Case Study: Graco X5 vs. Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 Review

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Just like any home improvement product, it is important to get as many views on the ins and outs of the product as possible.   Unlike many review sites that are quick to hype a product, my goal is to provide pros and cons of various paint sprayers from actual sprayers from actual people that purchased the sprayer.   Here is a look at a review of the Graco X5 vs. Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 Paint Sprayer

Graco X5 Paint Sprayer Review

Customer:   Alan Sampson

Paint Sprayer:   Graco X5 

Reason for purchase:   Alan works as a home designer and always finds the need to touch up jobs.   He originally bought a cheap Black & Decker paint sprayer, but decided to upgrade after getting more involved with DIY projects for himself and his clients.   Alan was sick of paying contractors several hundred dollars at a time, only to have to finish many of the jobs himself.

Review of the Graco  X5 

I am a home designer who wanted to save some money on remodel projects.  I chose to paint instead of hiring a contractor because the last person I hired messed up on the job.  And despite the fact that the paint job was sloppy, I still had to pay for labor and materials.  After I wasted money, I decided to go with the Graco x5 airless paint sprayer.  I chose this model because it is meant for professionals who are working on larger projects.graco x5 review

This Graco paint sprayer has a gun that is made out of metal and ½ HP motor.  It can be powered by both a house hold current and a 1500 Watt generator.  It comes with a power flush cleaning adaptor that is supposed to ease the burden of clean ups.  And it includes a twenty five foot airless house and a pump.


You can directly pump paint from the container–  The number one feature that I loved about this product was that I could directly pump paint from a 1 or 5 gallon paint container.  This was different than similar sprayers that I have used in the past and saved me a ton of time and energy.

Works well–  Despite the fact that using a traditional brush to paint takes hours, I was always hesitant to try out a paint sprayer.  I feared that the paint sprayers would leave streaks; especially in old homes with wood panels.  I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth application of the paint.

You don’t have to hold the container when you paint–  I have used a paint sprayer in the past and it was difficult to use.  The reason why it was so hard to use was because I had to hold the container while I painted.  This was a major problem because it was heavy and made me feel tired.

Affordable alternative–  As previously mentioned, I had wasted money on contractors in the past.  This is an affordable alternative to hiring a contractor.  I can use the money that I saved on the project to invest more into my business.

Saves a ton of time–  The best part about using a paint sprayer to complete projects is that it saves me a ton of time.  In the past, it would take a couple of days in order to paint a 300 square foot room.  When I use the paint sprayer to complete projects, it only takes a couple of hours.  It saves me a ton of time and allows me to go home early.

Better for wood panels–  Rollers are almost impossible to use in old New England homes that have wood panels.  The paint sprayer is more effective on wood panels because the paint doesn’t get caught in the cracks.  I never realized that using a paint sprayer could help me get the lines and cracks that can be almost impossible to reach.


Hard to clean-  Even though this paint sprayer works extremely well, it is also hard to clean.  This is a big problem for people who plan on using the paint sprayer for multiple projects in a short period of time.  I have managed to figure out a quick way to clean the Graco paint sprayer, but this was after several months of trial and error.

Overall opinion:  Overall, I would give this paint sprayer an eight out of ten.  The fact that I could pump paint directly from the paint container saved me a ton of time and energy.  But I hated the fact that it was difficult to clean.


Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

Customer:  Dion Jeffries

Paint Sprayer:   Cambell Hausfeld HV2500 Paint Sprayer

Reason for Purchase:  Dion works as a maintenance man for a large commercial real estate company in South Carolina.  Dion travels to various rental properties each day to work on a variety of problems.  Dion is also in charge of a crew that renovates apartments and his needs for the sprayer change from day to day depending on what needs painted.

Review of the Campbell Hausfeld HV2500

As a property manager/ maintenance worker for a large commercial real estate company in Charleston, Sc my job is to fix and renovate a variety of properties.  Our company recently invested in the Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 HVLP paint sprayer and I am very pleased with the results.   Here is what I like the best about thiscampbell hausfeld review paint sprayer.


The Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer offers a wide variety of features and benefits.  You will find that it is very versatile, and can be used to apply a lot of different types of paint- including latex paint, oil based paint and stain.

It is also easy to use, and rolls on tires for convenient portability.  I am able to put this in the back of one of my work vans and take it wherever I go on a daily basis.  I never know what type of painting project I will use it for and that’s what I love about this product is that it can tackle them all.

Here are some of the features pure the instruction manual 

  • 2 gun spraying ability
  • Quadraflow tip
  • Enclosed fan cooled motor
  • Heavy duty frame

What I Use this for on a daily basis

  • Repainting interior & exterior condominiums, apartments, homes
  • Painting fences, furniture,   steps, driveways, etc.
  • Repainting almost anything



Can get cumbersome–   My least favorite thing about this product is that it can get somewhat cumbersome if I am traveling on a golf cart.   Sometimes I physically drive to a complex but have to move from place to place,  it isn’t fun trying to hold this paint sprayer and drive.    At a weight of about 30 lbs, this can take a toll on your body if you have to carry it multiple times in one day.

Overall Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer review

For my job as a jack of all trades I feel that the Campbell Hausfeld is a great tool.   I love that you can paint just about anything with this and I feel that it would be great for a professional painter or a home owner who is doing a large project.   The only drawback is a small one for someone like me who may be at 15 different properties at the same location, it is a pain to carry back and forth .


Graco X5  vs.  Campbell Hausfeld  Review

As someone that has used the Graco X5 extensively and only seen the Campbell Hausfeld I feel that both of these paint sprayers have qualities that  a customer needs.   As a professional painter I feel that the Graco X5 review was spot on and that it does match all of the criteria that the user covered.

As an experienced painter I have found that cleaning a paint sprayer is easier done at the end of the day and it becomes easier the more one paints.  Campbell Hausfeld always makes a decent product and the Campbell Hausfeld HVLP review fit pretty much in line with how the product is reviewed by others.  Many complain of the size, but it depends on your needs if that will be an issue or not.  If you are painting up high or have to lug it around it can be an issue.


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