Optima Battery Review in 2017

Having the right battery to start your vehicle is a requirement. This is what gives you a start to your journey. However, it is not just about any battery will offer the power and reliability you need. Therefore, you have to look for a battery that can keep you going across all sorts of terrain and weather. Well, Optima have been in this industry for well long enough, and their new SpiralCell battery is all you need to get everything running, from the vehicle itself to all other accessories in it. If you are looking into buying any of their batteries, this Optima battery review 2017 can help you decide wisely

Optima Batteries Red Top Starting Battery

Optima Battery Review

Convenience is everything when it comes to these batteries, and the RedTop offers more than that. This battery is not only a heavy-duty pack but also a sustainable source of power. It is built to stand the adverse weather and to keep you going for long. It comes with 12-volt, an 800 cold cranking amps, measuring 10" by 6 7/8" by 7 13/16" and weighing about 38.8 pounds.


This battery is more resistant to vibration, fifteen times more than standard batteries for enhanced durability.

Besides, the battery is also leak-proof that adds to its durability, as well as standing the harsh weather, just to ensure it lasts long enough to serve you.

High power

The other factor you cannot afford to miss about this battery is the power in packs. This battery comes with a lot of power for use by either hot rods or off-road users. The Optima is an ideal starting battery, giving you energy burst for ignition.


It is not as if the power that this battery comes with compromises its safety for you, your family and the environment. It is built to offer a clean source of power for the surroundings.


One sure thing about this battery is that it is capable of performing in trucks, SUVs, cars, and other appliances as well. If you want a one fits all battery, then it has to be this one


  • It is durable and withstanding all weather and vibration as well
  • High power and clean source that does not put your personal or environmental safety at stake
  • It also packs enough power for different uses in different machinery.
  • Has capacity for reserving power for over an hour, giving it a constant performance.


  • Battery can wear out with time and become less effective

Optima Batteries Yellow Top Battery

Optima Battery Review

If there is one thing that stands out about the YelloTop dual purpose battery is its performance. Besides coming with a punch of power, this battery keeps going for long, with a strong vibration resistance that makes it even more durable. This combination is what your vehicle needs to keep its power needs catered for, regardless of the accessories running. The YellowTop has 12-volt, 650 amps, and measures 9 5/16" by 6 13/16" by 7 5/8" and weighs 36.4 pounds.


The design

This battery's spiral-cell design is at the heart of its strength, offering clean power source for environment-friendly energy. It also helps enhance its performance, not to mention its self-discharge is low. This makes it ideal for all season use.

It is all you need

Whether you are running a heavy-duty truck, a car with power-consuming accessories, or heavy equipment, this battery will come to your rescue. It is all thanks to Optima's 40-year old technological innovation.

High discharge cycle

This is yet a positive factor about this battery. Its release cycle offers for power coverage when loads are greater than average levels. It helps attain more efficient energy than normal engine starting.


  • It can be used on heavy-duty vehicles requiring high power input.
  • Also ideal for race vehicles that lack charging system.
  • It is durable and reliable diesel vehicles as well as ones with inverters, winches, and other power-consuming accessories.
  • The battery is also vibration and weather resistant, making it durable and useful for almost all conditions.


  • This battery is a bit costly; you may have to spend more on it than you would with many other batteries out there.

Optima Deep Cycle Marine Blue Top Battery

Optima Battery Review

When the weather is not so feasible, dealing with a weak battery can prove to be a formidable challenge. It is where this high power battery comes in. It offers not only a great cranking power burst but also comes with an inclement weather resistant and vibration resistant ability as well. It makes it useful for a long time in all seasons with no problem at all. The BlueTop packs a 12-volt power, with 750 cold cranking amps, and measuring 10" by 6 7/8 by 7 13/16" and measures 43.5 pounds. Besides, it also comes with a 5/16" stainless steel stud posts.

Durable service

With its resistance to vibration, this battery can stand whichever terrain you are driving, making it serve you for long. Besides, its ability to stand all weather gives it yet another edge that is very crucial for the service you are searching for in a battery.

Easy mounting

This battery can be mounted in almost any position, making it easy for your installation work. This makes it also useful in virtually any vehicle.

Reliable starting

If you are looking for a sure starting, this battery offers just that, with its cold cranking power and its dual-purpose capabilities, there almost no limit to what you can do.

Low maintenance

This battery is not only an excellent performer but also comes with the lowest maintenance requirement, making it an ideal option if you are looking for a power solution that will not cost you all the time.

The design

It is undeniable that the spiral-cell design that this battery is made of offers a reliable and clean power source for the safety of yourself, your family and the environment at large


  • It provides the required high cranking power for heavy-duty use.
  • The Optima BlueTop is also an all-weather battery that you can rely on at all times.
  • The unique SpiralCell design offers not only more power, but also clean and reliable energy source than conventional batteries.


  • This battery packs a larger amount of pounds, making it heavier than others do, which can compromise its longevity due to impact.

It all comes down to your preferred battery type, but these cells offer virtually all you could seek in a battery. They are highly reliable and recommendable; you need to try them.

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