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Choosing the Best HVLP Spray Gun for Your Needs  

With over 22 years experience using a variety of paint guns one of the most commonly used guns is the HVLP spray gun.  As part “how to” site and part “review” site my goal is to give you options when it comes to choosing the best HVLP spray gun for your budget and needs.

Being someone that paints cars on a daily basis, many of the paint guns I recommend are not suited for everyone’s needs.  With that being said, I have entrusted in others to help me when it comes to giving solid paint gun reviews.

For this article I have divided up into 4 separate parts which can be useful for someone looking to invest in a HVLP gun.  The reviews are separated into categories based on budget (probably the #1 factor) and finding the best HVLP gun that you can for a particular price.  In addition I have added an interactive chart that covers each of the following HVLP guns with updated prices.

  1. Choosing the Best HVLP Spray Gun for Your Budget- What to look for?
  2. Best High Volume HVLP Spray Gun – ($300 and up)
  3. Best Medium Volume HVLP Spray Gun- ($100- $200)
  4. Best Low Volume HVLP Spray Gun- ( Under $100)

Current PricesSprayerBest Uses
Check PricesBinks Gravity HVLP Spray GunBest High Priced HVLP Sprayer
Check PricesRockler HVLP Spray GunBest Mid Priced HVLP Sprayer
Check PricesWagner Control Spray Max HVLPBest Low Priced HVLP Sprayer

Now that we have been able to compare and contrast prices, let’s in to what you should look for when finding the best HVLP sprayer for your particular needs.

Choosing the Best HVLP Spray Gun for Your Budget

Most people want to find a spray gun that is not only going to fit their budget, but also be able to provide them with the best possible paint job.  Let’s take a look at what a HVLP actually means and the factors to look at before purchasing a HVLP spray gun.

best hvlp paint gun

HVLP are the best paint guns for indoor projects

What does HVLP mean?

Before we get into HVLP spray gun reviews, let’s educate ourselves on what HVLP actually means?   HVLP = High Volume Low Pressure. The goal of the HVLP is to deliver the same high volume paint with the low pressure to avoid overspray and excessive painting.   Unlike traditional paint guns which operate over 10 psi, most HVLP spray guns are at 10 psi or below.

HVLP sprayers are typically used for indoor projects such as painting cabinet, interior walls and other household objects where excessive overspray can be harmful.  For outdoor projects such as painting a fence, driveway, or paint a house many people choose to use a traditional paint sprayer.


One of the first things that you will want to consider is the quality of the spray gun.  The best HVLP spray gun will be made with the highest quality standards in mind.   They will use quality materials and test and retest their models to ensure that they are going to get the job done right.  One of the best ways to get a good idea about the quality is to see what other people have to say about it.  Like anything that you buy it is wise to look at reviews.   While we feel that we do a good job of reviews, it is best to take a look at a variety of reviews from different users.


Next, you will want to consider the cost of your spray gun.  The best HVLP spray gun isn’t going to be the cheapest one out there, but it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive.  You can often times find a high quality spray gun at a price you can afford.  You just need to do some shopping around to find a good price. You never have to pay the full retail price when shopping online.  Depending on your needs you can spend as little as $60-75 to find a quality HVLP spray gun for light projects.


You need to also make sure that the manufacturer has a good reputation.  Believe it or not, some of the manufacturers out there don’t have the best reputation in the world.   This is why it is so important for you to do your research ahead of time.  Some of them may not hold true to their warranties, or even worse, some may not offer a warranty at all.  If the product is a good one, then they will back it with a warranty.  This is something that is very important when shopping for a quality HVLP spray gun.

How to Choose the Right One

With so many different models on the market, how can you really choose the right  spray gun?  The truth is there probably isn’t just one that is considered to be the best.  There are going to be several quality paint guns out there that have the qualities of the best spray gun.  You just have to make sure that you take a look at the qualities and features, and compare them with the features of other models.  You will soon find what features are important to you, and what features you can do without.

Your Particular Needs  

While users buy spray guns for a variety of reasons, we like to base what

hvlp budget

Finding the right priced HVLP sprayer is essential

sprayer they should get on their particular needs.  Because needs are different, we feel that a good rule of thumb is to buy in the category that best fits the volume of work that you will do.   Here is how we break it down.

  • High Priced ($300 and up) – If you plan to use your paint gun on a regular basis as a contractor or are investing in painting your whole house,  you would be wise to look into a higher price HVLP paint gun.
  • Mid Priced ($100- $200) – These are for the weekend warriors or for someone looking to do a small project here and there. If you are someone that paints on occasion and maybe want to paint a room or two or just have a paint gun around the house in case the need arrives.
  • Low Priced (Under $100)– If you are looking to do a small project such as painting a door,  wood furniture or something else we advise that you look for a cheap HVLP paint gun under $100.
Best High Priced HVLP Paint Gun-Binks Gravity HVLP Paint Gun Review 

The following will be a review of the Binks Gravity HVLP Paint Gun.   For this review I chose a reader who does paints 40-50 hours a week as a sub-contractor for a development company in Cleveland, Ohio.   Bill Ramos has over 18 years of experience in the painting industry and has been painting home interiors since he was 16 years old.  

