Best Cheap Paint Sprayers: Two Case Studies

When it comes to buying a new paint sprayer,  price is often the most important factor for some consumers.  When it comes to reviewing cheap paint sprayers below we are talking about cheap as in price only ($200 and under), as there are many paint sprayers that are “cheaply” made,  these we don’t bother discussing.

Below our in-depth reviews of the Ryobi Paint Station paint sprayer and a review of the Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP sprayer.   As in most of our case studies, we let the consuemers do the talking and have them cover the pros and cons of each sprayer, in non-technical terms.   If you are interested in just a “quickie” version of the pros and cons of each sprayer we have created a quick table listing the pros and cons and a link to find the most current price of each of these models.  Enjoy !

Cheap Paint Sprayer Review Table

ProsConsCurrent Prices
Ryobi Paint Station- No dilution

- Variable pressures

- Used for multiple projects

- Great customer service
- Pricey for cheap sprayers

Check Prices
Devilbiss Finishline 4- Great for DIY jobs

- Lightweight

- Smooth Finish

- Cheaper than most
- May need to diluteCheck Prices


 Cheap Paint Sprayers Review #1- Ryobi Paint Station Review

The first review is from David Bolton who lives in Sacramento, Ca.   David purchased the Ryobi paint station in 2014 as part of his home design business.   David was looking for a low priced paint sprayer that he could put in his car and take with him to various jobs.   Here is David’s Ryobi paint station review.

I am a home designer and I was looking for a product that allowed me to paint inside and outside.  I have used an airless paint sprayer in the past; but it didn’t have everything that I needed for my new job.  When I saw the 8 inch wheels on the Ryobi paint station, I decided to give it a try.   I thought that the wheels would make it easy to move around and I was right.

The Ryobi paint station comes with a 25 foot high pressure fluid hose and 8 inch rubber wheels.  No dilution is required if you are using un-thinned latex and/or oil-based materials.  The items that are included in the paint station include a container lid, 1 elastic strap, pistol-grip sprayer, 515 reversible tip, external feed roller, roller, roller handle, and an operator’s manual.


Easy to move around-  The best part about the paint station is that it’s easy to move around thanks to the eight inch wheels.  The wheels don’t get stuck or caught in rocks outside.

Ryobi Paint Station

Ryobi Paint Station

No dilution required– I loved the fact that I didn’t have to dilute the un-thinned latex and oil-based materials.  This saved me a ton of time and made clean-up a lot easier. Why it has the cost of a cheap paint sprayer,  it doesn’t dilute like many lower cost sprayers do.

Variable pressure control–  The variable pressure control prevents you from over spraying.  It is specially designed to meet the pressure requirements based off of the material you are painting.  This is perfect for people who are painting for the first time.

Simple instructions and easy to assemble–  I found that the operator’s manual provided easy to follow instructions.  They were definitely helpful when I was initially setting up the paint station.  And I was painting within less than one hour.  It’s easy to clean up and put away which is great for my job.  It allows me to clean up shop and move the paint station to my next location quickly.

Can be used for multiple projects and purposes–  The Ryobi paint station can be used for multiple purposes.  It has the ability to paint both the inside and outside of your home.  A quick and inexpensive update for my clients is to repaint the shingles.  The new color can add some customization and charm to the curb appeal of a home.  And it doesn’t cost a lot of money.  I always recommend this option for my clients who want to improve the outside of their home but can’t afford an entire paint job.

Solid customer service–  Even though one of the attachments were missing when the paint station first arrived, I called Ryobi and they sent me the missing part.  I loved the fact that the company responded quickly to my request.


It doesn’t come with enough options-  I disliked the fact that I had to purchase separate spray tips at a local home improvement store.  Even though the spray tips weren’t expensive, the spray station could still include more options.

Expensive– I disliked the fact that this paint station cost around $200.  Given the fact that I had to purchase separate attachments in order to complete all of my projects, I think it should cost less money.  In the future I would consider buying a paint sprayer that had everything with one price.

Overall opinion:  Overall, I would give this paint station an eight out of ten.  The best feature is the fact that it’s easy to move around.  But I disliked the fact that I had to purchase separate spray tips for certain projects.


Cheap Paint Sprayers Review #2- Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP Paint Gun Review

Among the most popular cheap paint sprayers is the Devilbiss Finishline 4 HVLP Paint Gun.  At a cost or right around $200, this model has gotten rave reviews among many people and has become very popular among homeowners.   I myself have seen many of my students and other professionals in the painting business say great things about the Devilbiss Paint Gun,  here is a great explanation from a user who really likes the Finishline.

Gerald Maxie is a homeowner who wanted a versatile paint gun without paying $600-700 that many of the higher end models cost.   He was able to find a cheap paint sprayer that he likes and here is his review.

I am a busy professional who was looking for a way to upgrade my home without hiring any contractors.  I am new to my area and don’t know any reliable contractors.  When I was searching online, I found the Devilbiss paint gun.  I chose this particular spray gun because it came with multiple adjustment settings.  I thought that was perfect because I planned on painting a variety of different objects.

The Devilbiss Finishline spray paint gun comes with multiple fluid tips ranging from 1.3 to 1.8 and is the ideal product for topcoats and light primers.


Great DIY tool–  One of the things that made this spray paint gun stand out was its low price.  Because this was my first time using a spray gun, I wanted to find an affordable option.  This spray gun prevented me from hiring contracts and spending a fortune.  I was able to paint the caulking in my bathtub one day and the walls the next.

cheap paint sprayers

Devilbiss painting a car

Multiple projects-  My favorite part about this spray gun is that I was able to use it for multiple projects.  Despite the fact that it’s almost half the cost as other spray guns with the same performance, it has the capability to perform in a variety of ways.

Some of the projects that I was able to complete with this spray paint gun include cabinets, a wood dresser, and the walls in the guest room.  Before I painted the guest room, the room was a bright pink color.  I changed it to a warm chocolate and the color is a lot more inviting to my guests.

Impressive smooth and professional finish–  I loved the fact that the spray gun produced a professional and smooth appearing finish.  One of the items that I refurnished was an old dresser.  It had an ugly, old wood finish that desperately needed a change.  The updated color makes it look classy and it saved me hundreds of dollars.

Light Weight–  The fact that this spray paint gun is light weight allowed me to easily move and maneuver while I was painting.  This was a definite plus because I was worried about purchasing a heavy, bulky spray paint gun.

Saves a significant amount of money–  By allowing me to upgrade and refurnish old furniture and items, this spray paint gun saves me a significant amount of money.  I can go to a vintage store or flea market and pick out a sturdy piece of furniture in an ugly color.  The change in color gives furniture a quick update and its super affordable.

Easy to clean–  After I was done with my projects, the clean-up process took less than one hour.  This was ideal because it allowed me to use a lot of different paint colors and complete multiple projects within a short period of time.


Not meant for heavy paint–  One of the things that I didn’t like about this spray paint gun is it’s not really meant for heavier paints.  This could be a problem for someone who is using exterior paint (which tends to be a lot thicker).

Overall opinion:  I would give the Devilbiss Finishline HVLP paint gun a 9/10.  I really liked the fact that I could use it for multiple purposes and thought that it made it well worth the cost.  I would definitely recommend it to my family members and friends.

Finding the Best Low Cost Sprayer 

If you are in the market for  cheap paint sprayers these are just two of the many that are available.  Also, check out our main page where I give a review of my favorite paint sprayers that are under $200.   Good luck and I hope you enjoyed these reviews.

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