Best Portable Tool Boxes

We are here to help you make informed decisions about the investments that you make for your unique needs. In this case, we chose the following products based on our immense knowledge base on mechanical products, average customer ratings and the value for money as well.

These toolboxes are the ideal investment for your mechanical projects due to their superior design features. For instance, most of them are durable, and they come with several compartments to improve your storage capabilities among many other important functions.

To help you make a better decision for your specific work project goals, we have also highlighted some of the major features that you should consider when choosing the ideal tool box.

How to Choose Best Portable Tool Box

Various factors should consider when it comes to choosing the ideal toolbox. Some of the main ones including:

Load capacity

The first important feature of a good portable toolbox is that it has to provide sufficient load capacity for storing your unique mechanical tools. For instance, the conventional recommendation is that a good toolbox can hold as much as 70 pounds of weight and with sufficient room as well. The added benefit Is that you can choose the product according to your load capacity needs. For instance, some professionals require more tools for large-scale projects, which shows the importance of a large capacity storage.

Design construction

Besides that, another important feature is that you also have to consider the overall design construction of the unit as well. Simply put, you want to evaluate the toolbox for a durable design that makes it ideal for the rugged nature of working with mechanical tools. More so you also want to evaluate the overall quality of the unit and determine various factors. For instance, this will help you determine whether its suits your level of professionalism and the long term results required for mechanical projects


A good tool box also comes with well-designed compartments that provide users with several benefits. For instance, you want to choose a toolbox that comes with several compartments that allow you to conveniently access your mechanical tools when you need them the most. Some of the high-end portable toolboxes come with sliding compartments that expose the lower sections of the toolbox. These lower sections are often ideal for storing lower priority items and as supplementary storage mechanism

Other considerations

Consider the brand manufacturer. Some of the leading ones include BOSTITCH, Keter, and Dewalt

Evaluate the material construction. Most models are available with plastic or steel construction

Evaluate the portability features such as design ergonomic and wheels as well

Recommended Best Portable Tool Box


Experience the superior quality of the Dewalt DWST17808 Toolbox organizer that makes tool storage and organization a much simple process. This unit comes with an extended length handle along with robust hinges for optimal functionality. This portable toolbox is simple to set up which makes it a good addition for any mechanical worker who wants instant results.


Flexible platform

One of the main features of the DWST17806 Toolbox is that it comes with a flexible platform that allows the use of several types of combinations. Furthermore, this flexible platform means that you can store your mechanical tools according to priority and it also improves the storage capacity of the toolbox as well.

Units stack on top of each other and heavy duty latches

Besides that, this portable toolbox comes with units that can stack on top of each other and are connected with durable side latches. To be specific, the user can stack as many as three boxes together for the ultimate portability for working projects. The heavy duty latches work well to provide the durability required for your long term projects.

Removable interior tray

It has a removable interior tray, which provides optimal convenience when choosing the ideal work material. More so, this removable interior tray makes it simple to perform cleaning activities and manage your toolbox as well

What we like

  • This Portable Toolbox comes with a removable interior tray for added convenience
  • It also comes with a flexible platform for added convenience
  • The compartments stack on top of each other for optimal space

What we don't like

  • The toolbox is heavy for some users

Stanley FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station

Discover the excellence o the Stanley 020800r Fatmax Mobile workstation that provides the ideal versatility for professional who want to stay organized when transporting their work tools and materials from or to the work area. This mobile workstation comprises a cantilever style multi-level unit that provides optimal accessibility to your work tools. It included a tool box, organizer, and tray that make it ideal for various professionals including electricians and plumbers.

Patented multi-level rolling system

One of the main features of this Stanley 010800R Mobile workstation is that it comes with a unique tiered cantilever rolling system that provides easy access to all the storage locations that are available in the toolbox.

Durable foam construction

​Besides that, this Stanley Toolbox also comes with a durable design that makes it tailor made for rugged applications in your various work projects. Best of all, it also comes with an easy latch system that comprises of a quick push to close feature for added convenience.

Telescopic handle for enhanced manipulation

The inclusion of the telescopic handle makes it simple to maneuver the portable toolbox and customize it to suit your needs. The ample sized latch does well to lock the entire unit, such that all your work material is safely stored in organized locations.

