Finding the Best Paintable Caulk- Top 5 Reviewed

Just hearing the word caulking for painters is something that often makes us cringe.  As someone who has painted professionally for over 25 years I have had my fair share of lousy caulking that not only is hard to paint, but also looks awful after painting.

Much of the caulking of the past would dry in clumps and would make a smooth painted area look awful.   Fortunately more and more companies in recent years have worked hard on developing paintable caulks, thus we have much better caulks to choose from.  

Finding the Best Paintable Caulk for Your Project

Like any other DIY job,  caulking can be a good experience or bad experience depending on whether you have a solid product.   When I first started painting for a living and was living on a small budget I would often trade my time for a below average product as I was looking to save money in the long run.   This is something I have learned over the years to not do and I don’t recommend anyone doing it, as it will always cost you in the long run.

best paintable caulk

Many DIYers love to paint their bathtub caulking

As I have become ‚Äúwise‚ÄĚ in my years of painting, I have found out that paying a little extra money for a quality product will not only save me money in the long run, but it will cut down the time spent redoing a project gone bad. ¬†¬†¬†I spent a whole weekend caulking and painting both of my bathrooms only to have to redo the project a few months down the road when the paint started peeling from the caulk. ¬†¬†Something I highly don‚Äôt recommend to anyone. ¬†

With this being said, I am always looking for quality products.   Working in the painting industry I have the luxury of networking with a wide range of professionals and being able to sample some of the products that they recommend.   Below are some of the best paintable caulks I have used and that I would recommend to someone investing in finding quality caulk.  


Finding the Best Paintable Caulk-  Our Top 5 Choices

Here our picks for the top paintable caulks.   These caulks are not listed in any particular order and are all something that I would use on my own as a professional painter.   As a someone that tends to use a paint sprayer on a majority of my painting, I can recommend all of these as looking great after being sprayed.

DAP Alex Plus Acrylic

The Alex Plus from DAP is quite an important sealant as it ensures you may cover any gap easily. It is made from a thick substance that will stream from the tube consistently, and you must ensure you have clipped the tip to the right size before you start. It will harden quickly, and you may begin painting over it not long after you have it laid down. Someone who is closing up small holes in the house may use the caulk today, and they may begin painting when they are ready.

DAP is the leader in the industry, and they have a number of other caulks that may serve you quite well. You deserve to use a caulk that is easy to count on, and you must continue to use a caulk that will last for years to come after you close up a pesky hole or gap in your home.

Rust Oleum Leak Seal

Rust Oleum has been known for years to help coat surfaces to protect them, and the company makes products that will help change the way someone cares for their home or vehicle. Their paintable caulk comes from a special can that will help it spray to the proper thickness, and someone who wishes to use a simpler caulk will enjoy this product because it is so hard once it is dry. The caulk may be painted over using any paint you like, and it will not lose its hardness when it has been painted. You will cover up the place where the painting was done, and you must ensure you have used enough to keep the repair closed.

I like to use this type of caulk on hard to reach places such as when sealing attics and roofs.  This caulking is easy to use when up on a ladder because it is lightweight and comes out easily.


Sashco Big Stretch

The Sashco Big Stretch is the most-unique item on the list as it brings customers close to an industrial product that will close up the largest gaps in the home or office. The home and office will be simple to repair when you may caulk with The Big Stretch in any spot you like, and you will see it begin to expand once you have spent it from the tube. The tube is just the beginning of this product as it will begin to expand once it comes into contact with the open air.

The Big Stretch will help you in other ways as it will bring you closer to closing a gap that you believed needed to be bonded with something much more complicated. The complex nature of the compound ensures it will grow to the proper size, and it will help anyone who wishes to keep repairs in their home as simple as possible. You may use it in a number of places, and it will be rock hard once it is dry.


Red Devil Ultra Premium

The Red Devil is a powerful product that has been trusted the world over by builders and home repairmen alike. It is a strong compound that helps people when they must close a small hole, and it is a very easy caulk to paint over.  The simplicity of the product allows it to harden to a level that is quite strong, and usually only requires one sanding after drying. The caulk will help complete projects that have small spaces in them, and the caulk will work in places where other sealants will not.

Red Devil hardens very quickly compared to some of the other caulks and it is easy to sand due to its hardness.   One great thing that I like about Red Devil is by the time I caulk other parts of my project, my original caulking is usually dried and ready to sand.   Many caulks do not dry this fast and it adds time to your jobs.  


Mor-Flexx Caulk

Mor-Flexx is a unique product that is packaged in a special green container. It is difficult to miss when you see it on the shelf, and you must ensure you have used the product when you have many small holes to fill in your home or office.

If you  find gaps in the walls and furniture, and you must cover them as quickly to ensure they are not seen by any of your visitors. You may paint over them when you are using Mor-Flexx, and you will find it dries in moments. You do not have time to sit around waiting for the caulk to dry, and you will slide Mor-Flexx into any space to ensure it is closed as it should be.


Why Use Paintable Caulks?

Paintable caulks will accept anything you do to them from the simple to the complex. You may choose to use the caulk as a simple cover-up, and it will act as a cover-up until you paint it. The caulk will stay in place even after it is painted, or you may choose to sand it to leave it flat on the space where you were painting. Everyone has their own needs that must be addressed, and you may address them with a caulk that was designed to be painted.

When looking for the best paintable caulk it is wise to choose one that will best fit your job and from a trusted brand.  Some companies make cheap paintable caulk, but the results are often not very appealing.   You will waste time and money removing this caulk and purchasing a brand that you should of initially purchased.  


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