Wagner Paint Ready Reviews: Wagner Paint Ready vs. Wagner Paint Ready Station

While many of my purchases occur online I was recently at Lowe’s when I decided to purchase both a Wagner Paint Ready and a Wagner Paint Ready Station as they were both on sale and I was looking to get some lower priced models to add to my paint sprayer collection.

While Wagner paint sprayers are more of a DIY person or beginner sprayer, they still make quality products that can be used by anyone in the painting business.

Because I have never used either one of these sprayers, I was excited to get them home and try them around my shop to see how good they worked.   Let’s take a look into each one and the pros and cons of them.

Wagner Paint Ready vs. Wagner Paint Ready Station

Below our reviews of each of these products.  Remember these are only reviews from our use of the products after initial purchase.   Because some paint sprayers may have flaws, you may or may not have the same results.

Wagner Paint Ready Review

Like any paint sprayer that you can typically buy for under $100 I am always skeptical of how well this sprayer actually works.  Before buying this sprayer I was checked online on Amazon and also looked up a few Wagner Paint Ready reviews but I really didn’t get a feel for what these reviews were actually saying about the product, instead they seemed more like sales pitches to me.

Because the Wagner paint sprayer is not a very high end model, I try to paintings that a typical consumer would do that was interested in purchasing this model.   Ninety percent of people that would purchase this sprayer are looking to do some type of small home improvement painting such as painting a bedroom or maybe using it on a piece of wood furniture such as a desk, dining room table or something else in their home.

Warning:  If you plan on painting a large portion of your home or you are doing an exterior paint job I would avoid this sprayer as it is not built for these jobs.  You will do much better spending more money for a Graco X5 or another one of the paint sprayers that we review on our home page

After putting together this sprayer together was quite surprised at how sturdy it felt for being such a cheap paint sprayer.   While I have extensive experience with putting together tools, I try to put myself in the consumer’s shoes when opening up the box for the first time after purchasing a sprayer. The Wagner paint sprayer manual was very easy to follow and it took less than 10 minutes to have it in working condition.

Painting an office with a Wagner Paint Ready Review

To do a solid Wagner Paint Ready review I felt that the best way was to paint a small office to demonstrate this products painting abilities.   I used a Sherwin Williams flat latex paint and filled the gun up.  To my surprise the Wagner Paint Ready did a great job and I was able to paint the whole room in less than 25 minutes.    Here are my pros and

wagner paint ready reviews

Finished office with the Wagner paint ready.

cons of this sprayer.

Pros of the Wagner Paint Ready

Lightweight:  I loved the feel and weight of this paint sprayer and I feel that this would be comfortable for almost anyone to use.  In fact I had my 9 year old daughter help me and she had a great time using this sprayer with no problem.  If you have a full day of painting ahead, this model is definitely one that won’t kill your back or your arms as it is very light.

Great Spray Patterns:  The nozzle and pressure control knob are very easy to adjust and make painting simple.   While the largest setting may have more overspray, it covers a large radius of area.   After toying with these I was able to find a perfect setting for painting an interior wall.

Works well with Latex Paint:  More and more people are choosing latex paint for their homes and I always like to try out new paint sprayers with latex.  Using latex paint with the Wagner Paint Ready was pretty simple and there was very little overspray once I found the right setting.

Low Cost: If you are doing just a few projects around the house and have no paint supplies to start, investing in this paint sprayer will only cost $50-60 more than buying old fashioned rollers.  As an inexpensive paint sprayer for small jobs, this will do the trick.

Cons of the Wagner Paint Ready

Overspray on certain settings:  One thing I noticed that on the settings that spray out larger amounts of paint, that overspray can be a problem.   With that being said, the more streamline settings spray out with little overspray, but you lose the coverage when you do this.

Occasional Chunks of paint:   Probably the most annoying thing that this paint sprayer did was randomly shoot out a chunk of paint that I had to wipe off with a cloth.  While this occurred maybe 3 times total during a 20 minute painting session, I feel that this must addressed and is a common problem when you buy a cheaper paint sprayer.

Overall Review of the Wagner Paint Ready

If I were to give a grade for the Wagner Paint Ready I would say 7 out of 10 overall.   While I was able to paint a small office/ bedroom area in just less than 20 minutes, I feel that it would have gone quicker if I didn’t have to stop and wipe off a couple chunks of paint that came out of this sprayer.   If you are on a budget and looking to paint small items with no real time constraints, this is definitely something that you could purchase, just make sure to buy some cloths with it as you may need them.

Wagner Paint Ready Station Review

I was excited to try out the Wagner Paint Ready Station HVLP sprayer as it has the look and feel of the Wagner SprayMax which is one of my favorite small sprayers.   Like I did with the smaller Wagner Paint Ready, I chose to use latex paint with the Wagner Paint Ready Station as I feel the thicker paints best true represent how well a paint sprayer works.

Much like the Wagner Paint Station, this gun was very easy to put together for anyone and had easy to read instructions in the Wagner Paint Station sprayer manual.

As a side note, anyone that has ever used a Wagner sprayer will probably agree with me in that they have excellent customer service to go with their products.   Over the years I have had a few issues with some Wagner paint sprayers I purchased and they have an English speaking customer service department that is quick to send out vouchers and/or replacement parts overnight if the mistake was on their end.   Shout out to Wagner for having a great customer service department.

Painting a shed with the Wagner Paint Ready Station                                

While I chose to paint an interior office before I felt that paying $40 more for this product that it would be necessary to paint an exterior object to get a better Wagner Paint

Wagner paint ready station reviews

Two colored shed painted by my student.

Ready station review that I could offer to my readers.    For this job I chose an 8’ x 10’ shed that we use to store some of our supplies for my classroom and had one of my top senior students do the painting while I observed.

After a little over an hour, my student was able to paint the exterior of the shed and I had him write an honest review on how he felt about the product.

For a background this is a student that is in an automotive painting classroom for the past two years and his primary painting includes various automobiles.   Here are his pros and cons.

Pros of the Wagner Paint Ready Station

Great Feel:   I love the feel of the Wagner Paint Ready Station and it makes it very easy to navigate around something such as a shed if you have a long enough extension cord.   I used a 75 foot extension cord and was easily able to move around with no discomfort in my arms.

Decent paint spraying ability:  After toying with the spray nozzle for a couple minutes I was able to find a decent setting that worked well on the shed.

Cons of the Wagner Paint Ready Station

Pain switching colors:  Because my teacher wanted me to try two different latex paints, it was kind of a hassle cleaning and switching out paint colors.   I could have probably finished the shed in a half hour if I was painting just one color but I had to take a 20 minute period to clean and refill the gun with a different color.

Paint on the ground:  I felt that there was too much paint on the ground when I was done painting the shed and this is something that could definitely be a problem if I was painting indoors with no drop cloth.  Other paint sprayers I use left almost no paint residue on the ground, while this product left random droplets of paint in the grass around the shed.

Wipe of the nozzle:   One problem I had, maybe it was just the specific paint gun that I bought, was that I felt that I had to wipe down the nozzle every few minutes which kind of ruined my tempo.

Overall Review of the Wagner Paint Station Ready

I was not overly impressed with this model after using it to paint our shed.   While it has the look and feel of a solid paint gun, the nozzle and dripping were definitely an issue.  I feel that I would rather pay up to a Graco model or even use the Wagner SprayMax instead of this model.  I would give this a 5 out of 10 overall and probably save up to get a larger model if I was looking in the $120-150 price range.

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