Recommended Framing Nailers

Power SourcePrice
Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer1. Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer
** Editor's Choice - Best Framing Nailer **
9.123 x 16 x 6Air-powered

Check Price

Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer2. Freeman PFR2190 Framing Nailer
** Best Budget Framing Nailer **
14.520 x 14.2 x 6.5Air-powered

Check Price

Porter-Cable FR350B Framing Nailer3. Porter-Cable FR350B Framing Nailer7.321 x 15 x 5Air-powered

Check Price

Hitachi NR90AE(S) Framing Nailer4. Hitachi NR90AE(S) Framing Nailer10.020.8 x 7.5 x 4.9Air-powered

Check Price

Paslode 902600 CF325Li Framing Nailer5. Paslode 902600 CF325Li Framing Nailer7.513.5 x 14.5 x 4.5Cordless-electric

Check Price

Hitachi NR90GR2 Framing Nailer6. Hitachi NR90GR2 Framing Nailer7.920.1 x 18 x 12.5Cordless-gas-fueled

Check Price

Bostitch F28WW Framing Nailer7. Bostitch F28WW Framing Nailer7.623 x 16 x 6Air-powered

Check Price

Hitachi NV75AG Framing Nailer8. Hitachi NV75AG Framing Nailer7.415.3 x 13 x 6.1Air-powered

Check Price

Bosch SN350-20F Framing Nailer9. Bosch SN350-20F Framing Nailer8.422.7 x 15.3 x 6Air-powered

Check Price

DEWALT D51850 20 Degree Full Round Head Framing Nailer10. DEWALT D51850 20 Degree Full Round Head Framing Nailer8.28.223.2 x 16.4 x 5.6Air-powered

Check Price

What Types are Available?

There are various types of nail guns available, and they vary in many different aspects. Some vary in the way they are powered, the way they are used or how nails are installed.

Pneumatic or Cordless Nailer

Most nail guns are pneumatic, and they depend on air and a compressor to operate. They are suitable for tasks that require prolonged use as they can be constantly powered without replacing batteries or fuel cells.

Unlike pneumatic guns, non-pneumatic nailers do not require carrying around an air compressor. They are portable and “cordless” for more freedom and versatility in difficult spaces. The best cordless framing nailer should be lightweight as well. They are ideal for home projects, but they must be fueled or charged and may not be best for daily use.

Framing Nailer

This is a powerful nailer that can shoot into the hardest woods including pine, spruce, and fir. It is designed for building frame structures, but it can also shoot galvanized nails exposed to weather.

Finish Nailer

Finish nailers are designed for smaller jobs such as trim or moldings. They are versatile and powerful machines that can drive thin nails into manufactured woods to eliminate the time and exertion spent with a hammer.

Roofing Nailer

These are used to drive nails into roof shingles quickly and accurately. They are usually coil nailers because the job requires shooting a large number of nails very quickly.

Brad Nailer

A brad nailer is a smaller version of a finish nailer. It is used to attach trim and molding and is very useful for very delicate and thin materials.

How To Operate Your Nail Gun

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Framing Nailer


Each nailer model is different, so choosing the right one will depend on various details. Some choices will depend heavily on the tasks at hand, some on the gun itself and some on the individual’s personal comforts.

Each worker’s personal agility and flexibility with handling tools is unique, so the size and shape of the nailer must be taken into consideration. The weight of the gun will also be important as this will affect the way the nailer balances. The lighter the tool is the better the balance will be.

All About Framing & Exterior Nailers - Overview

Where to Buy Framing Nailers

where-to-buyFraming nailers can usually be purchased anywhere power tools are sold including home improvement stores. The tools themselves can be found quite easily, but finding them at decent prices can be a challenge. The prices of framing nailers can vary greatly among retailers, so it is best to search around for affordable deals.

Many nailer models can be found for better deals on Amazon as sellers often offer them at discounted prices compared to retail stores. There is also the elimination of cost from gas usage and time spent commuting to the store.

This method only requires clicking a few buttons and entering data. Compared to other online retailers, the benefit of shopping on is the option of free shipping for items in this price range.

Tips on Choosing the Top Framing Nailer

choosing-nailerThe best framing nailer will depend on the user’s needs, but it goes without saying that particular models are of better overall quality compared to others. Choosing the best nail gun will depend on balancing these factors to get the best personal experience.

Picking between coil and stick guns can determine the capacity of the magazines used. These guns also have different types of nails that they can accommodate based on head and shape.

Choosing between typical pneumatic or non-pneumatic guns is important as the former is more useful for frequent projects and the latter for occasional work. Cordless guns are non-pneumatic, and they provide the freedom to move around more while corded models often have more power.

The best nail guns feature protective guards that keep flying debris from damaging the project, the tool or the user’s eyes. Nailers of the highest quality are made of durable materials and feature construction that is solid enough to handle the forceful action of the device. They should have a compact body that is comfortable to hold and operate.

Finish Nailer Overview - How to Choose and Compare

Nail Gun Safety

Nail Gun Safety

Always wear your safety glasses!

Because of the power of these machines, it is imperative to follow all safety precautions with each use to avoid bodily harm or damage to property. Following are some of the most important nail gun safety tips:

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using the nail gun.
  • Inspect the nail gun before each use.
  • Always put on safety glasses before and while using the nailer.
  • Do not alter any part of the nail gun.
  • Check the user manual for information regarding the gun’s maintenance schedule.

Making the Decision

The nailers mentioned here are some of the best on the market. After reading through the criteria for finding the best framing nail gun along with many nail guns reviews, it is time to make a final choice.

Many models can be distinguished in the framing nailer comparison chart, but reviews help elaborate on models that intrigue each unique buyer. Each person’s final choice will depend on their own needs and wants as well as the type of work with which they plan to use the nailer.

Finding the most appropriate nailer can save hours of time and much effort in completing tasks large and small.

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