Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal Projects

If you have a future project that involves removing paint, there are a variety of tools available to help you with the job. Heat guns are a good choice when it comes to paint removal, as they cut down on  the time you would use to remove the paint.   With that being said, there are two questions that come to mind when choosing the best heat gun for your paint removal project.

  1. How to use a heat gun for paint removal?
  2. What is the best heat gun for paint removal?


Like any equipment paint guns are more effective over time as more and more companies look to enter the heat gun market.  Below we will cover both how to use a heat gun for paint removal and our top five heat guns.   If you are in a hurry and want to see a quick overview of our favorite heat guns, please see the interactive table below which covers the top 5 heat guns for 2017.


Best Heat Guns  for Paint Removal- Top 5 Heat Gun Table

Current PricesSprayerBest UsesPicture
Check PricesPit Bull 1200W Electric Heat Gun and Paint StripperLow Priced Paint Removerpitbull1200w
Check PricesWagner HT1100 Heat Gun KitMedium to Large Paint Removal Jobswagnerht1100heatgun
Check PricesKawasaki 10 Piece Dual Temperature Heat Gun KitVersatile- Used on Wallpaper, Shrinkwrapping, Sticker Removalkawasaki10pieceheatgun
Check PricesDrill Master 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat GunBest for hard to remove paints/ materialsdrillmasterheatgun
Check PricesSimplistex 1500 Watt Digital Heat GunVersatile for Small Jobssimplistexheatgun

Now that you have seen a quick overview of some of the top heat guns, lets look more into the how to for using a heat gun and a more in-depth look at each of one of the models above.

How to Use a Heat Gun for Paint Removal 

There are two rules of thumb that I can to anyone looking to do a quick and effective heat gun paint removal job.

  1. Have the Right Tools– Like any other DIY  job, it is important to have the proper tools on hand to make the job easier for everyone.   If I am doing a heat removal job, below are the bare essentials I will need before even starting the job.
    paint safely

    Paint safety is priority #1

  • Mask
  • Eye Protection
  • Scraper
  • Heat Gun
  • Gloves


Because of the chemicals that are in paint,  heating the paint will release these into the air.  It is essential to have a respiratory mask if you wish to avoid possible harmful paint chemicals entering your system.  I advise a three prong approach and will have eye protection,  mask and gloves to protect myself from any paint fumes.


  1. Using the Heat Gun Correctly– The number one mistake I see when users are using the heat gun is to place it into one spot and let it heat up.  This is incorrect and this is why heat guns are different from hair dryers when it comes to paint removal.  The proper method to use the heat gun is like an iron when you are ironing a shirt or a pair of pants.   You should move slowly around the area and loosen up the paint.


Utilitzing the “ironing” method is the easiest and best way to remove paint without damaging any of the wood, metal or other types of surfaces that you may be removing paint from.   My favorite approach is to use a scraper and heat gun combination (one in each hand) as I move around the areas that I am looking to strip.


The Best Heat Guns-  Heat Gun Reviews

As we now have covered the basics on how to use a heat gun, we can now dig into heat gun reviews for our favorite heat guns on the market.   Below is some reviews of five of our favorite heat guns and an in-depth look into each of these.

Pit Bull 1200W Electric Heat Gun and Paint Stripper
The first product is a 1200 Watt electric heat gun that works great for stripping paint. It is made by a company by the name of Pit Bull. It is a very flexible heat gun that can be used for dozens of different jobs. It includes four different heat gun nozzles that spread the heat in different areas.

best heat guns

Using a slow “ironing” method is key

This 120 Volt heat gun only weighs two pounds. You must use this product carefully because it gets extremely hot and can burn your skin. It can also be used to shrink wrap items if you put it on its lower setting. It may take a few tries to get the shrink wrap to look nice while avoiding melting holes in the plastic.

