What About A Socket Drawer Organizer?

If you’re looking to keep your sockets organized, 6-piece socket drawer organizer can be an excellent option. You can use them for organizing more than 190 sockets ranging from six to twelve points. And that’s not even the best part! These socket organizers make it incredibly simple to locate your sockets, every time you need them. A good socket organizer is sleek, durable and it helps you to de-clutter your stuff without much hassle. You can even customize them to fit into the relatively smaller drawers.

Inertia Tools Metric and SAE Socket Tray Organizer - 6 Piece

Inertia Tools Metric and SAE Socket Tray Organizer

These organizers come with elevated leg attachments that raise their size which can then be used with the deep-walled sockets. The trays too are marked with the size of the sockets, making it easier for you to locate them. With its innumerable benefits, a socket organizer is indeed worth your money. So if you’re looking to splurge in these 6 piece socket drawer organizers, here’s everything you need to know.

Features of a Good Quality Socket Organizer

A good quality socket organizer will fit your standard roller cabinet drawers and store more than 195 sockets, perfectly organized by their size. The trays too will be marked by size and will make it easier for you to locate the right sockets, every time you need to. In addition, a good quality socket organizer will leave ample space for deep sockets and bigger extensions. Here are some additional features to look out for.

  • Will fit the ÂĽ inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch drives in both the SAE and metric sizes.
  • Offers added storage for your long extensions and the ratchets.
  • Will come with leg attachments that raise the height of the organizers for working with the deep sockets.
  • Made from high-quality polystyrene that lasts for a long time.
  • These organizers can be further tweaked to fit in the smaller drawers.
  • The trays will come marked with the size, for helping you locate the right socket.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying a 6 Piece Socket Organizer

  • Price – While many of us are tempted to choose cheap socket organizers, this is not always a good decision. A decently featured and durable socket organizer won’t be cheap, but it’ll last you for a long time. Due to this reason, you have to check whether you’re making a valuable investment.
  • Capacity – Like I already mentioned, a good quality socket organizer can hold more than 190 sockets. Ideally, they hold around 195-198 sockets. This, however, is only relevant if you are a professional. In case you’re a DIY enthusiast, it is always better to settle for a compact device.
  • Size of the organizer – The high capacity socket organizers tend to be larger, bulkier and heavier. But despite the average weight, try to go for a device that is relatively small and portable. Your chosen socket organizer should also easily fit into your toolbox.

sockets to be organized

  • Efficiency – There’s no point in buying a socket organizer that doesn’t support your sockets. This is why you need to choose a product that secures your sockets in just the right places. Focus on the design and make sure your chosen device doesn’t displace the sockets from their original position due to poor craftsmanship.
  • Testimonials – After you’ve chosen a product, browse through the reviews and check whether other users are satisfied with the product. These reviews from other users will make it easier for you to gauge the efficiency of the socket organizer. So if you want to make an informed decision, this is one of the first things to consider.
  • Long Lasting – Your socket organizer will only be worth your money if it lasts long enough. So while choosing a product, make sure the device is crafted from high-quality materials that make it strong and durable.
  • Versatility – Your socket organizer should be compact enough to perfectly fit inside a toolbox. At the same time, it should also don a design that’ll help you mount it on the wall or hang it along your pegboard.

Final Thoughts

So now that you know everything about these 6 piece socket organizer drawers, explore tour options and choose the best product. These organizers will de-clutter your space and live up to all your requirements.


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