Battery Powered Paint Sprayer Reviews

While many of the large paint sprayers that are used by contractors are usually the heavy duty plugin paint sprayers,  many people are choosing to buy battery powered paint sprayers to complete their spraying jobs.    

 If you are interested in finding the best battery powered paint sprayer we have narrowed our list down to three of our favorite and will give a review on each of these below. 

Current PricesSprayerBest UsesPicture
Check PricesGraco Truecoat Pro IISmall Jobs (Interior & Exterior)graco truecoat cordless
Check PricesRyobi P360 CordlessExterior Jobs (Fences, Roofs, Backyard)ryobi360
Check PricesWagner Cordless Turbo roll paint rollerWall priming and paintingwagner power roller

Let’s take a further look into the advantages and disadvantages of buying a battery powered paint sprayer and if it is the right fit for your particular job. ¬†¬†

Advantages of Using Battery Powered Paint Sprayers  

They are CordlessР  The most obvious advantage is that the battery powered sprayers do not have a cord attached to them,  thus they can be used anywhere.   Many people who are doing outside projects prefer the ease of using a cordless paint sprayer as they don’t have to worry about finding a suitable outlet.   

They are VersatileР Battery powered sprayers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be used for any paint job.   

battery powered paint sprayer reviews

Graco battery powered paint sprayer in action

I like to keep a battery powered sprayer in my truck as it is very easy to take with me wherever I go and can always lend it to someone who may need to do a quick paint job.   

They are Usually CheaperР  Because they are not as powerful as the larger HVLP or Airless paint sprayers,  battery powered paint sprayers are often a great choice for someone who is looking to not spend a ton of money on a paint sprayer gun.   

Great for Tight FitsР  One place that I see one of the most common uses of a battery powered paint sprayer is in attics or other hard to reach areas.   Typically people don’t like dragging a cord around an insulated area and that is why having a battery powered spray gun is perfect for those situations.    

Choosing the Best Battery Operated Paint Sprayer 

Like any other paint sprayer I recommend,  it is wise to choose the cordless paint sprayer that is best for your particular needs.   If you are someone that paints on a daily basis for work,  it is probably wise to pay up for a nicer model such as a Graco cordless paint sprayer as this is a popular tool brand among contractors.     If you are just a DIY home owner and looking for a cheaper model,  a Ryobi Cordless paint sprayer may be your best bet for the right paint sprayer for your needs.  

Now that we have explained the advantages of paint sprayers and the reason why to choose one we can now look into some of my favorite choices.  

Narrowing Down the Field

Being in the painting industry for almost 25 years I was never really a huge fan of cordless paint sprayers until the last few years.  Much like cordless phones, cordless paint sprayers from 10-15 years ago were not very well made and were often useless when it came to serious paint jobs.  

In the last few years, more and more of the top tool companies have spent money and development into building better battery powered paint sprayers.   With this being said,  almost every major painter and contractor I know now has a battery powered paint sprayer that they trust and use for painting jobs.    Let’s take a look into some of my favorite choices

Battery Powered Paint Sprayer Reviews-  The Candidates  

Because I like to choose tools based on what I would particularly use them for I divided the battery powered paint sprayer reviews into different sections based on the criteria that I would look for in a paint sprayer.

 Also,  I picked the best cordless paint sprayer out of the three that I would recommend if I were choosing to buy an all-purpose paint sprayer to have on hand for a variety of inside or outside jobs.   

Best Battery Powered Paint Sprayer for Interior Jobs Р The Graco Truecoat Pro II

I am a sucker for Graco  cordless tools and the Graco Truecoat II  fits the bill  as not only one of the best battery powered paint sprayers, but one of the best paint sprayers period.   As a part-time painter and a full-time auto body teacher, I have worked with a ton of contractors in not only the automotive field, but also the construction field.  Out of these professionals I have never heard anyone have a bad thing to say about the Graco Truecoat Pro II.    In fact some of them use it religiously to paint both interiors and exteriors of homes. 

Best Uses: ¬†With its pattened ‚Äútilt n spray‚ÄĚ suction tube, ¬†this Graco battery powered paint sprayer is awesome for smaller jobs. ¬†¬†Any small interior job that requires up to 2 gallons of paint is the ‚Äúwheel house‚ÄĚ of this Graco cordless paint sprayer. ¬†¬†The Graco Truecoat Pro II not only provides an excellent spray radius and little overspray, ¬†but also provides awesome coverage with the 45 degree angle the ‚Äútilt n spray‚ÄĚ provides. ¬†

Price:   Typically in the $325- $375 price range

Best Battery Powered Paint Sprayer for Exterior Jobs-  Ryobi P360 Cordless Paint Sprayer  

Being one who likes to choose quality tools, I was initially skeptical about the line of Ryobi cordless tools when they first came out several years ago. Because they are generally cheaper than Dewalt cordless tools,  Graco cordless tools and other big name companies,  many people shy away from buying Ryobi tools.   

In recent years I have Ryobi tools and especially Ryobi cordless tools have grown on me as they have made some quality products and continue to improve their line of tools.    In fact, besides a Ryobi battery powered paint sprayer,  I also own a Ryobi battery operated drill and screwdriver that I keep in my truck just in case.     Let’s take a look into the Ryobi P360 cordless paint sprayer.  

Best Uses:  The best thing I like about the Ryobi P360 paint sprayer is that is comes with everything needed for a particular job.   There is no need to dilute the paint and the Ryobi comes with a small carrying case which makes this battery powered paint sprayer easy to carry wherever you go.  I like to use the Ryobi P360  when doing exterior jobs around my houses or for my clients.   Painting garages,  fences or decks is something that this paint sprayer is built for and does an excellent job in a short amount of time.    

Price:  $125- $200

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer/Roller-  Wagner Cordless Turboroll Paint Roller

Among the coolest new products that I have seen is the Wagner Corldess Turboroll Paint Roller. ¬†I was initially skeptical when I heard about a cordless ‚Äúturbo‚ÄĚ roller, but after trying one I thought it was an awesome idea. ¬†¬†I have only added this tool to a ‚Äúbattery powered paint sprayer reviews‚ÄĚ article because I thought it might be useful for someone looking to spend under $100 and who is just doing a simple interior paint job such as walls and ceilings. ¬†¬†

Best Uses:  The Wagner cordless Turboroll is used all the same places that you would use a traditional paint roller, but it is much more efficient.   I have seen many professional painters have a small team of their workers use the Wagner Turboroll to apply a coat of primer in no time before the crew used their traditional paint sprayers.   The price is cheap on this product and it is very fun to use, especially if you are not a paint expert and looking to make the best out of your painting experience.  

Price:  $40-$75

The Best Battery Powered Paint Sprayer-  Graco Truecoat Pro II

While I love all three of the products I feel that the Graco Truecoat Pro II fits the bill as the best cordless paint sprayer.  Doing battery powered paint sprayer reviews is much easier than traditional paint sprayer reviews as there are far fewer products and most of them have limited capability.   The Graco Truecoat Pro II is the closest battery powered paint sprayer that has the same capabilities as a corded HVLP sprayer.    


Whenever spending money on a product, it is always wise to have an idea in mind of what the product will be used for and how often you will use this product.  Many novice painters make the mistake of spending $400 or more on a paint sprayer when they can get one for $150 that will do the exact same job.  If you are searching for battery powered paint sprayer reviews it is always wise to check several reputable sites, along with Amazon reviews before making any purchase.  

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