Case Study:  Corded vs.  Cordless Paint Sprayer Reviews

As we now have entered a time where everything is cordless and wireless, more and more tool companies are investing into battery-powered and cordless models of almost every power tool.  Paint sprayers of the past were typically always powered with a cord and many professional painters are choosing to bypass these in favor of cordless models.

If you have read any of my previous articles I am a stickler for finding the right paint sprayer that fits your particular needs and choosing the correct one can make your job not only easier but much cheaper and better looking.   With that being said, I would like to look into the pros and cons of both corded and cordless models and cover two user reviews of some of the best paint sprayers on the market today, the Graco Truecoat Pro II which is a cordless paint sprayer and the Wagner which is a traditional corded paint sprayer.

Corded vs. Cordless Paint Sprayers

Before we go into the user reviews I would like to cover the advantages and disadvantages of using a cordless paint sprayer.  These should be duly noted if you are planning to do any type of large project as cordless simply isn’t a good answer.

Advantages of Cordless Paint Sprayers 

Can work anywhere:   Battery-powered paint sprayers have the advantage of being able to go anywhere without the need

corded vs. cordless paint sprayer reviews

Corded paint sprayers can be dangerous on a roof

for an electrical outlet or generator.  These are great paint sprayers for hard to reach places such as roofs, attics, homes without electricity and outdoors.

Easy to transport:  Most cordless paint sprayers are smaller in size than large paint sprayers and are easy to transport in the back seat of your car or even carrying them onto a plane if need be.

Reduce safety risk:  While it is rare to get shocked or have an electrical problem from a corded paint sprayer it still can happen.  Many painters will knock over paint cans, cause power outages and shock themselves if they don’t use a corded paint sprayer correctly.  Also, no corded paint sprayer is advised to be used in rainy conditions.

Disadvantages of Cordless Paint Sprayers

Can’t work as long:  Much like cell phones, operating a battery-powered paint sprayer can only work for a certain time period without the need to recharge the battery.  Also, it is hard to detect when a battery will die as they most don’t have a battery indicator like cell phones do when they are getting low.

Not as powerful:  If you are a commercial painter, a cordless paint sprayer simply won’t do the big jobs like painting a house or an office building.  Most cordless paint guns are good for use on small projects such as bedroom painting or other interior jobs.  The power you get from corded paint sprayer, especially for large jobs, far exceeds any advantage that you would get from using a smaller cordless paint sprayer.

Corded vs. Cordless Paint Sprayer Reviews

As we have grown in the last year we have gotten more and more reviews from consumers who have purchased various paint sprayers.   While this isn’t a head to head comparison we would like to give a glimpse of what two users had to say about one of our most popular cordless paint sprayers and one of our most popular traditional paint sprayers.   Both of these models are smaller paint sprayers that are used traditionally for DIY jobs around the home.  Let’s take a look.

Customer: Dennis Bigons

Paint Sprayer: Graco True Coat Pro II (Cordless)

Reason for Purchase:  Mr. Bigons is a construction contractor that needed a small paint sprayer to use on various jobs.

Graco Truecoat Pro II review:  I am a contractor who needed a cordless paint sprayer for increased mobility during paint graco truecoat cordlessprojects.  I decided to go with the Graco TrueCoat Pro II Cordless after I got to try it out at a home remodel trade show a couple of years ago.   I have used extensively since this purchase.  I chose the Graco because I have had very good experiences using Graco paint sprayers in the past and felt that I needed a cordless paint sprayer to make my daily life easier.

The Graco TrueCoat Pro II Cordless is a hand held paint sprayer that can be used for a variety of different projects.  The ProControl pressure control system is specially designed to allow you to spray in multiple applications.   It comes with a lithium-ion cell battery which will last longer than traditional batteries.  Here is my pro/con list from using the Graco cordless paint sprayer.


Improved mobility and paint performance – Before I got the Graco TrueCoat Pro II, I used paint sprayers that needed to be plugged in.  Using a cordless paint sprayer increases my mobility and allows me to complete more projects.

More money for my business – Having a cordless spray painter has saved me a ton of time and allowed me to take on additional projects.  I have made more money painting this year than I have ever made in the past.  I am able to keep the Graco in the back of my truck and help some of my workers with small projects whenever I feel the need, this makes our jobs go quicker and us to be able to bid on more contracts throughout the year.

Long battery life for big projects– I used to be hesitant about cordless paint sprayers because I didn’t want to have to recharge during the middle of projects.  If I am waiting for the paint sprayer to charge during a remodel, I am wasting valuable time.  I was very surprised at how long the battery life was.  This allowed me to work on projects for hours without having to worry about taking a break and charging the battery.    I am lucky to not do huge jobs with this Graco and I make sure to charge it every night at our shop.

