Finding The Best Lacquer For Wood

 As styles change in homes over the past few years more and more people have been finding and fixing old wooden furniture as a huge decorative piece in homes and offices.

One quick way to make old wood get that shiny new look is by using lacquer.   DIYers have used a combination of lacquer with HVLP paint sprayers as a cheap and quick way to finish their wood.

best lacquer for wood

Lacquer gives wooden furniture a shiny look and protective shell

Like any other product, not all lacquers are built the same or are they a good choice to use.  As someone who loves buying and reselling wooden dressers, tables, rocking chairs and other items I have limited my choices in finding the best lacquer for wood that I could find.  

Before getting into our favorite lacquer we would like to touch on the whether or not your should even use lacquer for your wood.  We will compare lacquer to other finishes that you may use on wood and which one is best based on your desired result.  Let’s take a look.  

What is Lacquer?  

When it comes to paint, lacquer has become a popular finish used with many different types of wooden furniture pieces.  Because of it’s great durability and ability to be applied easily, many people have used lacquer on some of their favorite furniture pieces such as wicker,  wooden patio furniture,  chairs and almost anything wood.  

Lacquer is noticeable as it presents a very strong, shiny and durable finish.   Many people confuse lacquer with polyurethane as they look similar, but they contain different chemical compounds.  

Lacquer vs. Polyurethane

The Polyurethane vs Lacquer debate is something that many people have trouble understanding when it comes to finishing their wooden projects.  While they may look the same, polyurethane is best used for indoor projects that avoid any type of conditions, while lacquer is better for outdoor products.  Also lacquer gives off a much shinier finish then polyurethane.   Polyurethane is basically plastic when it hardens and it will get damaged in extreme conditions. 

Finding the Best Lacquer for Wood-  Our Five Favorites

Java From General Finishes

General Finishes offers a Java stain that helps you when you want a dark color that will help your wood last for quite a long time. There are many different ways to use the wood, and you will find it simple to make projects that you believe look their best. You deserve to build something that will last, and you must ensure you have given the wood a heavy finish that will help it hold up. You have several different options when you are searching for a finish, and you may use the Java color because you believe it will be the darkest you have found so far.

Many people love the Java look on end tables and other living room furniture.  It vibes well with many of the new modern looking wooden floors and furniture pieces.  We recommend matching colors up to see if you can find one that has a similar look to what you are finishing.

Rust Oleum Teak Oil

Rust Oleum teak oil is interesting in that is will give you the proper color and protection against weather and rain. It will help protect the wood furniture you have built, and you will begin to enjoy the furniture more because it will help you cover the wood in something that you know is worthy of your creation. You will note the soft scent of the teak oil, and you will find it is used in some of the most-luxurious items in the world. Rolls Royce will use teak oil on the decking for their cars, and you will use the same on the items you have built in your home when you purchase this item from Rust Oleum.

Teak oil is helpful in that it is quite simple to work with, and it will help you set up any other piece of furniture so that you may keep it as long as possible. You want to spend your time caring for your furniture in a manner that is simple, and you will see the teak oil is quite effective because it covers the wood in one coat to a shine that you cannot get in other places. You may renew it often, and it is quite safe to use when you have your newest furniture pieces sitting in the workshop ready to coat or stain.

General Finishes Milk Paint

General Finishes milk paint is quite interesting in that will go on thick while you are attempting to treat the wood you are working with. There are many different projects that will benefit from this product, and you will find it quite exciting to use the milk paint when you are covering a finished idea. You may coat it in something that you know will be quite protective, and you will begin to see the wood take on a barrier all its own. The wood will be much safer from wear and tear, and you will notice how strong the finish is once you have completed your work.

Using milk paint is quite important, and you will find it fun to set up the paint so that you may cover your furniture. There are many different ways to mix the milk paint when you are beginning to manage your work, and you must ensure you have tested the milk paint before you get started. The finest of the stains and lacquers you choose will give you coverage that is obvious on all sides. You will feel the stain rise on the wood, and you will notice how it takes on the color that you have chosen.

Waterlox Sealer

The Waterlox sealer is quite important as it will cover your wood completely, and it will stop the wood from taking on all the things in the environment around it. You must ensure you have learned how much of the sealer is needed, and you will find it quite a lot of fun to use because it is so thin. You may stroke it onto the wood as many times as you need, and it will begin to build a thickness on the wood that is obvious to the touch. Someone who is searching for a way to protect their wood must be willing to use the sealer many times over, and you will find it much easier to use than a paint.

The sealer will help the wood harden so that you may make it any color you want, and or you may harden the wood to ensure that you may put it outside. The weather that hits the wood will be difficult to manage unless you have sealed it, and you must ensure that you have used something you believe will give you the best results. Each and every person who is using a simple sealer will keep their furniture in the best condition, and you may use it inside or outside.

Savogran Wood Bleach

The wood bleach from Savogran sells quite well because it will help change the color of the wood while it helps you seal the wood. The wood must be protected when you are working, and you will find it quite simple to use the bleach when you are preparing to seal the wood on your project. You may choose to use the bleach as a sealant because you begin painting or staining, and it will help the wood remain safe from all the wear and tear that occurs when you are working. You have every opportunity to make your wood furniture look great, and you will find it simple to manage when you have the can open.

Summary on Finding the Best Lacquer

There are quite a few ways for someone to use the lacquer, and you may purchase any of the stains or lacquers on the list. Each of them will offer you a strong coat that will protect wood, and you must search for one that you believe will help you most. This often comes through trial and error based on what you are finishing and what you want the end product to look like.  

If you are using a paint sprayer with your lacquer we advise a HVLP sprayer as these tend to work best with this substance.

Each of the lacquers above  will give you a strong finish, and you may polish it properly every day to ensure the wood looks its best. Covering wood on every home project will ensure you have created something that will stand the test of time, and you must have a look at lacquers or stains that make wood look great.

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