Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer Review 2018

Enclosed cargo trailers are quite useful in hauling our heavy tools, equipment, furniture, etc., from one location to another, and getting the best enclosed cargo trailer that will last for a long time is crucial as these things are not cheap.

Enclosed cargo trailers are best recommended for people who want to transport cargo that must be shielded and protected from the elements. There provide security and safety as they can be locked and left unattended. They come in several sizes and shapes and with different levels of quality and durability.

I embarked on a mission of research and market assessment to find the best enclosed cargo trailer, and I will be reviewing the results of my search with you.

I will also give you some tips on the most suitable way of knowing the best enclosed cargo trailers to buy, the things to look out for during your search, and how to get the best enclosed cargo trailers for your money.

Recommended Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer

After extensive research, analysis and comparison, I reviewed the two best enclosed cargo trailers I could find... one is an automobile enclosed cargo trailer and the other is a small bicycle enclosed cargo trailor that can also be used as a manually operated cart:

Hybrid Trailer Co. Vacationer - Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Best enclosed cargo trailer

Can Be Easily Towed

The great news about this cargo trailer is that, unlike other trailer brands that come with small tires, this has steel belted radial tires that provide stable towing. It can, therefore, be towed behind all kinds of cars, big or small easily.

Large Carrying Capacity

It is always advisable to buy large trailers even if the original intention is to haul small loads. There may be a need for more space in the future. This cargo has a large carrying capacity.

Easy To Assemble

With just basic hand tools, you can quickly assemble the trailer. It comes with very simple to read and follow user instructions manual. If you follow the rules, you will assemble the cargo in short time.

No sound pollution

The cargo trailer produces no noise. Sometimes you can forget that it is even behind you while driving

Durable and Long Lifespan

The machine is built with sturdy dual tires for improved hauling and has a very solid frame. It can be used in flat and hilly environments. It has a long lifespan with a three years warranty cover. What could be better than that?

It Is Durable With Nature

The cargo trailer has a powder coated finish that can resist wear and is durable with nature. It is very resistant to rusts and can be used in all kinds of weather.

Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Best enclosed cargo trailer

Very Budget Friendly

This trailer is peculiar for its flexible space capacity and its affordability

Very Versatile

The forward attachment bar can be easily twisted upwards to make a handle, turning it into a makeshift shopping cart. It also has removable storage for easy handling and organization

Easy To Clean

The material it is made with makes it super easy to clean

Easy To Put Up and Use

Its ease in assembling is quite remarkable.

Very Stable

With its sturdy double wheel design, the trailer can bear a significant amount of weight without any struggle

Very Flexible

It has an easy to detach cover. If you ever have large or uneven cargo, you can just unclip the cover from the trailer, load up your items, secure them, and you are ready to go.


Have waterproof covers

Things to consider when buying the right enclosed cargo trailer

It is quite tasking when trying to find the ideal enclosed cargo trailer to help you with your hauling processes mostly because they are so many to choose. Some may look similar, but their differences in quality and delivery are miles apart. So when searching, one has to have a very keen eye to pick out the differences that count. To get the best-enclosed cargo trailer, you should have the following in mind:

How it would be used:

Enclosed cargo trailers come in all sizes and shapes for different hauling purposes. They can carry anything from machinery to livestock and groceries. You need to consider the kinds of items you would want the trailer to carry. That can help you with the decision on size. It is always advisable to buy a size slightly bigger than the one you think you need because there is a slight chance that you may require more space in the future.

Interior lighting:

Not all enclosed trailers do have interior lights. Those that do would be an excellent convenience for people who use their trailers in the evenings and night. Perhaps the original purpose of the trailer may not involve use at night for now, but who knows when you might have to pack for that camping trip, it would be handy then. So just in case, look out for trailers with interior lights.

Other considerations

  • Trailers with LED lighting are quite good as these lights shine brighter and last longer
  • Look out for the interior paneling; this is necessary as it contributes to the structure's integrity. Most manufacturers use fragile materials, and some do not have interior paneling at all. Also, trailers with high-quality radial tires are highly recommended
  • Cargo trailers with dual radial tires are better off as they provide more support and balance
  • Also, check out the user ratings and review of the intended cargo trailer. You can see the flaws and what-not from there

In general, the enclosed cargo trailer to target should be one that can safely transport your things from and to its intended destination.


Final Verdict

So there you have the two best-enclosed cargo trailers. Though it's not all perfect with these trailers, they do have a few setbacks. Rather than load large and cumbersome equipment into your passenger vehicle or bicycles, enclosed cargo carriers give a safer and more comfortable path of moving your items from one place to another.

These two cargo trailers can both stand the test of time as well as weather for they are very durable and generally should have a long lifespan. Their sturdy structure and frames ensure your cargo's secure delivery to its destination. They are both easy to assemble, use, and clean up. Anybody would love and enjoy these two enclosed cargo trailers as they will loyally follow you safely and noiselessly anywhere, both on and off dirt roads transporting your cargo.

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  1. You need to let your viewers know of the following: 1) I purchases a Diamond Cargo, 8 x 12 new in 2026 from the factory direct and only use for storage. So far the roof vent which is made in China with no UV protection lasted a little over a year. The replacement part was double the price vs. on the internet price and is the same junk as the original, 2) Noticed the license plate light has multiple cracks in the lens, 3) Rust is now visible on the rear door hinge assy.and the frame.

    To prevent further roof vent issues, I’m having a permanent cover made for the roof opening and will replace license plat light with a quality light from another source. Diamond Cargo in my opinion is not a quality product and their warranty stinks.

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