Powerextra Impact Socket Set Review

Powerextra 65 Pieces Sockets Sets 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Drive Metric and SAE Impact Socket Set

Power-extra impact socket set is uniquely versatile & well-executed socket fixed in the home improvement category & it also an excellent tool for outdoor tool category.

For being a professional mason, you should own a socket set like this. This product will assist you in your work & will give access to any hard work you were failing to do. This tool is technologically refined & resourceful too.


Fit & finish of the sockets is amazing & sturdy case assist on the tight holding of your sockets. Nice blue color socket set case attracts people & insist on buying this meticulously crafted socket set.

You need not be a technical person for operating the tools. All are made to overcome hardship. You will like the comforts & ease of use.

Manufacturer Company is "Power-extra". They are one of the most powerful "power tools" selling company. They have more than thousand products available in the market. Most of them are the best item in multiple categories. You can find various ideas for home in tricky home.

Customer Review About the product is good. Most of them are saying positive about the product which is optimistic. Amazing features of the socket set make people hopeful & insist on buying the product.

Features of Power-extra 65 Pieces Sockets Sets

  • Anti-corrosion chrome plated layer used
  • Expected all tools available in box
  • ​Strong box helps on tight holding of every single tool or parts
  • ​Product Dimensions is 15.1 x 3 x 11.1 inches & Weight is 6 pounds
  • Compatible with most Nuts, Bolts & Screws


  • You can use it for tightening any nuts, bolts & screws
  • ​Perfect for heavy duty works
  • Strong Socket Set Box Hold All Parts Strongly
  • ​Maximum Commonly Used Sockets
  • Repair furniture, bicycles, appliance, toys & so on using the socket box


  • Heavy Weight you have to consider

Few Question & Answers

Question: Is this Strong & Durable?

Answer: Of Course, this is strong & durable Socket Set.

Question: Dimensions & Weight of the Product?

Answer: 15.1 x 3 x 11.1 inches & 6 Pounds.

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