This is a good choice for paint stripping at a low price. The heat setting does not go low enough to be used for applications that other heat guns available can be used for though. If you are looking for a heat gun that you will use for mostly high temperature projects, this might be exactly what you are looking for.
Wagner HT1100 Heat Gun Kit
The Wagner HT1100 Heat Gun Kit is made from the highest quality of materials and is made to outperform other heat guns similar to it. Much like the paint sprayer reviews that Wagner gets, it also ranks high on our heat gun reviews.

The Wagner is a very versatile heat removal tool and is a favorite among commercial painters and DIYers alike. One of the best things that people love about the Wagner heat gun is the adjustable temperatures that one can set the gun to.  Two heat settings let you control the temperature between 750 degrees and 1000 degrees.

This gun is powered by 1200 watts and can be used for a wide variety of uses. It can be used to remove paint, remove floor tiles, separate rusted nuts from bolts, prevent ends of nylon rope from fraying, or it can thaw frozen pipes,. Three different tips can be used to concentrate the heat into a smaller area. It comes with a two year warranty that covers home use.

This is a high quality product from a leading company in painting products that are used in home improvement. The temperature adjustment is not very useful if you are looking to work on projects where you need a lower heat, but it will work great for paint removal.
Kawasaki 10 Piece Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit
This Kawasaki Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit is great for paint removal, sticker removal, on wallpaper,  shrink-wrap application, drying paint, and shrink tubing just to name a few. It has an extremely lightweight design that makes extended use much more comfortable than heavier heat guns.

It has two temperature settings and two speed settings that give you more control over the temperature and airflow. Along with the heat gun you will get four different nozzles that direct the heated airs flow in different ways. The nozzles included are a wide jet nozzle, a halfond jet, a reduction jet, a plain jet, and a scraper handle.

This is a very versatile heat gun that can be used by people who make crafts, hobbyists, artists, mechanics, tradesman, and restorers. It has a much wider range of use than the previous heat guns and can be used for much more than just removing paint.
Drill Master 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun
This Drill Master 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun can switch between 572 degrees and 1112 degrees. It is great for stripping paint or varnish, removing stuck on decals, shrinking wire wraps, thawing frozen pipes, and loosening tight fittings.

The two different heat settings that the heat gun features are able to be used for a wide variety of jobs. It has a superior coil design that is able to heat materials faster than similar guns available on the market. It is also able to maintain an even temperature in both the high and low settings. It has a durable design and a six foot power cord.

This 120 volt, 1500 watt heat gun weighs less than two pounds and can be used for so many different applications. This is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. It works great for paint removal as well as a wide range of other applications.  We like it best for stripping varnish and other hard to remove paints
Simplistex 1500 Watt Digital Heat Gun
This product is the best heat gun available. The Simplistex (TM) 1500 Watt Digital Heat Gun is perfect for so many different home improvement projects. It is 120v and has a six foot cord. It is small and weighs less than two pounds.

The digital temperature control lets you change the temperature to best fit your project. The LCD screen displays the current output temperature, the current temperature setting, and the fan speed. Adjust the temperature from 122 degrees to 932 degrees. There are six fan speed settings that are controlled digitally.

This heat gun includes four different nozzles including a cone nozzle, reflector nozzle, fish tail nozzle, and glass protector. It carries a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It is a great product to be used for removing paint, shrink wrapping, thawing frozen pipes, shaping plastic, welding, and crafting.

The digital display on the Simplistex  Digital Heat Gun is an amazing addition to this device. The temperature is able to be adjusted a great deal to be dialed in to exactly the temperature you need for any project. It also has a great price that is less than other products that do far less.

Conclusion on Heat Gun Reviews

If you have a project that includes removing paint in the near future, any of these products will work well. Remember the keys to removal any type of paint it to have the right tools for safety and to use the ironing method when removing paint.

These are our picks for the best heat guns on today’s market.  Pick one of these heat guns that is best suited for the jobs you have at hand. All of these products will work well for any paint removal projects you have around the house or on the job.


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