What we like

  • It comes with a telescopic handle for enhanced maneuverability
  • This unit also has an ample sized for enhanced security
  • This best portable toolbox comes with a telescopic handle for improved maneuverability

What we don't like

  • The portable toolbox can be heavy for some users

Plano Molding Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray, and Sandstone

Become a better workman by producing quality results for your clients with the Piano Molding 1363 Show N Go toolbox that is made using special graphite for optimal durability. It also comes with several compartments for storing several tools, and it also provides additional convenience for mechanical workers.

Partitioned utility trays

The first notable feature of this Piano Molding 1363 Toolbox comes with partitioned utility trays that help you to stay organized when working. The unique partitioned deign makes it ideal for storing a variety of spare parts and mechanical tools among many others. Users will appreciate the durable design of the patented trays that guarantee long term results.

Impact resistant design

The manufacturers of this portable toolbox have also done well to include the impact resistant design that provides long-term performance. To be specific, the impact resistant design comprises of durable plastic that can withstand the effects of high impact forces and scratches. Best of all, it can also resist corrosive effects that come with metals and chemicals that are sometimes used in work projects.

Quality construction

This toolbox also comprises of superior quality materials that go a long way in demonstrating your professionalism levels. From the durable plastic construction to the inclusion of the durable foam, this toolbox is tailor made for your work projects


What we like

  • It comes with portioned utility trays to help you stay organized
  • Besides that, it also features quality construction and an impact resistant design
  • The compartments come with unique sliders for improved accessibility

What we don't like

  • The portable toolbox does not provide optimal space

Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Tool Box Storage Solution

This portable tool box is the ideal one-stop shop for those who want dynamic mechanical solutions for their mechanical projects. It includes the durable design that makes it corrosion resistant and durable to accommodate the rough nature of metal tools. It also comes with compartmentalized bins for improved organization.

Central locking mechanism for security

It comes with a unique central locking mechanism that does well to maintain security levels and stability as you travel. This central mechanism will provide long-term performance results, and it is not susceptible to damage or jamming.

Tool divider inside for organizing tools

Besides that,it has a tool divider that allows for convenient compartmentalization of work tools. The interior stays organized, and this helps you leverage available space, and it takes your working capabilities to the next level.

Compartmentalized storage features

The topmost compartments that are found in this portable tool box can slide apart to expose the central bin underneath, and this makes it easy for users to store their tools by the priority of the tool. The heavy tools and rarely used mechanical tools can be stored in the lower sections. Best of all, it features ball bearing sliders that allow users to gain access to their favorite tools and without the hassle associated with removing top bins.


What we like

  • This portable toolbox comes with a unique tool divider for improved organization
  • It also comes with top quality storage mechanisms
  • This Keter New Master loader makes it convenient to store your mechanical products

What we don't like

  • The slides on the top bins are susceptible to damage

BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box

Make an impression with the quality of your work by investing in the Bostitch BTST19802 toolbox that can be easily separated into two parts for improved storage. For instance, it comes with a bottom bin with a drawer and ball bearing slides for optimal movement. More so, this BOSTITCH Toolbox features unique compartments that allow users to store and access their work materials conveniently.

7-inch full rubber wheels

Unlike the conventional portable toolboxes that are available out there today, this model comes with 7-inch rubber wheel that makes it a portable addition for your needs. The added advantage of this rubber wheel is that they are durable and can accommodate the weight of the box along with the maximum load capacity as well.

Heavy duty ball bearing slides

Furthermore, this BOSTITCH Toolbox comes with heavy duty ball bearing slides that provide optimal accessibility, especially when it comes to accessing the various compartments that are inside the toolbox. Users will also appreciate the heavy duty ball bearing slides that guarantee low maintenance results and optimal durability

Load capacity 70-Pound

Users will also appreciate that this unit provides an excellent load capacity that averages at 70 pounds. This means that you can easily store a host of mechanical tools and without causing any adding unnecessary weight to your already heavy schedule.


What we like

  • It comes with 7-inch rubber wheels for optimal mobility
  • This best portable toolbox also comes with heavy duty ball bearing slides


What we don't like

  • The exterior design of this unit is susceptible to damage

Final Verdict

All above things considered, there is no space for poor choice making especially when it comes to achieving the best results with your unique work projects. Choosing the appropriate solutions always has its inherent benefits. A good example would be the Best Portable Tool Box Review in 2017. We chose these tool boxes based on various design features and their overall value for money as well. As a result, you are not only sure of choosing the top quality tool box, but you will also use it for long term purposes as well

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