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Tips For Using a Home Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is one of the favorite tools of many DIY enthusiasts who are always thinking about their next project. It can help you to give your home a makeover quickly.  We hope these tips to use a home paint sprayer will help you to make the right choices about buying and using a […]

Mixing Paint For a Paint Sprayer

You need to follow the right steps when mixing paint for a paint sprayer. The paint should be thin enough so that you can achieve an even spray. There are different types of paint sprayers available; it is necessary to compare different devices so that you can decide on the best. Good care of the […]

8 Tips For Painting Your Home

A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the looks of your home. No other home improvement project can provide such a dramatic improvement so quickly and at such an affordable cost. These 8 tips to paint your home will help you to do it the right way. Although painting your home is a big […]

Guide For Spray Painting in Cold Weather

Experts recommend waiting for the winter season to pass before doing any major spray painting work. In times when speed is of the essence, and you don’t have any choice, there are ways on how to carry out spray painting in cold weather. Cold weather is anywhere from 35 to 50 degrees F. It’s important […]

Paint Sprayer Rental- 10 Things to Look For

paint sprayer rental

While purchasing a paint sprayer is often a great investment,  especially for those of us who like to get our hands dirty and paint things on a regular basis, but some jobs are best fit for renting a paint sprayer. One of the problems that many people run into when going to their local hardware […]

DIY: Painting a Driveway Step by Step

One of the biggest changes you can make to to the general appearance and value of your home is to paint your driveway.  Painting a driveway can seem like a difficult task, but it is very similar to painting any other part of your property with the right tools. Since the driveway is an exterior […]

DIY Cabinet Painting

As a professional painter and owner of a painting website one thing I really enjoy it people who WANT to learn how to paint the right way.   I often get asked how to paint kitchen cabinets by some of my co-workers, but when I go into detail, they think it is too hard.   […]

How to Paint Over Wallpaper- The Easy Way

As a painter, I often get questions on what someone can paint or what they should avoid painting.   One of the most common questions I get from people is how to paint over wallpaper the right way. Because wallpapers vary it is sometimes difficult to give a good solution for someone that is asking […] © 2017 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
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