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HVLP Spray Gun Reviews

As a painter for 23 years, the schools and businesses that I worked for in the early to mid 1990s used the traditional paint sprayer.   The “old school” spray gun operated at high volume and high pressure, with the need of a high pressure air compressor to move the paint.

While these worked great, the high pressure meant that more paint was used for the job and also that much of the paint was airborne and didn’t go where it was suppose to go. Over the last 15 years, more and more people have been using HVLP spray guns for all of their painting needs.  Let’s take a look into these various spray guns and a review some of the best HVLP guns based on the needs of the consumer.

Current PricesSprayerBest UsesPicture
Check PricesDevilbiss Finishline 4Automotive Paintingdevilbiss-finishline-4
Check PricesWagner Control Max HVLPWoodworkingwagner-control-max-hvlp
Check PricesFuji Gravity HVLP Spray SystemFurniturefuji-gravity-hvlp-spray-system
What is a HVLP Spray Gun?

Before diving into the various HVLP Spray Gun reviews I wanted to briefly explain what a HVLP Spray gun is.   HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure.  While there are HVLP spray guns that use air compressors and some that don’t, the typical model that we will review will be

hvlp spray gun reviews

Using a HVLP Spray gun to repaint a car

a HVLP sprayer without an air compressor.

The purpose of the HVLP sprayer is to have a sprayer that still maintains a high volume of paint, but that has a lower pressure, thus it is easier to control and emits less paint into the air.

Most paint sprayers sold at local retailers these days are HVLP sprayers.   Because they are better on the air, easy to use and more efficient than conventional spray guns, these are typically the most popular spray gun on the market today.

Just like any other DIY product, all HVLP paint guns are not made the same.  Let’s take a look on how to properly pick a HVLP paint gun based on your particular needs.


Buying a HVLP Spray Gun Based on Needs

When making a HVLP spray gun comparison among a group of spray guns that you are interested in purchasing it is important to base your decision on your needs.  The needs of a commercial painter will be drastically different from a weekend warrior that is just painting a few pieces of wood or doing a small room.

HVLP spray gun comparison

Much like any other tool, HVLP spray guns come in different size, shapes, colors and strengths.   Also, along with all these different attributes is perhaps the most important thing to look at and that is the cost of the paint sprayer.  Here is what to look for in each of the spray guns that you are interested in before making a final decision.

  1. Reviews– Online reviews from legit websites are probably the most important thing to look at before purchasing a sprayer. While even the best paint sprayers may have a few defective devices, a good spray gun will be easily distinguished by a number of positive reviews.
  2. Cost– As much as we try to act like cost won’t matter, the plain truth is that it is probably the most important factor for 90% of the people buying a HVLP sprayer.   As a good rule of thumb when trying to find the best paint sprayer for the money is to find a group of 3 or 4 in your target price range and then expand your research on each of these models.
  3. Power– Spray Guns are typically measured in PSI and CFM. These stand for Pounds per Square Inch and Cubic Foot per minute.  For more information on these two measures, please see this guide.
  4. Uses– The type of HVLP spray gun that you use for painting a car, will be different from one that you would use on your home.   It is important to find a type of spray gun that fits your needs.
HVLP Spray Gun Reviews

When doing reviews of spray guns it sometimes feels like comparing apples to oranges.   Because different spray guns have different uses, I will instead pick my best HVLP spray gun for a variety of different categories.   Here is a list of our favorite HVLP spray gun in a variety of categories below.

Best HVLP spray gun for automotive paint

Winner:   Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun

As an auto body teacher and someone that paints and teaches automotive painting 9 months a year I have used several different paint guns over the years.   As far as choosing the best HVLP spray gun for automotive paint the Devilbiss was the first option that came to my mind.    Here is a review of some of the best qualities of this auto paint gun and why it was chosen as the best.

Great Price:  At approximately$200 online, this is a great investment for someone that plans to paint their own car or who will be painting a number of cars in the future.   With the same capabilities as much more expensive models, this spray gun can do the trick for your car and save you hundreds of dollars on a professional paint job.

Little Overspray:  While some automotive spray guns emit a lot of overspray, the Devilbiss HVLP Gravity Feed paint gun is not one.   The Devilbiss not only uses very little extra paint, but it also saves money by allowing the user to buy less automotive paint which can be very expensive.

Smooth Pressure:  With a 13 CFM and 23 PSI this offers plenty of power without being too powerful on the user.   Most users who have purchased this sprayer say that the gun feels lightweight and sprays smooth.

Best HVLP spray gun for woodworking

Winner:  Wagner Control Max HVLP Sprayer

If you have read any of my other posts, you will see that I have a ton of love for the Wagner Control Max HVLP Sprayer.  Not only is probably my pick for the best overall HVLP sprayer for home use, but it also fits the roll of the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking.   While I am not a woodworker myself, I have painted plenty of wooden objects in my classroom over the years.   I feel that those who do woodworking will love the Wagner Control Max HVLP Sprayer and here are a few reasons why.

Price:  Perhaps the best priced cheap HVLP sprayer, the Wagner Control Max is definitely light on the wallet when compared to a number of other sprayers.   Typically for $100 or less you can get everything that you need to start your painting project INCLUDING your paint sprayer.

Versatility:  The best thing about the Wagner Control Max HVLP sprayer in my opinion is the versatility that it offers.  Whether you are spraying a wooden dresser, iron chair or your bathroom cabinets, the Control Max HVLP sprayer can fit the role.

Best HVLP spray gun for furniture

Winner:  Fuji Gravity HVLP Spraying System

While I love the Wagner Control Max HVLP for spraying wooden furniture, I think I love the Fuji Gravity for its ability to paint both wooden furniture and iron furniture.  I was first turned onto the Fuji Gravity HVLP from an old friend of mine who now owns a resale shop.   She was using the Fuji Gravity to spruce up some iron chairs that she had found at a garage sale.  After a few coats of the Fuji Gravity these 30 year old chairs looked brand new in no time.   She said that her investment in the Fuji Gravity has netted her several thousand dollars in the ability to repaint old furniture in no time.   Here are some reasons that we picked the Fuji Gravity HVLP spraying system as the best HVLP spray gun for furniture.

Quick:  Much like an assembly line, it is very easy to line up furniture and spray it quickly with the Fuji Gravity HVLP gun.   When painting a dining room set I was able to lay down all of my furniture and spray it in a short amount of time.

Little Overspray:   The amount of overspray that the Fuji Gravity leaves is very minimal, thus making it effective in utilizing paint and safe on the environment.  When painting indoors the less paint in the air the better and the Fuji Gravity is great at minimizing the overspray as much as possible.

Great Investment:  While the initial cost of the Fuji Gravity is higher than most HVLP paint guns, the return of the investment will be found in just a few small painting jobs.  If you are someone that finds cheap furniture and clean it up, this job will make your money back in no time, especially when working with large dining room sets or vintage furniture.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the HVLP spray gun reviews above will give you an idea of what type of spray gun you may need for your particular job.   Besides the spray guns I mentioned above, it is wise to do your own research and find a gun that best fits your particular needs and budget.

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