Why Do I Need An Impact Driver?

If your friend has just recommended that you should buy an impact driver, you must be wondering how this tool could be helpful. Well, if most of your job involves building, then having this tool will significantly boost your production. This is because it saves you from spending lots of energy, saves time, and works excellently which makes tackling most of your building tasks easy.

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Additionally, every average homeowner or DIY’er should consider having this kind of tool for handling projects that involve driving nuts and bolts. Need to know more about the importance of this device?

Common Uses of Impact Drivers

1. Used In Auto Mechanic Shops

If you have been to an auto shop, then you must have realized that there is a machine that the mechanics use for loosening lug nuts on your car wheels. Most probably, that power tool was an impact driver. Why? An impact driver is an important tool for loosening and tightening lug nuts. That is why most mechanics use it to make their work easier. It is built with a reliable technology which enables it to work efficiently.

2. Building and Repair of Rails

If you are working on rails, then you might find a hard time removing or tightening the screw that holds the deck rails in position. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. With some little help from impact drivers, you can get the job done in no time. This tool also works well with loosening large lag bolts which hold the railing posts in position. Additionally, you will find this tool helpful when installing huge timber screws across solid timber.

3. Building Decking Systems

Do you need to drive small hidden fastener? If yes, then you need to have an impact driver. An impact driver is an excellent tool for working on small fasteners, and it works well to make your job easier. So, if you need to ensure maximum precision in driving small hidden fasteners on your costly composite decking, then you should consider using this powerful tool. It is quite helpful when driving lots of tiny stainless screw which are usually part of most decking systems. However, you should ensure that you use the right torque settings to avoid damaging the screws.

4. Driving Nearly All Screws

So, most of your work involves fastening, and you need a reliable tool that simply gets the job done. What is the use of an impact driver if not for handling such jobs? Its hex drive system will enable you to use the tool with various kinds of fasteners.

impact driver bits

Source: Gisling under CC 2.0

Do you have to drive hex-head screws? How about Philips-head screws? Do you need to drive square-drive fasteners or Torx-head screws? Well, regardless of the kind of fastener, the impact driver can get them expertly driven into steel, wood or any other types of material.

The machine works with close precision using an assortment of hex-shaft bits with a top-notch impact driver.

5. Performing Jobs that Require A High Amount of Torque

What torque level does your job require? Is it high? If most of your tasks need a high and reliable torque, then you should consider buying this tool. This is because it is built to deliver the right amount of power to get the job done. However, if you need to get the job done quickly, then you should ensure that your tool has the right amount of torque.


The impact driver is an amazing tool and will help you get most of your jobs done in an easier and faster way. Apart from cutting the amount of energy that you need to invest in most of your work, it saves you time. This device also works with great efficiency to help you complete your project in time, a feature that is attributed to the high technology and engineering employed in constructing it.

If you need a tool with guaranteed functionality and works with closer precision, then look no further than this tool. The machine is user-friendly which makes it suitable for use by both beginners and experts. However, if you have never used this machine before, begin by driving various fasteners in scrap to get to know how to use it. You should also be careful to avoid overdriving certain fasteners and harming yourself.

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