Good customer service- When the paint sprayer first arrived, I noticed that the instruction manual was missing.  Graco apologized for the incident and sent me the instruction manual immediately.  Graco is like the Babe Ruth of paint sprayers and they have great customer service to match.

Happy clientele– Even one of my clients noticed how smooth and evenly the paint were applied.  I loved the fact that the paint sprayer has a high quality of application.  This makes the paint look crisp and clean versus bumpy and lumpy.  The high quality of application also allowed me to save money on paint.  I no longer have to worry about getting the most expensive paint in order to make a room look good.

Can be used for multiple purposes- The fact that there is a pressure control system allows you to use this paint sprayer for a variety of different projects.  I have used it to paint walls, cabinets, shingles, and more.

Efficient– Using this paint sprayer to complete projects increased my efficiency.  When you use a paint sprayer that always has to be plugged in, you have to spend time setting up extension cords and plugging it in to new jacks.  The cordless feature saves you time and allow you to start projects right away.


Expensive- The only thing that I didn’t like about this paint sprayer is that it costs a lot of money compared to similar corded paint sprayers.  It is slightly higher and next time I will purchase one online instead of buying one off a Graco salesman.

Not Great for Some Projects– I would recommend the Graco for small projects and it shouldn’t be the only paint sprayer that you are using.   As we our company does large paint projects around our area, we typically take our large Graco X5 or X7 models for these jobs as the Truecoat is not enough.

Overall opinion

Overall, I would give this paint sprayer an eight out of ten.  Even though it was expensive, it has improved my mobility when I paint and allowed me to take on additional projects.  I would recommend it to my friends and would recommend it as a great 2nd paint sprayer to own for those who work in any of the construction/laborer fields.

Corded Sprayer Review- The Wagner Spray Max HVLP

Customer: Anna Dempsey

Paint Sprayer: Wagner Spray Max HVLP

Reason for Purchase:  Ms. Dempsey recently purchased her first condominium and was doing upgrades throughout the condo.  She wanted a versatile paint sprayer that she could do to not only repaint bathrooms and bedrooms, but to use on small furniture items as she loves wood furniture.

Wagner Spray Max HVLP Review:   I bought my first condominium in the summer of 2016 and decided that I wanted toWagner HVLP Control Max review change the color of everything in the condo.  Being someone with an art background I initially thought about doing everything the old fashioned way with rollers and brushes, but that soon quickly faded after doing some research on painting with a paint sprayer.  I was unsure how to properly use a paint sprayer at first, but I quickly got the hang of it after only a few hours.

After several weeks of research I decided on the Wagner Spray Max as it is both affordable and got the highest ratings for paint sprayers in my budget.   Here is what I have to say about this paint sprayer.


Many Features– First, we should take a closer look at the features.  The Wagner Spray Max HVLP offers a 2 stage turbine which is able to spray latex paints, oil based paints, lacquers, stains and much more.  You aren’t just limited to the thin types of paint like many of the other models are.  You will also find that it offers variable air pressure controls, which means that you won’t have as much overspray.  This is really beneficial when you are spraying thin materials.

Price– This one is priced right around $106, making it one of the most affordable options out there.  Some people argue that the more affordable sprayers just don’t do the best job, but you won’t say that when it comes to the Wagner Spray Max.  It really delivers quality results each and every time.

Consumer Reviews- I am someone that does a ton of research before I purchase anything, especially a higher priced investment such as a paint sprayer.  From researching various websites I found that most people find it to be easy to use, and also a great option when it comes to beginners.  It is high volume, low pressure, and offers much more control than other sprayers you may have in mind.


Hard to use outside- Since the Spray Max operates with a smaller cord, I found it difficult to use if I am painting outside or in my garage as it is not attached to my condo and only has two outlets.   I found that I had to get a long orange extension cord which became a pain.

Sometimes hard to clean- I love painting with the Spray Max but I hate cleaning it, I made the mistake of letting paint dry in my after using it one Sunday and it was a big hassle cleaning it the next weekend.  I think if you “nip it in the bud” and clean immediately after you paint you won’t see many problems.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, you really have to consider the fact that Wagner offers a really high end product.  They offer economical approaches to painting that help to save you time and money, and they know that your money is valuable so they price their products just right.  I recommend the Wagner Spray Max to anyone that is looking to upgrade their house and wants to find a quality paint sprayer with a quick learning curve.



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