Creative Ways to Use Your Cordless Shop Vacuum

Many people jumped for joy when several different tool manufacturing companies introduced cordless shop vacuums into the marketplace. That was not without good reason. Cordless shop vacuums were easy to store, setup and use. So if you purchased a cordless shop vacuum we think you made an excellent purchasing decision. Maybe though, you are not getting the most out of that cordless shop vac buy. Sure they are great at sucking up water and debris but you can do so much more with them.

Additional Ways You Can Put Your Cordless Shop Vacuum to Good Use

Here is a list of some other tasks around the home and workplace that cordless shop vacuums are excellent at doing.

  • Feeding string through pipe

If you are an electrician you really need to have a cordless shop vacuum in your truck toolbox. Why you may wonder? That’s because a cordless shop vacuum is easier to use than any fish tape when it comes to running wire through conduit. Use the cordless shop vacuum to suck the string through the conduit first and then attach the wire and easily pull it through.

  • Cleaning your barbeque pit/fireplace

There are few things harder to clean up than ashes from your barbeque or fireplace. That’s because they are so light they scatter easily as you try to sweep them up. A cordless shop vacuum will make this task go much smoother because they have no problem sucking up ash residue completely.

  • Inflate pool toys/air mattresses

Have you ever had to sit down and rest after blowing up pool toys or spent hours trying to find your old bicycle pump so you could blow up an air mattress? Well if you have the right cordless shop vacuum these tasks become a thing of the past. You can use the exhaust port on any cordless shop vacuum to quickly and easily blow up any air mattress or pool toy.

How to inflate pool toys using a Shop Vac.

  • Clean your bird bath

The words ‘dirty bird’ comes from how messy these little creatures are around bird baths. They can make quite a big mess to say the least. That’s why no one ever likes cleaning a bird bath. With a little elbow grease and a cordless shop vacuum this task becomes much simpler.

  • Tidy up your aquarium

Another tough mess to clean up is an aquarium. Even before you start to clean you have to get the water out. Don’t risk trying to dump it and break it or spend hours using a cup to drain it. You can simply use your corded shop vacuum to get the water out of your aquarium.

  • Freezer defrosting

Defrosting your freezer can be quite messy. Not to mention, that using a cloth to wipe up the water is not easy with all the different contours and ridges on your freezer top, bottom and walls. If you use a cordless shop vacuum it makes the task of sucking up the water left behind from the defrosting procedure go much easier.

A Versatile Cordless Shop Vacuum Model

Maybe you don’t have a cordless shop vac but after reading this article you decided you want one? Allow us please to introduce you to a very versatile shop vacuum product:

DEWALT DCV581H Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum

DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum - Vacuum And Dust Collector Accessories -
Maybe you are on the fence as to whether you want the ease of use of a cordless shop vacuum or the unlimited power supply of a corded shop vacuum. Stop racking your brain trying to decide because now you can have both. That’s right; you get both corded and cordless convenience with this DEWALT model hybrid shop vacuum.

Whether you choose to use the DEWALT DCV581H as a cordless or corded wet-dry vacuum is totally up to you. It certainly is nice to have options when cleaning up liquid or small amounts of debris. When you use this hybrid shop vacuum it makes good use of such things as its crush resistant 5-foot long hose and its small particle advanced HEPA filtration system.

This is a unit that packs up so it stores away very simply too. Not to mention, with its sturdy built-in handle and on-board tool tray it’s very easy to take along with you too. DEWALT even backs up this nice corded/cordless shop vacuum combination with a very generous 3-year warranty.


  • Hybrid type shop vacuum – both a corded and cordless shop vac
  • HEPA air filtration
  • Stores easily
  • Crush resistant 5’ hose
  • Built-in carrying handle/On-board tool storage
  • 3-year warranty


  • Only holds a few gallons of water
  • Does not include battery and charger

Corded Shop Vacuum Use is Only Limited by Your Imagination

Many people are very surprised all the different things you can do with a cordless shop vacuum. They are a handy cleanup tool and more for any professional, homeowner or anyone else that needs a small wet or dry cleanup tool from time to time. We showed you a few unusual uses for cordless shop vacuums in this article. The cool thing is this list only scratches the full potential of cordless shop vacuum use. What you can do with your cordless wet/dry vacuum is really only limited by your imagination.

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