Latex Paint Spray Gun Reviews

As latex paints have evolved over recent years, more and more people are using them in their spray gun after thinning them out.   The following are some latex paint spray gun reviews for guns that I have used with latex paint.   Keep in mind that latex paint is thicker and harder to work with than oil-based paint, so it is a must to get a gun that can not only handle this type of paint, but that won’t clog easily.

Remember when using latex it is always better to get a reputable brand of paint sprayer as many of the cheap versions don’t spray latex very well. ¬†Always make sure to read reputable reviews and price match when looking for the best deal, as you will be able to save a lot of money this way even when buying the same sprayer.

Current PricesSprayerBest UsesPicture
Check PricesFuji Gravity HVLP Spray SystemBest Latex Over $200fuji-gravity-hvlp-spray-system
Check PricesWagner Control Max HVLPBest Latex Under $200wagner-control-max-hvlp
Check PricesDevilbiss High Gravity Feed Spray GunBest Latex for Automobilesdevilbiss high gravity
Using Latex Paint with Spray Gun

Up until recently,  was not able to be thinned out enough for use in  paint sprayer.   As the popularity of paint sprayers became prevalent for both homeowners and painting professionals,  the paint makers started to make paints with synthetic resins that are compatible with water.   This made using latex paint with a spray gun a viable option for those who used a paint sprayer and helped increase the use of latex paints for many jobs.  

How to Use Latex Paint in a Spray Gun

Using latex paint in a spray gun in now a viable option as long as the user goes through a thinning process with the paint.   While this can be an easy process once learned, we recommend following a tutorial such as THIS ONE so that you can learn the best ways to thin your own latex paint.   

Choosing the Best Latex Paint to Fit Your Needs
latex paint spray gun

Many people who restore classic cars use latex paint.

Now that we have led you into the direction of the makeup and best ways to thin latex paint we can now get into the nitty gritty of latex paint spray gun reviews.    Because latex can be used for a variety of jobs, we have broken up our reviews into several separate categories based on the needs of the user.  Let’s take a look further into some of the best paint guns for latex and why they are good choices.  

Best HVLP spray gun for latex

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint guns have become the ‚Äúgo to‚ÄĚ paint guns for painting professionals and DIYers in the past decade. ¬†¬†Because most of these paint guns have little or no over spray, ¬†they are more effective for users and cost efficient. ¬†¬†

When determining the best HVLP spray gun for latex paint, there are several variables that are important to look at before making the choice, here are some of the most important ones below.

Price:   Not all HVLP paint sprayers are built the same, in fact some that may cost $300-400 do not work better than cheaper models that you can find under $200.   

Reviews:  Unlike sports cars or running shoes, very little information is available online about paint sprayers.   The one place that we recommend for reviews is Amazon, as almost all paint sprayers that are reviewed online are by verified purchasers of the equipment.   When looking for paint sprayer reviews for latex paint avoid any sprayers that tend to get a lot of comments about clogging, as this can be much worse when using latex paint.  

Customer Service of the company:  One piece of advice before making any major tool purchase is to give a call to their customer service line and see how well they can answer your questions.  The one thing that separates the companies that have been selling paint sprayers for years compared to ones that come and go is the quality of their product and their customer service.  Good customer service usually means that the company makes a good product and puts in the time and effort to help their customers AFTER the sale.   

Best HVLP Spray Gun:  Fuji Gravity HVLP Spraying System  

The Fuji Gravity HVLP Spraying System is our choice for the best HVLP sprayer for latex paints.  Unlike other HVLP spray guns which tend to clog easy,  the Fuji Gravity is very powerful, yet still offers the low pressure to avoid excessive over spray and wasting of paint.   Also, as someone who uses the Fuji Gravity for big jobs here is some other highlights about this sprayer.


