HVLP Spray Gun Comparison- Binks Gravity Spray Gun vs. Wagner SprayMax

If you are in the market the best HVLP spray gun, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. Most people want to find a spray gun that is not only going to fit their budget, but also be able to provide them with the best possible paint job. The problem is, some people expect to be able to buy a cheap spray gun and actually be able to get great results.

Before purchasing any type of HVLP paint sprayer I like to look at several things. Here are just a few recommendations of what I look for in a product before making any purchase.


One of the first things that you will want to consider is the quality of the spray gun. The best HVLP spray gun will be madehvlp paint gun comparison with the highest quality standards in mind. They will use quality materials and test and retest their models to ensure that they are going to get the job done right. One of the best ways to get a good idea about the quality is to see what other people have to say about it.

One thing I like to look at when checking online reviews of the paint sprayer I am interested in is checking if it breaks easily. Many times angry customers will be quick to give bad reviews on products that are not high quality and may break easy.


Next, you will want to consider the cost of your spray gun. The best HVLP spray gun isn’t going to be the cheapest one out there, but it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive. You can often times find a high quality spray gun at a price you can afford. You just need to do some shopping around to find a good price.

The good news is that now with more and more people shopping online, you can actually get some really great deals on some of the best guns on the market! You never have to pay the full retail price when shopping online. You can reasonably expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $500 for a really nice HVLP spray gun.


You need to also make sure that the manufacturer has a good reputation. Believe it or not, some of the manufacturers out there don’t have the best reputation in the world. This is why it is so important for you to do your research ahead of time. Some of them may not hold true to their warranties, or even worse, some may not offer a warranty at all.

If the product is a good one, then they will back it with a warranty. This is something that is very important when shopping for the best HVLP spray gun. Also make sure to check the customer service of the company before you buy as ones who back up their products with easy to reach customer service are often the best choices. Wagner, Binks, Graco all have excellent customer service when you have issues with their products.

How to Choose the Right One

Now that you have gotten a look into some of the things that you will be looking for we can now go into a few of the models of HVLP paint guns. The following reviews are user submitted and will touch on some of the highlights that the following users have submitted. Remember it is wise to do your own research before moving forward.

Paint Sprayer Review #1

Customer: Dallas Tyler

Paint Sprayer: Binks Gravity HVLP Spray Gun

Reasons for Purchase: In his spare time Dallas refurbishes a variety of items that he finds at local flea markets, Craigslist and in the newspaper. Dallas wanted a quicker method to paint his items and bought the Binks after getting a recommendation from a friend.

Binks HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Review

From time to time, you may find yourself in the market for a new spray gun. I decided to try out the Binks Gravity HVLP and found that I love it. Instead of rambling on about what I like and don’t like about this gun, I will break it down into things that I feel will best help out readers.


The Binks spray gun definitely has a lot of great features that you will want to consider. First and foremost, it is able to apply a variety of different materials. You can apply thick materials like epoxies and latex, or thinner materials such as lacquer and primers. It offers an ergonomic design with an easy to pull trigger. It has a drip free cup, and also includes the gun wrench and lubricant needed. It can hold up to a liter of paint, making it convenient to use. It really is ideal for most paint projects.

I use the Binks mostly to refurbish items. I like to find old dressers, wooden furniture and sell them online at Ebay and through local flea markets. I feel that this is a great product and it is easy to use for those of us who are not very good at painting. This beats the alternative of using a paint roller and brush and definitely helps me refurbish items quicker.


One factor that most people want to know about first and foremost when shopping for a new paint sprayer is how much it costs. The Binks spray gun Gravity HVLP costs just at $220. It is really a very affordable option. I was looking to spend under $300 total for paint, primer and my paint gun. I was able to spend about $297 after taxes for all of these.

Consumer Reviews

I am a huge fan of online reviews and mostly use Amazon as my main source to look up a product before I buy it. While this didn’t have many reviews online I talked to a friend of mine who convinced me that the Binks was a quality product. I love the fact that the Binks is easy to use and I definitely recommend it for someone looking for a cheap paint sprayer that also works well.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, it is easy for you to see that the Binks spray gun is a good buy. It is something that is easy to use, and it offers a lot of great features for you to take advantage of. While I don’t know the full capabilities of this product, I would recommend this to anyone who is painting small items such as dressers, chairs, patio furniture, etc as this allows you to spray quickly and produces a quality coating.

Paint Sprayer Review #2

Customer: Angie Kendall

Paint Sprayer: Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

Reason for Purchase: Angie works as an interior designer and has many needs for a paint sprayer. From one day to the next she will never know what type of job she will be using her paint sprayer for. Most paint jobs are small in nature and require less than a gallon of paint.

Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP Spray Gun Review

The Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP sprayer is one of the most economical sprayers on the market, and it is also very high quality. That means that you get the most bang for your buck. Before purchasing this model I researched a ton of different paint guns and also talked to several colleagues who all had great things to say about the Spray Max.

As an interior designer and someone that is on the go constantly, I wanted a paint sprayer that was not only easy to use, but also versatile. During a given day I could be doing a number of different interior jobs from painting a bathroom to painting a mural at a church, it all depends on my client’s needs.


First, we will take a look at the features of the Wagner Spray Max Sprayer. This one has a powerful turbine that sprays a variety of different materials- including thick paints and thin lacquers and stains. It offers a variable air pressure, which gives you a lot more control when you are spraying the paint. It also has three different spray patterns for you to choose from, and a variable flow control. Other features include:

  • 2 stage turbine
  • Adjustable spraying abilities
  • Easy set up
  • User manual included


While I was willing to pay for a higher priced model, the Wagner HVLP Spray Max gave me the best bang for my buck as far as providing quality with my particular needs. I was very happy with the initial investment and after owning this product for just about a year, I have only had to pay for paint, primer and safety goggles to go along with my sprayer.

Consumer Reviews

When reviewing this item, I was surprised at how many 5 star reviews that this product go on Amazon. Usually when it is hard to find such a low cost paint sprayer getting the same reviews that many more expensive paint sprayers cost. Most users I found online were “weekend warriors” when it came to painting and loved how easy the Wagner Spray Max was to use. Besides the ease of use, many people raved about how quick and efficient they could complete a paint job.

The Bottom Line

While I am not an expert when it comes to paint sprayers, I can say that the Wagner Spray Max HVLP is Sprayer is not only easy to use, but also saves a ton of money compared to other paint sprayers on the market. For those who need an easy to use sprayer that is very versatile, this sprayer is something I highly recommend.

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