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Apollo Precision Tools socket set is a highly recommendable socket set that will be worth your money. This socket set has high customer demand in the market. Comparing with other socket sets its light weight & 41-Piece different kind of tools included in this box. Interior inside the box is fabulous; you can keep every single part in it. It helps not to lose a single tool.

All tools are heat treated & enamel plated that ensure high quality & long time service from it. All tools are corrosion resistant & durable; sturdy box keeps all tools safe properly. This Convenient carrying box helps a lot & fantastic design attract customer also. You can use this socket set for lawnmower.

It has an affordable price to buy this marvelous socket set because the price of this box is competitively comparing with other socket sets.
Manufacturer Company is “Apollo Tools” who produce some other good products like Precision Tools, Power extensions, outdoor accessories protective cover and so on. They work on “outdoor product tool” category & they are a trusted brand in this category.

Their all product has high customer demand & positive comment also.
Apollo Precision Tools Socket Set is very cheap at the price. If you buy all parts individually, it will cost more than 100$ all together.

So it’s very clear if you buy this cheap price nice design socket set, this will worth your money.

Product Overview

  • ​Cheap in Price, But all necessary tools included
  • Easy Carrying Case
  • ​Durable – Sturdy Socket Box
  • Enamel Plated Layer
  • ​Corrosion Resistant
  • ​Product Dimensions : 10.08×2.17×9.25 inch
  • Medium Weight Product
  • Covered with Warranty Support

This item sold in multiple categories. A major category is Home Improvement Category. This socket set already earned little good customer review though this item is not being sold for a long time. So this is a great achievement for the manufacturer.

From the manual of the manufacturer, we knew this is perfect for any job small or large. It’s durable, the strength of carbon treated steel is marvelous. Chrome plated finish assist to protect corrosion. The heavy duty durable case also another advantage of this amazingly crafted socket set. All tools are created following ANSI standard. Thus you can expect durability & long-lasting of your product.


  • All major tools Included in this Socket Set but Cheap in Price
  • ​Corrosion Resistant – So Long Lasting Product
  • ​Durable & Simple to Use
  • ​Enamel Plated Case Ensure Hardness
  • Medium Weight Product – Thus Comfortable to Carry


  • Tools are limited – Need to buy some external tools
  • Perfect for Small & Medium Jobs

Few Questions & Answers

Question: How durable the product is?

Answer: This socket set is high durable & corrosion resistant as enamel plated layer added on tools. So This is highly durable & you can choose the product without hesitation because this product is covered with warranty support.

Question: Can I use Product Easily?

Answer: It’s very comfortable & simple to use. All tools decorated very simply & inner interior is marvelous. Anyone can understand the arrangement quickly & can use easily.

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