Furniture Paint Sprayer:  Best Sprayers for Various Furniture

Finding the best furniture paint sprayer for your particular needs can be tricky,  especially if you don’t have experience using paint sprayers on a regular basis.   Because different pieces of furniture are made with different substances,  a sprayer that may work great on a wooden chair might not be the best option for a steel set of patio furniture and vice-versa.

With this in mind, we will try to cover some of the best furniture paint sprayers on the market today and what types of furniture these are best used for.  Also,  we will go into some details on finding a paint sprayer finishing furniture and other topics that pertain to paint furniture with a spray gun.   Let’s dig in.

Best HVLP Paint Sprayer for Furniture  

On our home page we give a full explanation of various types of paint sprayers and what the best uses are for each of these.   One of the most popular types of paint sprayers on today’s market are HVLP sprayers.   What does HVLP mean, you may ask?   HVLP is an acronym high volume low pressure, which many people choose as these guns tend to spray more consistently and have little overspray.

furniture paint sprayer

A paint sprayer can freshen up your wooden patio furniture.


While there are many HVLP paint sprayers on the market today, one that I found works best with small furniture is the Wagner Control HVLP Sprayer.   

The Wagner Control HVLP Sprayer is one of the best paint sprayers for the price and is a very versatile sprayer for use with a variety of furniture pieces.   As a furniture paint sprayer, the Wagner Control HVLP Sprayer is a great tool.   Here is just a brief overview from one of our readers who owns a resale shop and how she uses this sprayer on a daily basis.  

Kate Marsden, Resale Shop Owner:  As a small business owner who works with a variety of wood and metal furniture on a daily basis, I can say that the Wagner Control HVLP Sprayer has paid for itself in no time.   As an owner of a resale shop of just about everything you can imagine,  my job is to find old pieces of furniture and make them look new again.   With this paint sprayer, I am able to cut down a huge portion of my time refurbishing furniture and spend more time browsing local garage sales and flea markets finding new items to resell.   

As a rule of thumb when you are painting furniture with hvlp spray gun, it is always wise to plan your painting first.   Many people will get a new HVLP sprayer and forget to prep the area or where the proper safety measures and will end up with a big cleanup.  

Best Paint Sprayer for Large Furniture Items

While the Wagner Control HVLP is our choice for the best furniture paint sprayer for smaller items, for large furniture items we have another pick and this is the Graco X5 paint sprayer.   

The Graco X5 paint sprayer is not only our choice for best overall paint sprayer, but it is also our pick for the best sprayer for large furniture items.   We have previously went into detail about the Graco X5 and you can read about these here, but the main point is that the Graco X5 is the most versatile paint sprayer and something that can be used on large pieces of furniture with no problems.   Here are just some of the items that we recommend painting with the Graco X5.

  • Patio sets ¬†
  • Dining room sets ¬†
  • Refridgerators
  • Freezer chests ¬†¬†
  • Large cabinets ¬†
  • Large desks ¬†¬†
  • Other large items

The great thing about using the X5 as a furniture paint sprayer is that it has an adjustable spray nozzle that fits just about every type of furniture.  

Remember when you are paint furniture, it is always advised to set up a paint station outside with drop cloths, etc  or to prep the room that you paint in so no overspray gets on other items in your home.   

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture Finishing  

While many of the items we talked about previously have to do with painting an items fresh or painting over an existing paint,  many people also use a paint sprayer strictly for furniture finishing.   

When choosing a paint sprayer for finishing, we will often choose one that can handle thicker substances and that avoids overspray.   While many of the paint sprayers we work with all do a great job of this,  the Graco Truecoat 360 stands above the rest.

The Graco Truecoat 360 is one of our favorite sprayers and it just happens to work great for spraying finishing on just about anything.  Here are some of the reasons we like this sprayer.

  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Almost no overspray ¬†
  • Liquids rarely get clumped ¬†
  • Able to spray furniture in little time

Choosing the Right Furniture Paint Sprayer

As a rule of thumb,  if you are planning to purchase a paint sprayer for furniture we always suggest knowing WHAT you are spraying before moving forward.  If you are looking to have a versatile paint sprayer that can paint just about anything, the Graco X5 would be your best option.   


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