Esab Rebel Review – welding machine in 2017

Esab Rebel Review

This one is an Esab Rebel Review on the new machine by ESAB, built around an all-in-one format. It contains a stick, flux, TIG and MIG in one package. The new model is Handy and has a portable design. It is very easy to lug around. Also, it is powered with an Easy to use software and interface. Makes wielding a piece of cake for beginners too.

​ESAB is a company that needs no flashy introduction. With this new product, the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic for MIG/TIG/Stick , the company has certainly upped its game in the heavy equipment business.        

ESAB is a company that needs no flashy introduction. With this new product, the Esab Rebel EMP 215ic for MIG/TIG/Stick #0558102240, the company has certainly upped its game in the heavy equipment business. Except that this particular welding machine is not heavy and formidable at all.

This little beast comes in a smaller and all the more powerful set up that contains a multipurpose design. It is built up using 6010 electrodes and its new and updated software allows beginners to weld easily and then progress to professional standards. In this Esab Rebel Review, we will discuss how this machine goes beyond an MIG machine and accommodates novices and pros alike with its "smart" MIG technology. Read on.

Overview of the Esab Rebel EMP  for MIG/TIG/Stick

As stated earlier, the Esab Rebel 215ic is multiprocessing machine. It can perform welding with MIG, like any standard machine. But in addition to this, it can weld just as well with Flux core, Stick and TIG. This additional feature sets the machine apart from anything that is already available on the market.

It is a portable machine, with a very professional yellow color. The machine is easy to carry and has a strong, unibody appearance. Its roll cage has 5 handles. It has an IP23S rating, so you need not fear as to its susceptibility to harsh weather conditions. It can work with 230V or a 120V with equal ease. Generator supply is easy to work with too.

The "Smart" in the MIG

This Esab Rebel 215ic comes with the sMIG EMP. It means that the MIG can be used in 2 modes. The machine tends to work according to the comfort and skill level of the user, hence the"smartness" of the machine.

To elaborate, there is a basic or a beginner's mode, which calls for simple setups. So the new users need not fret about elaborate arc requirements and can start working right away. The second mode is for pros, or who know their way well around the welding business. For these users, the same Esab Rebel 215ic offers arc controls and accommodates better for works requiring repeated welding. What's more is that this arc control is a built-in feature into every product box.

More Features of the Esab Rebel 215ic

We particularly like this welding machine for its ability to multi task successfully.

A bigger screen for you to see better is available. While this is another helpful feature for those new to welding, the larger TFT screen of the Esab Rebel 215ic allows for a better grip on the machine itself. It is because it allows for a better reading of the usage specifications, aids better comprehension of the user's manual and also gives information about any available spare parts.

It also features other languages for users who are not well versed with English. Other additional features include an earth clamp, TIG torch, one electrode holder, one Victor gas regulator, and MIG with a Tweco Fusion gun. This one is a complete welding solution for all your home's needs and can help you with all your different needs quickly.


Here is a look at some of the things that you would love about it. For one, we particularly liked the compact design, which means that you can use it just about any time and anyway you like.

  • Compact and professional design of the machine
  • Multiprocessing MIG with Stick, Flux and TIG for repeated welding jobs
  • ​Beginner Mode and Professional Mode available
  • ​Adaptor plugs for 230V and 120V.
  • ​Multilingual user manual and bigger TFT screen
  • ​Does not heat up very easily


If you thought everything was good, you are slightly mistaken. Here is a list of the things that the Esab Rebel could have been better at.

  • Patent defects are not easy to get rid of
  • Best works with DC Current
  • ​Substantially costlier than other similar products in the market
  • ​TIG without AC power, is not so effective. so the aluminum spool for MIG (which is optional) is your best bet

Product Features

Here is a look at some of the product features you would want to know about.

  • Product weighs 55 pounds which aren't really light but can help you get the job done nonetheless.
  • No additional apparatus required. Just unbox and start welding. It takes minutes and something we love
  • ​Smoothly working lift arc which makes operations very easy.
  • ​Has an output of about 200 amp
  • ​Duty cycle is much more prolonged than any other product with similar specs in the market
  • ​TIG use will require the user to apply his own gas cylinder and own filler material also.


Answer: No, but you can buy it along with machine. Should cost you $250

Question: Does the foot pedal provide AC current to the machine?

Answer: No, it merely allows the user to operate the machine remotely.

l Question: Where is the Rebel product manufactured?

Answer: While the designing and engineering is based in the USA, the machine is assembled in China.


As far as light duty welding requirements go, the Esab Rebel 215ic is definitely an impressive apparatus. With its tough exterior and compact unibody, you can carry it to any space and work with ease on the beginner or the pro mode.

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