Best Impact Socket Sets Review in 2017

The best impact socket sets are made of the highest quality materials, and that's the reason why they're very much in demand. Even if you have a high-end socket wrench, it's not going to be of much help if the sockets aren't any good, so use the following as your guide to buying the right set.

Introduction to the Impact socket sets

A socket is simply a hollow, cylindrical object and used for a variety of fastening applications. The top socket sets, however, offer a lot more functionality. Sold in various styles and designs, these sockets are capable of withstanding even the most powerful impact drivers.

The highest quality sockets are constructed from durable materials, plus they're portable. The top sockets today are capable of handling various demands and can even be used for specialized applications, underscoring their versatility.

Top 10 Best Impact Socket Set Comparison Table

Recommended Best Impact Socket Sets

DEWALT 1/2-Inch 10-Piece IMPACT READY Socket Set

best impact socket sets


The Dewalt DW22812 impact socket set uses a pivotal organizational style, making it easy to store the sockets the way you want it. The case is large and actually has enough room for a wrench (not included).

Long Lasting Sockets

This 10 piece, ½" drive set are made of high-quality materials, and the recessed corners do a good job in distributing torque. It might not indicate like much, but it helps prolong the life of each socket.


A Complete Package

The set comes with the most widely used sockets and a couple of ¼ inch adapters, giving you a level of flexibility not found in other socket sets.

Versatile Performance

One of the main selling points of the Dewalt is its versatility, and it works equally well with corded impact drivers, cordless units and wrenches.

Can be Used for Multiple Applications

The sockets are thinner than their pneumatic counterparts, which makes them more practical for hard to reach areas.


  • ​Etched markings make identification easy
  • ​Torque is distributed evenly
  • ​Compatible with wrenches and impact drivers
  • Comes with 2 adapters and 8 sockets


  • Does not work as well on screw impacts.
  • The case is too big

GearWrench SAE/Metric 3/8" Drive Impact Socket Set

best impact socket sets


The GearWrench uses the latest Surface Drive Technology and minimizes fastener rounding. Each socket has a black phosphate coating to reduce corrosion. Besides, there are laser etched markings for better visibility.

Durable Construction

The Gearwrench sockets are made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel for extra durability and strength. Not all sockets are meant for heavy duty use but these are.


High-Speed Performance

These sockets have been manufactured to provide maximum performance. With it you get a ratchet's speed with the flexibility of a wrench.

Long Life

These wrenches and sockets are built under ANSI specifications, meaning they're dependable. The sockets, wrench and case are all sturdily constructed. The case actually has four locks to ensure it doesn't pop open if it's dropped.

Powerful and Versatile

There are many types of GearWrench sockets to suit different applications. Among your options are stubby, S-shape, gimbal, and flex-head. You can mix and match these as befits your needs.


  • ​Sockets are high impact
  • ​The case is well-made
  • ​Can be used for different tasks and projects
  • ​Good enough for weekend mechanics


  • Does not have a 10-inch extension
  • Designed mainly for starters

TEKTON 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch Drive Impact Socket Set


The Tekton 4888 socket set spans a wide array of sizes including the ½ inch, the 3/8 inch and 11 dual size sockets. These sockets have also been constructed for high impact wrench use.

Easy to Use

These sockets can be utilized with high impact tools, and both the ½ and 3/8 inch drive break into exhaust bolts and suspension without trouble.

Superior Performance

The TEKTON sockets move torque from the wrench onto the fastener, making it easy to loosen nuts and bolts.

Designed to Last

These high-strength chrome vanadium steel sockets are more durable than your typical socket, and this is what ensures they pass the ANSI standards.

Unique Design

The sockets have a 6 point, high torque design and grip the flat, broadsides of nuts and bolts. It does not hold the corners, and that ensures you don't damage the socket or the fastener gets stripped.


  • Exceeds the ANSI specifications
  • The drive tang lock works perfectly
  • Corrosion resistant finish


  • Does not come with 10 mm 3/8" drive sockets
  • The finish does not last long

SK Hand Tools 6 Point Impact Socket SuperSet


The SK Hand Tools are among the most flexible socket sets available today. These are all-around tools and can be used to remove or fasten almost anything on vehicles.

Quality Finish

Each socket has a rust-preventative compound, so they're more resistant to rust. If you're going to use sockets extensively, a corrosive resistant finish is essential.


Better Visibility

The sockets have laser marker engravings at 120-degree intervals, so it is more visible and easier to use.

SK SureGrip

These high impact sockets make use of SK's proprietary SureGrip hex design, allowing it to drive on the sides instead of the corner. This design choice provides extra strength and prevents rusting and damage.

Built for Lifetime Use

This set has a lifetime warranty, and that alone should tell you how durable it is. Compared to other sockets, the SK set is more durable.


  • ​High impact design
  • ​Made in the US
  • ​Easy access and use
  • Plastic case looks well-designed


  • ​The case contents tumble if turned upside down
  • ​The 18 mm socket is smaller than the size indicates

Stanley 11 Piece Deep Impact Socket Set- Cheap Imapct Socket sets

best impact socket sets


The Stanley 97 set are among the more versatile sockets available thanks to the 6 point socket design, and the set includes a broad range of sizes for automotive work.


High-Quality Construction

Each socket is made from chrome vanadium steel, giving it the strength to deal with high demand applications.

Lifetime Warranty

Stanley sockets are known for their durability, and it is evident from the lifetime warranty that accompanies the product.

Convenient Carry Case

The sockets are sold with the accompanying carry case, making it easy to carry the sockets in case of you have to go from place to place.

Strong and flexible Sockets

The package comes with 15/16, 7/8, 13/16, 3/4, 11/16, 5/8, 9/16, ½, 7/16, 3/8 and 1 in. These are not available in other socket sets, so it's a good indication of the quality.


  • ​Durable, sustainable design
  • ​Organizer is included
  • ​Black powder coating for superior finish
  • Made of chrome vanadium steel


  • ​The sockets will rust if they come into contact with water

Before going on to the buy, let's first consider the major factors for buyers.

Things to Consider before Buying the right Best Impact Socket Sets

Number of Socket Pieces:

How many sockets are you going to use, and how many different sizes? For home use, you may just need a few socket, but if it's work related a full complement of sockets is more appropriate. Only you can determine how many are necessary of course.


Do not settle for anything less than a heavy duty socket as they're only going to cost more later on. You should also examine the socket wrench design, as it must be durable and comfortable to use. If you're going to work with sockets for extended periods, you have to be as comfortable as possible.

Check the Specs:

Sockets and wrenches have different specs, and the right one depends on what you intend to do with it. For instance, some sockets can only be used for cordless impact drivers, while others are multi-purpose.

Warranty and Durability:

The set should have at least a one year warranty, and some offer warranties up to 3 years. You also have to consider how durable the device is especially if you're planning heavy duty work. The highest quality are made to last a long time so that should be your primary criterion.

Other Considerations

A quality carry case is necessary for use during travel. You should also consider the manufacturer's reputation and the price. However, the price tag should not be your primary consideration as the features of the sockets are more important.

Final Verdict

Anyone who's into DIY or any home improvement work will recognize the need for a quality socket set. If you've never used any socket sets before, you don't know what you're missing regarding convenience. All the socket sets we have here are of the highest quality and can be used in various applications.

Usually, it's at this point when one recommends a particular product, but I cannot pick one because all five are excellent. Instead, I suggest that you go over each one carefully to find out which one best meets your specs. Good luck!

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