  • Great for big jobs ¬†
  • Never clogged with latex paint ¬†
  • Versatile, ¬†can paint both inside and outside with no problems
  • Less thinning of the latex paint than a normal gun
  • Great nozzle size for any project ¬†
  • Very little running of the paint ¬†


  • Pricey ¬†(Generally around $400)
  • Not necessary for small jobs
  • Best used by an experienced painter ¬†¬†
Best Latex Paint Spray Gun over $200

If you are on a budget, yet still looking for an affordable paint sprayer to use with latex, you are in luck as there are several paint sprayers that are useful.   Many DIY homeowners and small contractors want to have a paint sprayer available to them for small jobs, without paying $400 or more.  Here is some things to look into when investing in a low priced latex paint spray gun.

Uses:   When paying under $200 for a paint sprayer to use with latex paint,  you will probably not find too many that are built for large jobs.   Many people use less expensive sprayers for simple household jobs, here is a list of a few reasons why people use latex for smaller jobs.

  • Good for the environment
  • Doesn‚Äôt turn yellow over time ¬†
  • Easy to clean
  • Very versatile
  • Works great on walls & ceilings ¬†
  • Can paint twice in the same day

Choosing the best latex paint gun under $200: ¬†When picking the paint gun that we to use it is important that many factors were considered as there are several good options. ¬†¬†We wanted to look for the gun with the ‚Äúbest bang for the buck‚ÄĚ and one that was the most versatile when it comes to doing a variety of jobs. ¬†

The Best Latex Paint Spray Gun under $200:   The Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

Like the Fuji Gravity,  the Wagner Control Spray Max is also a HVLP paint sprayer.   Known for its versatility and its low price, the Wagner Control Spray Max is an excellent sprayer for the price.  With the ability to use both latex and oil based paints with little effort, this sprayer offers very little overspray and can be used in small areas without excessive paint smell.      

With 3 spray patterns to choose from and a 20 foot high flex hose, the Wagner Control Spray Max works well with latex paints.   Using the Control Spray Max,  you can easily spray a bedroom in under 10 minutes.   

Best Latex Paint Automotive Spray Gun

One trend that has become popular lately is folks that are using latex paint on their automobiles.  Let’s take a look into two of the most popular types of latex paint jobs that people tend to use.

Tailgating Vehicles:   More and more sports fans are souping up their RV, camper, truck, etc with brand new custom jobs using latex paints.   While many people pay others to do these jobs,  more and more people are becoming creative on their own and painting their own vehicles.   Most professionals use the smaller paint guns as they often combine these with various paint brushes and rollers.  

Classic Cars:   One of the most popular uses of latex paints on automobiles is those who are restoring classic cars.   More and more people have used latex paint in recent years to put a fresh paint on these cars.   Many who are in the car restoration business feel that they get more bang for their buck when using latex paint on cars.   

What to look for in an latex paint automotive spray gun:  When painting a vehicle with latex paint, it is wise to not only have a spray gun that sprays evenly, but also one that does not clog easily.  Many people make the mistake of not properly thinning out their latex paint and have trouble with clogs and overspray, due to the sprayer shooting out the paint in chunks.  

The Best Latex Paint Automotive Spray Gun:   Devilbiss High Gravity Feed Spray Gun

The Devilbiss High Gravity Feed Spray Gun is our choice for the best automotive spray gun for use with latex paints.   Devilbiss is among the most respected names when it comes to painting automobiles and is a favorite among car dealerships, detail shops and other professionals who paint for a living.  Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Devilbiss High Gravity Feed Spray Gun.   


  • Requires minimal polishing
  • Very little buffing needed
  • 1.2, 1.3, 1.4mm nozzles come with the purchase
  • Easy to use for the novice
  • Able to complete most jobs with 1-2 coats

Other Types of Paint Guns

Depending on your needs, there are many other reputable paint guns on the market.  It is always wise to do online reviews before purchasing anything that you have never used.

Picking the Right Latex Paint Spray Gun to Fit Your Needs

Choosing to use latex paint with a sprayer is a choice that many more people are making.  Because of the newer types of paint that mix well with water and are easier to dilute,  more people are using latex to paint a variety of different things.  
Looking over the following latex paint spray gun reviews it is important to buy the sprayer that will best fit your particular job.  The three options above will be able to handle the needs of almost any job and are our recommendation for the best spray guns to use with latex on the market today.   

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