FiTech EFI Fuel System Review 2018

After a series of unending research, I finally found this product. FiTech fuel injection is dedicated to engineering, developing good technological ideas, and producing one of the most advanced fuel injection products in the world.

This is one brand that is rapidly becoming the go-to source for fuel injection. The company is known for delivering high-level performance for fuel deliveries. FiTech EFI fuel injection is produced by the number one and America's oldest speed shops, Speedway Motors. It is a family owned business founded in 1952 by Bill Smith.

The products featured in this review are the FiTech 30002 Fuel Injection System and the FiTech EFI 40003 Fuel Command Center system.

FiTech Fuel Injection System 30002

This is a wonderful product from the Fitech brand. It's well engineered and equipped with many features: a hand-held controller, windshield mount, die cast throttle body, Wideband 02 sensor, throttle position sensor alarm, black anodize, and many more features. This fuel injection system is rated for 600 Hp but can be suitable for 250HP TO 600HP engines.

FiTech 30002 Fuel Injection System

The product is perfect for your daily drive. It has the fastest, accurate self-learning. It goes well with any 4-bbl manifold and is the best self-contained, full charge unit. It is the only computer mounted throttle that gives a spark control which does not require the use of an external spark box or a specified distributor.


  • FiTech 30002 fuel injection system is designed with various features: handheld controller, windshield mount, die cast throttle body, Wideband 02 sensor, throttles position sensor alarm, black anodize, and many more features. It is rated 600 Hp and much more.
  • It quickly cools the manifold making the fuel condense in the manifold. And the possibility of the manifold condensing is high since the fuel moves longer from the throttle to the combustion area.
  • Has a little similarity with a TBI carburetor, and the fuel is not distributed equally to all cylinders, which causes the air/fuel mixtures for each cylinder to differ.
  • ​It prevents you from modifying the manifold to improve the car functionality since it requires you to mount the system in the combustion chamber.
  • It also has first class tech support, works well with various kinds of distributors, can also be used with or without the CD boxes


  • The vehicle will have a good quick response.
  • You will have better control and handling of your vehicle.
  • The fuel injector motor starts easily; adjusting automatically to the weather and altitude.
  • It gives improved performance than the old fashioned carburetor.
  • Easier to clean and maintain, because it has fewer parts, and less expensive.


  • There may be a risk of more burnt hydrocarbon.
  • Has a higher initial cost.

FiTech 40003 Fuel Command Center

The command system is extra-charged, it could be installed anywhere as long as you have the pump feeding enough fuel to the command center. It is mounted in your engine and can also be mounted on the vehicle's chassis if it is relevant.

FiTech 40003 Fuel Command Center

The pump should be filled with fuel, which would aid it in running cold and quieter than other out body units. The command center supplies the throttle with 58 psi high-pressure fuel at the rate of 340 Iph. You don't have to panic. If there's a low fuel level in the tank, it won't result in pump starvation if the vehicle is on a steep incline. FiTech command center kits make fuel injection changing more easy and swift.


  • A submerged pump is bound to function and run cooler than an external one
  • A submerged pump functions quieter than an external pump
  • It's capable of supplying enough fuel to 800 HP
  • All FiTech Go EFI systems with the Pulse Width Modulation feature have the fuel command as a choice


  • The fuel command could be used with other competitive products or company EFI installation.
  • A submerged pump functions quietly, it runs cooler than the external pump, and the fuel command system is capable of supplying sufficient fuel for 800 Hp.


  • Some issues overheating

Final Verdict

The FiTech fuel injection systems are an efficient and reliable choice as compared to other options. These products are designed and produced with quality engineering with loads of features. It began with a couple of EFI systems a few years back, and now, FiTech has systems covering a range of applications and performance needs.

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  1. Unit leaked fuel right out of the box. O rings and rear fuel log damaged.

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