I decided to try out the Gravity HVLP and found that it is actually one of the best high volume paint guns on the market.  As someone who paints indoors a lot, I need something that is lightweight and effective.  After using the Gravity paint gun for the last year and a half I can vouch for both.  Let’s look into more into the Binks Gravity paint gun.

Binks HVLP Spray Gun

Binks HVLP Spray Gun


The Binks spray gun definitely has a lot of great features that you will want to consider.  First and foremost, it is able to apply a variety of different materials.  You can apply thick materials like epoxies and latex, or thinner materials such as lacquer and primers.  It offers an ergonomic design with an easy to pull trigger.  It has a drip free cup, and also includes the gun wrench and lubricant needed.  It can hold up to a liter of paint, making it convenient to use.  It really is ideal for most paint projects.


One factor that most people want to know about first and foremost when shopping for a new paint sprayer is how much it costs.  The Binks spray gun Gravity HVLP costs just at $575.  It is really a very affordable option if you are someone that paints on a daily basis.  I upgraded from a lower price paint sprayer that I had been using for the last three years and I can definitely say that this spray gun paid for itself in a few short weeks.


Over the past 10 years I have probably painted 1,500 homes and over 300 businesses.   I find that if you are a high volume interior sprayer that a HVLP sprayer is definitely the best choice.  With the Binks I don’t have to worry about overspray or repainting walls as almost all walls can be done with two easy coats.

This sprayer works well on almost any painting job and definitely fits the bill as a great DIY tool.

The Bottom Line

I would highly recommend the Binks Gravity HVLP sprayer for anyone that paints on a daily basis and is looking for a comfortable, lightweight painter.   While the $600 or so investment may be a little much at the beginning, the gun will definitely pay for itself with the amount of work that it cuts out.

Best Mid Priced HVLP Paint Gun- Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Review

For the Best Medium Volume HVLP Gun I got a review from a home owner with little painting background previously, who bought the Rockler HVLP Spray Gun after a suggestion from a co-worker.  Here is the Rocker HVLP Spray Gun Review by Antonio Dunn from Austin, TX. 


The Rockler HVLP Spray Gun was by far the best investment for my home over the last two years. More importantly for an everyday Joe like me, the system allows the user to spray lacquer, stains, water-based finishes, and oil-based paints. The spray pattern and subsequent coverage is easy to set after an initial learning curve. A non-professional may find the instructions lacking so I’d recommend trying YouTube for some information to save you time and effort.



The unit comes with 2 spray heads. Use the smaller holed one for latex paint projects. Since there are only 2 spray settings this HVLP spray system is very easy to set up and clean up. I suggest removing all parts and take the time to clean each piece individually. For ease of use, quality, superior customer service, and performance I prefer the Rockler HVLP Spray Gun above the Earlex, which was a gun that I had previously bought and returned after it clogged up too frequently


After searching around local hardware stores and getting some sales professional’s point of views, I decided to do my own research and purchase this item from Amazon. I felt that after reading reviews, the Rockler was the best HVLP spray gun for my particular budget, which was under $200 including paint.  After ordering this item, I was in and out for just under $170 and the Rockler HVLP Spray Gun was in my home in less than 3 days.


Since purchasing this unit I have painted 4 bedrooms (my daughter’s twice), a bathroom, kitchen cabinets and a dining room set.   Once you start using a HVLP spray gun it kind of becomes addicting and you find reasons to paint other things in your home.  I recommend the Rockler paint gun to anyone looking to upgrade their home.

Best Low Priced HVLP Paint Gun- Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

For the best low priced paint gun the paint gun of choice is the Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer.  Like the reader, I myself love the Wagner Control Spray and it is also my pick for my favorite HVLP Sprayer.   Joyce Dawson owns a resale shop in a suburb of Charlotte and uses this gun regularly to upgrade wooden furniture that she finds.  Ms. Dawson finds furniture that is not in good shape and rehabs and sells them at her store.  

Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer Overview

I just love my Wagner HVLP Sprayer and can’t imagine using anything else when rehabbing the items I pick up on a weekly basis.  As an owner of a small resale shop in the Charlotte, NC area I find myself using the Wagner paint sprayer a few times a week.

Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

Why I chose the Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

I needed a low high volume/low-pressure sprayer because using a regular airless sprayer in my shop tends to leave too much particulate in the air. This particulate flowing very finely in the air would, in turn, leave a mist, which was only visible after the job began drying. It leads to more sanding and painting to return a quality job which adds time while subtracting profit.

Using Reviews

I am an admitted online junkie and when I am not out checking Craigslist Ads and Yard Sales I tend to find myself browsing items online.   As a “rehabber” my job is to find used furniture with potential and make them look new again.  95% of the time this has me sanding, priming and painting the furniture that I find.   After wasting a few months painting things by hand I decided to invest in a High Volume Low Pressure sprayer and I have cut my jobs down substantially.


Since buying my first Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer two years ago I have purchased another and have my employee help me spraying furniture when we get slow.   The first Wagner I purchased online and was able to get for about $80, the one I purchased recently I was able to get at about $60 and get free shipping.    This $140 I have spent on these two items has been a great investment for what I do as a rehabber.


When doing a Wagner Control Spray HVLP Sprayer review I would easily give this product 10 out of 10 and recommend it for anyone who needs to do a small sized paint job in as little time as possible.   The one downfall is that for larger jobs you will spend a little time refilling paint, but his is just a minor inconvenience.


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