How Professionals Can Benefit From Owning a Cordless Shop Vacuum?

Shop vacuums have been in use for many decades now and they have gone far beyond the uses they were originally created for. Once a machine that was made to clean up water and piles of small debris is now used for a wide variety of different tasks.

This handy piece of cleaning equipment got even better when a cordless version of it was introduced. So what type of professionals can make good use of having a handy cordless shop vacuum around? Read on and find out because some of them might just surprise you.

Trades and Occupations That Can Use of a Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Here are some of the trades where having a cordless shop vacuum available for use is highly recommended:

  • cordless shop vac for professionalsPlumber

There is a whole host of jobs that a plumber can use a cordless shop vacuum for. These include everything from cleaning up debris after cutting PVC pipe to removing water from a toilet bowl before taking it apart to work on it. Cordless shop vacuums can even be used by a plumber to make sure a piece of PVC is completely dry before making a glue connection.

  • Electrician

When you are an electrician you don’t need to suck up water too often with a cordless shop vacuum but it can certainly help clean up the mess you create when working. As you do such electrical tasks as stripping wire, cutting wire drilling holes you can’t help but leave a little bit of a mess behind as you work. So why drag out that big cumbersome corded shop vacuum when you can have your cordless shop vacuum set up and working in less than a minute.

Do you get tired of having to jam your fish tape through pipe when you are running wires? Try sucking a string through conduit first with your cordless shop vacuum and then attaching it to the wire you need to pull through. Electricians have been using suction successfully to do this for years.

  • Swimming Pool Service Technician

If you are a pool service pro you have lots of uses for a cordless shop vacuum too. For one, it can help you quickly clean up any puddles you have left behind as you repair sections of plumbing.

You can also use your cordless shop vacuum on exhaust to do such things as dry motors and other electronic parts that you may have accidentally splashed some water on as you were trying to repair the parts they belong too.

  • Locksmith

When you are a locksmith there are lots of different kinds of messes to be made. There are shavings from cutting keys, wood chips from installing peepholes and burrs that come from drilling. Having a cordless shop vacuum is a quick and easy way to get all these messes cleaned up.

  • Cabinet maker/Handyman

Anyone who works with wood can certainly use the services of a good cordless shop vacuum once in a while. You will have sawdust lying on your shop floors, wood shavings from working with doors and even debris from drilling holes in the wood you work with.

This list just scratches the surface of the many occupations that can benefit from carrying a cordless shop vacuum right on their services vehicle.

Top of the Line Cordless Shop Vacuum

So is your job on the list and you don’t own a cordless shop vacuum? Well, you might want to take a close look at this model cordless shop vacuum if you are now thinking about purchasing one:

Milwaukee 0880-20 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Cordless shop vacuums don’t get much more versatile than this fine model from Milwaukee. That tool manufacturer name alone speaks volumes about how well- designed and how well made this cordless shop vacuum is.

It will do such tasks as suck up a few gallons of water, vacuum up smaller dust and debris, and it’s powerful enough to use as a blower also.

One more thing you will love if you are a professional service person is how easy this shop vacuum is to take out and use at a job site. This 12 pound cordless wet/dry vacuum carries just like you would carry a normal tool box. All the tools it comes with and its hose store right inside it too. You can have it put together and up and running in less than a minute’s time.

As an added bonus it can use the same batteries that you power all your other 18V Milwaukee cordless tools with too. It comes with an outstanding 5-year warranty too.


  • Carries like a toolbox
  • Can be used as a blower
  • Fits all Milwaukee 18V batteries
  • Lightweight 12 pounds
  • On-board tool storage
  • 5-year warranty


  • No dust reducing HEPA filtration
  • Does not include battery pack & charger

Now You Know the Answer

We started off this article by asking the question “who can benefit from owning a cordless shop vacuum”. Now that you have read this article the answer should be very apparent. That’s right; there is virtually no one who can’t benefit from having one of these handy and affordable cleanup tools stored away for when they are needed. There are many good models available like the Milwaukee 0880-20 Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum we discussed above. Cordless wet/dry vacuums not only come in handy to use on a regular basis but they are also much more affordable than you might expect.

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