Dewalt DCF887 Impact Driver Review- What Makes It Standout

When it comes to impact drivers, DEWALT has some of the best. There are other cheaper impact drivers out there, but very few are nearly as efficient and impressive as DEWALT tools. One of the best impact drivers from this renowned brand is DCF887D2. This tool is worth the money over some of most expensive options. Clocking a maximum in-lbs. torque of 1.825, DEWALT DCF887D2 is one of the powerful drill drivers.

DEWALT DCF887D2 20V MAX XR Li-ion 2.0 Ah Brushless 0.25" 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT has packed many great features and options in this tool, including 3-speed adjustment settings to help you in those projects that need more finessing than power. This tool is not only compact but also lightweight. This enables it to suit people whose task require them to use an impact driver for most of the time.

There are more great features that make this tool from DEWALT stand out.

Features and Benefits of DEWALT DCF887D2

  • It has adjustable 3-speed setting

With DEWALT DCF887D2, you can adjust its max torque settings. There are currently three-speed settings all delivering different in-lbs. torques. This gives you more control in handling different tasks as there will be tasks that will need more finesse and others more raw power.

  • More Run Time and Great Battery Capacity

This impact driver uses a 20V lithium-ion battery that packs greater power and delivers more run time. This driver also comes with an extra battery that ensures you use this tool for a longer period once the first is drained. This is helpful for people who engage in outdoor activities most of the times.

  • It is lightweight and compact

DEWALT has designed this tool in a way that it produces excellent power and is lightweight. Without its battery pack, this model weighs about 2 pounds. DEWALT also has managed to keep the size of this impact driver smaller as it is only 5.3 inches long. This will help you maneuver the tool in tight areas.

  • It Has LED Lights Circling the Shaft of DCF887D2

Too often, obstructions block the path of a ceiling light to where you need to work on, and DEWALT has solved this problem. The DEWALT DCF887D2 has 3 LED lights circling its shaft. Having multiple LED light in different locations will solve the issue of lighting your working area as you will not be obstructed especially when working in tight spots. The lights from these bulbs illuminate your working area during use and remain turned on for 20 seconds after which you have to press the trigger again.

  • Precision Drive

The first setting of this tool is known as Precision Drive. This drive is great for those situations where you need more finesse when driving screws in, such as when drilling kitchen cabinetry. When in this mode, your impact driver will automatically slow down to give you additional control. This functionality has made this impact driver stand out from most in the market.

Features at a glance

  • It has 3-speed settings for versatility and optimized application
  • Precision drive gives you added control especially on tasks that need more precision
  • It has 3 LEDs that light up your working area for 20 seconds thereby providing visibility without shadows
  • Comfortable grip sleeve making one-handed loading possible
  • It is compact and lightweight and thus can fit in tight areas

The Pros of DEWALT DCF887D2

  • This impact driver is packed with exceptional raw power that allows users to drive in screws through hard materials or concrete easily
  • It has a lightweight design making it perfect for projects that take time and also its compact enough to fit in confined and tight spaces
  • Its high-quality construction makes it ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • The three LED lights help illuminate the work area to allow you to work without light obstructions

Cons of DEWALT DCF887D2

  • Although quieter than most impact drivers thanks to its brushless motor, DEWALT DCF887D2 is still quite noisy compared to most models in its class
  • It is priced relatively higher than most models in its category

Bottom Line

Regarding capability, power, and durability, the DEWALT DCF887D2 is one of the best impact drivers. It is suitable for any handypersons and professionals alike. The brushless motor helps in reducing noise, and its compact design allows it to thrive in tight, confined spaces.

This impact driver packs excellent features such as shadow-less light, great power, and 3-speed settings among others. It comes with a tough, hard case for safe storage.

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