Paint Ladder Reviews: Finding the Best Ladder For Your Job

When investing in painting tools one of the staples of any good painter is a variety of painting ladders fit for any type of job.Our paint ladder reviews will not only give you some of our picks for favorite ladders to use, but also what types of ladders to use for certain painting situations, such as painting steps,painting large bedrooms  or other situations.

Not all ladders are made the same and we like to choose the ladder that best fits the job at hand.  Below we have made a quick and easy to read interactive chart that summarizes the ladders below.  For more detail about each ladder please continue reading.

Current PricesLadderBest UsesPicture
Check PricesFlip N Lite 6' StepladderSmall Jobs, Home UseFlip N Lite 300
Check PricesLittle Giant Revolution XE Multi-Use Ladder

Small/ Large Jobs, Multi-PurposeLittle Giant Revolution
Check PricesWerner 300 lbs. Duty Telescoping Multi-LadderUse on stairswerner 13 foot
Check PricesLouisville Extension Ladders - 300 lbs.Extension Ladder, Roofs, High Ceilingslouisville extension ladder

Before delving into the variety of ladders that you can use, we must first cover some basic ladder safety tips and other tips to guide you through picking the correct ladder.   Ladder and scaffold injuries are easily the number one injury risk to painters on the job.

Ladder Safety Tips- Tips to Paint Better

Use 3 points of contact as a rule: Always use “3 points of contact” when painting on a ladder, any time that you go under 3 points of contact the risk of falling from the ladder goes up tremendously.

Choose the right weight limit:  Choose a ladder with the proper weigh limit.  If you weigh 245 lbs and you use a ladder which has a weight limit of 200 lbs you are putting yourself at risk for a fall.paint ladder reviews

Use Ladder Stabilizers:  Ladder stabilizers are very important when working on a roof as weak gutters are often one of the main causes in ladder falls.  Ladder stabilizers can be used to stabilize your ladder and put it above the gutter.

Use Correct Painting Technique:  It is important to use proper painting technique when upon a ladder.  Many falls occur when painters try to “one hand” a heavy paint sprayer and end up throwing themselves off balance.

Use Ladder Boots:  Ladder boots are not only great for ladder safety but they also help you from marking up walls indoors.   Find a quality pair of ladder boots that best fits your ladder to add an extra layer of protection.

Avoid Bad Ground:  Mud, rain and uneven ground are all problems when it comes to planting your ladder in the right place.  Always try to find a solid, dry area to plant your ladder before setting up your ladder.

Wear your safety gear:   Goggles, respirators and gloves and any other paint spraying accessory that you may need are important to have on before going up a ladder.  Many people worry so much about paint ladder safety that they forget to protect their eyes and lungs when they paint in high spots.

Various Types of Ladders for Painting

Articulated Ladders:  These ladders are very versatile and can be shaped into multiple positions to hold multiple people and supplies.   If you are using a heavy paint sprayer these ladders are often a great choice.

Extension Ladders:  Typically used for exterior painting, extension ladders are the large ladders that you will often find on the back of construction and painting trucks.   Extension ladders are used solely for high to reach places and typically will be from 20 – 60 feet in length.

Platform Ladders:  Much like scaffolds, platform ladders come with a wide base so that the user can put tools on it.  Many automotive painters use platform ladders when they are painting large trucks and semi-tractors.

Step Ladders: The most common type of ladders for indoor painting is step ladders.  Step ladders usually range from 5 to 20 feet and can be used for almost any indoor project in a traditional home.

Best Ladder Reviews

Now that we have covered the basics of ladder safety and the various types of ladder, we will now go into finding the best ladder to fit your particular needs.    Let’s take a look at a variety of painting ladders based on the job that you will need.

Best Ladder for Home Use:  Flip N Lite 300 lbs Duty 6 foot Stepladder with Platform

One of the most popular ladder companies over the last few years is Little Flip N Lite 300Giant Ladder Systems and their versatile ladders.   Because these ladders are inexpensive (usually around $100) and lightweight (about 10 lbs.)  these ladders are a favorite among home owners and professional painters.  Let’s take a look into some of the details of the Flip N Lite Stepladder.

  • Wide platform at top of ladder for safety and ease of standing
  • Very lightweight at just 10 lbs.
  • Easy to store in almost any type of vehicle
  • Low priced compared to other stepladders
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Versatile tray able to hold a variety of supplies

Best Multi Purpose Ladder:  Little Giant Revolution XE Multi-Use Ladder

It may seem we are biased toward Little Giant ladders but we just love the price and versatility of the Revolution XE Multi-Use Ladder.  While there are several multi-Little Giant Revolutionpurpose ladders that we have used over the years, the Revolution is our choice because of the ability to be a step ladder, extension ladder and a platform ladder all in one device.  Let’s look more into the Revolution XE multi-purpose ladder and why we love it.

  • Stepladder, extension ladder and platform ladder all-in-one with just a few snaps
  • Highest rated ladder for safety due to built in safety parts
  • Rock Lock System for quick and easy adjustments
  • Low price (around $300) compared to the cost of buying 3 or 4 different ladders
  • Built in wheels for easy transportation and storage
  • Great to use on stairs and high spots

Best Painting Ladder for Stairs:   Werner 300 lbs. Duty Telescoping Multi-Ladder

When it comes to painting on stairs, we went with the Werner Telescopingwerner 13 foot Multi-Ladder.   What we love the best about this ladder is the ability to adjust the ladder to fit different steps while still being safe.   Let’s look at some of the specifications of this ladder and why it is a great choice.

  • Can convert into a 2 person ladder, stepladder or extension ladder
  • Ability to convert into 13 different heights
  • Heavy duty non-marring feet to avoid slippage
  • Makes a great scaffold for use on steps
  • Extra wide flared bottom for better stability and durability

Best Extension Ladder for Painting:  Louisville Extension Ladders – 300 lbs.

When choosing an extension ladder it is important to go with the safest and best quality ladder that you can find.  Over the years I have worked with hundreds of different roofers, painters and other construction workers and almost all of them swear by Louisville Extension Ladders.  Ranging in height up to 60 feet, these louisville extension ladderladders get among the best painting ladder reviews of all of the other extension ladders.  Here is what Louisville Extension ladders have to offer.

  • Meets ANSI 14.4 and CSA grade 1
  • Heavy duty ladder at approximately 85 lbs.
  • Very secure for men weighing between 250-300 lbs.
  • Useful for a variety of painting
  • Great for painting ceilings,  houses and other high spots
Paint Ladder Reviews: Choosing the Best Ladder for Your Particular Needs

While each one of these ladders above is very good for the particular need it is important to look into a number of factors before choosing a ladder that best fits your needs as a painter.  Here are the things that we would look into before choosing a ladder.

Cost vs. Use of Ladder–   If you are someone that is entering the painting business full-time it is often wise to have multiple ladders to fit the variety of jobs that you may need.  If you are a homeowner who would like to find the best multi-purpose ladder it is wise to choose something that is worth the cost of what you are paying.

How Often You Are Using Your Ladder–  If you are planning a big outside painting job it might be wise to spend up for a more expensive ladder, if you are just doing a one time job, it may be wise to rent a ladder and save yourself several hundred dollars that an expensive ladder may cost.

What Type of Painting Equipment Are Using– If you are on this website, most likely you are probably using a paint sprayer of some type to do your painting job.   If you are using a heavy duty paint sprayer it is wise to get a multi-purpose ladder such as the ones that the Little Giant Ladder Systems make as you will also want a safe place to keep your sprayer.

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